Monday, July 30, 2007

a childhood memory kinda meal.....

Friday night we took the boys to a concert. Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance were the 2 main bands.....even though it was a day long event. anyway, the venue lets you bring in "picnic type food in 1 gallon sealed plastic bag per person." HA! my guess is they bust oodles of people using the wrong sized bag or having too many per person or whatever. oh no! not us!! we had four 1 gallon bags.....with a whole heck of a lot of stuff crammed in them! the boys didn't even ASK to buy a snack we were so well stocked! lol! of the bags had (among other things) 4 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. theoretically those were going to be the basis of our dinner. they were in the fridge during the day and when we went to the concert I had them packed in the backpack next to the frozen water bottles to keep them cool. there was no way I was going to try and take lunchmeat or tuna or something but I figured pb&j could handle the warm temps for a couple hours. needless to say, neither J nor I ate our sandwiches. probably because we were fending the boys off from eating all the other snacks! lol!! (well...and I had brought myself a somewhat nutritious yet enjoyable mini veggie and dip snack)

the next day for breakfast (at 10am) I grab my sandwich and had it along with some chocolate milk. for some reason the boys thought this was weird for their mom to be eating. I told them I spent many a days as a child eating just that for lunch and that it was a great treat to eat it once in awhile now. that night we went to a diner for dinner and enjoyed listening to oldies on the jukebox while we ate. one of the songs, Flying Saucer, was one I had heard frequently as a child since we had the record. I told the boys it was quite a nostalgic day. they still didn't get it.

yeah.....I guess no real point. just enjoying the simple pleasure of a pb&j and chocolate milk.

Friday, July 27, 2007

tell me's Friday the 27th!!

I seem to be having a time space continuim problem. and honestly, since I don't actually pay attention when J watches Star Trek, I am not really sure what that is and if it is really what I am having a problem with.

all week I have caught myself thinking it is a different date. I have written the wrong date on every check I wrote this week. kept trying to give myself a few more days this week. maybe I am thinking that those days I spent at Hogwarts no time elapsed in the Muggle world?!?!?

either IS Friday. it IS the 27th. and the month of July is almost over! YIKES!!! I guess not having a big family vacation this summer messed things up mentally for me. when do I start taunting the boys that school is about to start again? I think R is starting to get a little nervous about the whole new school thing. so much up in the air right now! makes me almost anxious to get it all going so we can figure things out and have things settle down.

so I guess this post isn't really about anything specifically.......just blabbering on.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

just in case you were wondering.....

the smell of a skunked dog being carried through a bedroom to the bathroom can wake a person who is sound asleep.

I did the research for you! lol! after my sleep deprived weekend I was dead to the world sleeping last night. at about 2:30 T was skunked. J brought her in through the bedroom so he could bathe her in our tub. I am not sure how long it took before I woke up.....but I did!! I got the water running warm and got her all wetted down before J brough the tomato juice up for her lovely bath. then afterwards I dried her the best I could. we kept her in the bedroom so she would dry herself off on the brand new couches. so instead I had to deal with her running around, wiggling, and rolling around the quilt on the bed while I tried to get back asleep.

needless to say.........I am having a frozen Coke for breakfast.

Monday, July 23, 2007

back in detox.....

so........this weekend threw me back into my fully caffeinated state. between trying to stay awake to buy the new Harry Potter book at staying awake to read the new Harry Potter book......and then to be coherent during the day after getting little sleep because I had stayed up reading. ah yes! how fun! lol!!

and of course R had first priority on the book during his normally awake hours so that meant that I didn't get to finish the book until late Saturday night. and on top of all of this, LifetimeMoments had an Extreme Crop this weekend!!! my friend S planned a terrific tour of India. so when I wasn't reading or napping I was trying to scrapbook!!

needless to say.......I had several Cokes and even resorted to coffee at one point.

this morning was a horrible awakening. I slept soundly last night but I am still short several hours of sleep and my schedule is a tad thrown off! (just a!) not only was the gut reaction to reach for a Starbucks.....but I was also severely tempted to have a Coke with lunch. but instead....I start my fight back to an uncaffeinated state! lol!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

they don't owe you anything!!!

(insert that ol' disclaimer here....and then read on)

if someone is famous, scrapping or otherwise, why do people think they owe the public something? if they are getting divorced, adopting, getting foreclosed on, whatever. it is their PRIVATE life. it has nothing to do with their talent. would you not buy their magazine, movie, products if you knew they were divorced getting foreclosed on or whatever?!?!? would it make them less of a talented actor, scrapper, or designer?!?!?

this is another horrible by-product of the internet. we think just because they can write and post things online that we can read that we have become friends. we haven't!!! if I don't know you, just because you read my blog doesn't mean that I now owe you an explanation.....for anything!! if I read someone else's blog and they say something that makes me think, "wow! we have a lot in common" this does not make us friends. this does not mean that they owe me further information.

like all those horrible pictures of famous people coming out of bathrooms, or eating, or through the bushes while they pick their kids up from school. I never realized how bad it was for some of these people until I saw a photo that included the fringes of the paparazzi. how horrible that you can't do ANYTHING without cameras following you!!! and from this people get the sense that they KNOW who you are!! no wonder they are crashing cars and going into rehab. I think I might too!

another example......monthly I participate in that 12of12 thing. Chad Darnell started it. I got hooked into doing it by a friend (not someone whose blog I read........someone I know and call friend and can call on the phone and who will answer the phone "hi Susan."). I have been doing this for 9 or 10 months and never has he posted a comment on my 12of12 entry. should he have?!?! afterall, each month I take my pictures, post them, link them......all just like he said to do. is he my pal? are we going to meet for muffins and discuss whatever?!?! NO!!!!! he doesn't owe me ANYTHING!!!! I don't owe HIM anything! I can quit posting.....I can quit reading his blog........there is no obligation on either side. (and I am not really yelling......just trying to add emphasis)

so the next time you read a blog or entertainment magazine or whatever and think "wow! I didn't know that" think about whether or not it is really any of our business! lol!!

and, btw, I am NOT getting divorced, adopting another child, or in foreclosure! heavens.....don't need any rumors started!

