Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 12of12 recap

aaaah! another year gone by!! here is 1 photo taken from each month's 12of12. I didn't have any rhyme or reason for picking each one.....though I did think about posting my odometer or the price of gas photos from each month......but that last one would just have been too depressing!

January....the start of the year.....the boys lived in these hoodies. you really can't believe how many people thought this University existed and told us how cool it was to have one with our name on it! DUH!!!!
for February I chose the funny stuffed animals we gave the boys for Valentines day. it was either that or the horrible self portrait of dh and myself! lol!!

March brought on Picklegate. I was SOOOO excited to get this shot and it seemed to crack up everyone else! I got more comments on my blog that day than ever before or since. this was also the first month of posting my 12of12 on Blogger! how could I leave Mr. Pickle out of my 12of12 review?!?!?

for April it was a toss-up. I seriously debated using the photo of dh looking up directions on the computer. after all...... that photo is rare, right?!?!? but I had to give in and post the shot of all the potato parts being dried in the to get the boys to pick them up, right?!?!?

May 12th was a horrible horrible day!!!! that was the day that I found out my Starbucks had run out of Valencia syrup. they had ordered an extra case when they found out it was being discontinued and were helping me stay happy in my grande non-fat decaf mochas with extra Valencia. guess the good thing is that my Starbucks consumption has fallen off since May 12th! lol!!
really I should have used a photo of the boys for June since both of their birthdays are in that month. but I didn't! I love my Buzz Lightyear doorstop and had to use the photo I took of him instead. it also shows off our comfy adorable carpet that had just been installed!

don't these bears look like they stole clothes from J and I?!?!? well.....probably not since I don't think either of us own belts like that. but otherwise I thought they were rather adorable and fitting. I bought them while at Bradley House and J came home from Scout camp to see them kickin' it on our bed. perfect for July!
for us, August means back to school.....and back to school shopping. neither boy really needs much but they ALWAYS seem to need shoes!! in fact, I don't think either of them still have the shoes from these pictures anymore!
oh Stubbs!!!! while this photo is fuzzy there is NOTHING fuzzy about this little guy!! thankfully he is still alive.........R's track record with pets isn't the greatest! don't have a clue why I decided to use his photo for September...but I did! lol!

I really like this picture......even with the extra chin! lol! couldn't pass it up for my October picture. tee hee hee......every November it seems the boys all of a sudden get interested in raking leaves. don't know why......don't care! it gets the leave raked up and gives me too happy boys.....well, when they aren't yelling at each other about who is or isn't doing his share.....

we wish you a Merry Christmas! we wish you a Merry Christmas! we wish you a Merry Christmas.....and a Happy 12of12! lol!!

AND......if you have actually read this far.....I would like to take this moment to THANK YOU for reading this far!! I have LOVED reading everyone else's 12of12 and getting a glimpse into other people's lives. and THANK YOU CHAD for giving us the opportunity month after month to share these bits and pieces of ourselves with each other!


Anonymous said...

Oh trust me, I didn't bring it up. The kids did! I try not to do anything that might compromise my job :)

--Thanks for checking me out. I enjoyed yours too. I like the CD self pic. Much better than the camera phone mirror thing you normally see.

Hatter J said...

Love the year in review...very cool.

I would ad more, but I'm a bit tired...LOL

Dogeared said...

I found it funny how much of my year I'd forgotten (like May 12 of 12 being a house party). But I've found it with other people too - I don't remember Mr. Pickle or the bears, or the CD portrait! (which I really like!)

Helen (Dogeared)

Dianne said...

I've loved all of your 12 of 12s....and your year in review is wonderful!

Angie said...

Great recap of the year! I loved looking at the variety of pictures!