Friday, December 7, 2007

can Santa give an IOU????

that isn't a rhetorical question.

the boys don't have much on their lists this year but they both agreed to ask Santa for Rock Band for Christmas. Rock Band is a video game that lets you make and be your own Rock Band. Guitar Hero let you play guitar in a band......but Rock Band lets you sing (heaven help us, have you heard my boys sing?!?!?), play the guitar, and play the drums! you make your way through songs earning the ability to play more songs and play in larger venues (you a real band would work their way up). was due to be released on Dec 11th. cutting it close in my books. I prefer to have presents purchased, wrapped, and well hidden way before now. but.....they really wanted this (or a Wii......yeah, right! like even if I could FIND one I wouldn't want yet another gaming system in my life). so I figured no problem! went to the local Game Stop and put a deposit down on the game. I did this all at the end of October! I know how these things are and wanted to make sure I had MINE!!!

I have called them twice just to confirm that they still show my order in the system, that they will indeed be getting enough games for my purchase, and that it is due on the 11th. well, yesterday........I checked online and saw that the release date was the 18th! WHAT?!??!?! so I called and talked to the guy at the store. no clue why it was pushed off but yes they still have my deposit, yes it is for the PS2 bundle. he doesn't think it will get pushed off again because they really want to capitalize on Christmas sales but if they do I can come get my deposit back. UUUUUGGHH!!! I don't WANT my deposit back!! I want the one thing that my boys really want for Christmas to be under the tree on the 25th!

so......what do I do??? can Santa leave the boys an IOU??


Angie said...

I'll cross my fingers that it arrives in time!!! Good luck!

Hatter J said...

Here's hoping that it shows up on time for you. I had good luck thanks to the "toy gods" today...hope there's enough to go around.

If it doesn't come in time, I would make a card, stuff the preorder(deposit) receipt inside, purchase a gift card for the remainder of the balance and give it to them on Christmas morning. I know that there will be an initial "upset" over not being able to play it on that day...but at least they know that they will get it.

thanks for the kind words that you posted to was another bit of "sweet hell" which I shall call the Human Resources Final (official-not copied even though we already have ONE copy) Battle...