Sunday, December 2, 2007

parties, lights, and hopefully pictures

last night was dh's company's Christmas party. it isn't actually very Christmas-y as they have a Monte Carlo night and none of the food is very holiday-ish. was a nice night out until it was cut short by R getting scared at bedtime. so we came home.

other than that, yesterday was filled with running errands and buying the most cutest of scarves at The Gap. I would give you a link to them but when the website runs out of them they just delete the info from the site. anyway......hopefully we will all be wearing our matching scarves in our Christmas picture.......which we will hopefully be taking shortly.

this morning J and R put up the house lights. it has been super windy today so the large inflatable penguin didn't go up yet. but atleast our lights are up!! I finished reading The Golden Compass. honestly, I don't see how there can be so much controversy over the book. I really must have missed something in there. I saw where they talk about the church's power, but it is such a minor point in the book. perhaps it is more central to the other books in the series? I plan to read those as well.

oh yes.....and I find this part rather funny. I have been wondering about getting the boys Webkinz. they do still like stuffed animals but I keep thinking that is going to end soon. and I wasn't sure how they (well atleast R) would feel about the online games since he has been so caught up in Runescape. so a friend let me borrow her ds' sign on to check it out. course the boys caught me playing and are all now excited about this new place. I tell them that we can't be there when the actual owner might be trying to sign on, so that has fired them up to want Webkinz of their own. (tee hee hee!) needless to say R starting tracking down where they sell them locally.......even asked if one of the stores wasn't one of the places we went yesterday. I lied and said no. how could I not? I had bought one each for he and D for the Santa breakfast next weekend! lol!! 2 down for me! off to go do some scrappy stuff while dh watches football.


JoE said...

Wow--a Chirstmas party already? well, I guess the big day will be here soon enough.

D got the Golden Compass for his B-day--actually got the whole trilogy in one...he left it home, but I'm waiting to watch on the big screen.

Happy Scrapping to you...I'm thinking about giving it up....

Dianne said...

Which Webkins did you get the boys Susan? Morgan and Andie love them too.

Anonymous said...

WAIT! Forget the singing cowboy, and food that wasn't very holiday-ish at the party, nothing says Christmas like a large inflateable penguin! LOL