Friday, March 2, 2012

The Theory of Applied Enthusiasm

I am one of those people who can't be spaztically excited about more than one thing at a time. yes, there are lots of exciting things going on, but I would probably have a melt down if I thought about all of them all of the time!

for instance, back in December, I was really excited (perhaps obsessed) waiting for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie to come out. perhaps you remember? at the time someone asked me if I was looking forward to The Hunger Games movie. um, I couldn't even THINK about a movie 3 months away when there was one JUST DAYS AWAY!

likewise, I can't focus on multiple goals at one time. I have my nice detail oriented list at work of the major tasks I need to accomplish for chronological due date order.

and not surprisingly, the same goes for the causes I want to promote and am excited about! right now on my plate are the following events:

Social Media to Save Lives Marrow Registry Drive - next Tuesday

March of Dimes March to Save Babies - April 24th (you are welcome to donate, tee hee!)

both are near and dear to my heart! truly, they are! see, I met my husband at a March of Dimes event.....Bid for Bachelors a couple decades ago! (seriously) and yes, he WAS a bachelor and NO I didn't buy him! hey, I was a broke college student!

as much as I would like to go full on promoting the March, I can't do both it and the Marrow Registry Drive at the same time. I'd feel too scattered.....and am that way too much without any help. when it comes down to it, I shouldn't have to promote the Registry Drive. really, how hard should it be to convince people to come let someone swab their mouth to enroll them in Be The Match so that sometime in the future they might be able to give someone the best possible gift: the gift of LIFE! I'm not exaggerating here!

did you see that quote on the front page of the Be The Match site? it says 10,000 people need a bone marrow transplant and half get them! how sad is that? it isn't because they can't afford it, it is because a match can not be found! YOU, or your neighbor, or your co-worker, or your favorite barista (over the age of 18) could be that match!

so please consider joining us next Tuesday. it will take just a few minutes of your time and could add a lifetime of time to someone else. please consider asking your neighbor, your co-worker, and even your favorite barista to join us too! you never know when they might be the MATCH to save you or a loved one's life! print out this flyer and carry it around with you! (why not? it is light and foldable and has all the great info you need)

I'll be back after next week to spaz about the March, The Hunger Games, or something else. you just never know with me!