Monday, July 16, 2007

a blog about a book....

but first......Chad Darnell posted a comment about my 12of12 for this month!!! how COOL is that?!?!? and R came back from camp with his camera and we need to get his 12of12 posted as well. not tonight though.....maybe tomorrow?!?!?

okay, so this post is about a book. you know the one.....Harry Potter....the SEVENTH AND FINAL BOOK!!! it comes out Friday and the household is already in preparation mode! I have been asked no fewer than 4 times if I have reserved our book ( it was announced). this morning I was asked (again) if we are going to the party on Friday. yes....yes......YES!!! what time does it start?!?! 7pm........okay so we need to go eat at 5 so we can be there at 7. uuuugh!!! do these kids really think we can spend 5 hours waiting for a book?!?!? I am thinking show up at the store at 7, get our book tickets and THEN head out to dinner. get back at 9ish and start doing all the games and stuff.

this is our 4th HP book release party. one of the boys had asked about changing locations this year. he figured he could get a free copy of the book through a school contest. I told him we could consider it but that we had a darn good track record at the one store....did he want to chance it on the last and final book?? he didn't! lol!!

but anyway............. I LOVE that my boys are this excited about a BOOK!! not a movie. not a toy. A BOOK!!! so boys will be up on Friday until after midnight to wait for the release of the 7th Harry Potter book. because what could be better than encouraging reading?!?!

Friday, July 13, 2007

aaaaah! 12 of 12 for August!!

let's start off my post by saying that the bonus word for this month was HOT. (and if you don't know what 12of12 is, check out Chad Darnell's blog - link in the column to the right). now anyone knows that California is hot pretty much all summer. in fact, last week we were at 110!! so this bonus word should have been easy!!! but it wasn't!! I have had the windows open in the house for the past 2 days because it hasn't gotten hotter than the mid 80s!!! with that......we begin our journey into my not-hot day! lol!!

the first photo is of the S and J bears I bought at Starbucks over the weekend. hey, they were half off and don't they look just like J and me?!?!? currently they are cuddled up on J's pillow!

the monthly odometer shot! I have driven 582 miles this past month. not many....but still not sure where I drove them all to!! (see the temperature - totally NOT HOT!)

and another monthly shot (won't my kids just LOVE all these weird and quirky photos I take each month?!?!) of the price of gas. this is the same station just the sign on the other side! down 8 cents since last month.....and it was $2.89 the week before. how sad when you get so excited to see gas less than $3/gallon!!

and while at the above Safeway, I got myself a lovely frapp and muffin for breakfast. should have gotten my coffee hot, huh?!?!? oh well....the frapp sounded really good! I have been rather good and haven't gone to Starbucks in over 2 weeks. aren't you impressed??? also while I was there I got oodles of Lean Cuisine panini sandwiches. they are on sale so I am stocking up! both J and I really like them!!

at my desk, on my rolodex, lives my stress penguin. I am supposed to squeeze him when stressed out. see those bulging eyes?!?!? they weren't like that when I got him. okay, okay....actually they were! if I actually squoze (sp??) this poor guy when I was stressed, he would be in a million pieces all over my desk. instead he just looks at me all day! doesn't everyone have a stuffed penguin in their office???

lunch.....the previously mentioned panini. this is my current favorite: steak, cheese, and mushroom! YUM!!! and thanks to the mocha this morning, I had water for lunch. and yes, lunch at my desk. Thursdays are my early days so even though I still CAN I always feel guilty if I take a real lunch.

J called!!!! yep! talked to him for an entire 4 minutes and 22 seconds! WOW!!! and while the icon says he is calling from home, it is really his cell. I use that icon for everyone because I am too lazy to go change them! lol!

this is a house we drive by every day. one day last week they painted in ORANGE! and this photo really doesn't do it justice. it isn't as calm or dark as it looks in the photo. painting the trim brown hasn't improved it much either. maybe I should have gone back later when the house wasn't all shaded?!?! see that little part at the bottom where it is brighter? yeah.....imagine the whole house looking like THAT!!! sooooooooooooo not-hot! lol!!

mail time!!! little package waiting for me......or more accurately waiting for R! too bad he isn't here. guess I get to keep whatever was inside for myself! lol!! (just JOKING!!!!)

it was time to drop off the old dvd at Blockbuster and get a new one. I am more than halfway through the first season. not quite addicted to it, but enjoying it none-the-less. I kinda like being able to see multiple episodes in a row.

Thursday night is chiropractor night (right now). so we made our trip for adjustments. I was really tight. I probably should have gone in earlier in the week for an extra visit.

tonight was also Taco Tuesday night. yes, I am totally aware that it isn't Tuesday. but that is when the tradition started. then it got moved to Wednesday because it made more sense for us. we would go on the way home from the chiropractor. then when we moved the dr visit to Thursday to accommodate summer bowling league, we moved taco night too. the boys even still CALL it Taco Tuesday! lol! and, oh yes, I had to grab some HOT sauce! because....well.......because I needed my hot bonus picture!! (oh, and can you see LM on the computer screen in the background? yep! having a big album sale! had to stock up!!!)

I enjoyed dinner in front of the tv......watching All My Children. usually I don't get anywhere near the tv weeknights, so this was a total treat!

that was my day......somewhat! I didn't get a picture of the 3 motorcycle cops lined up on the main street waiting to ticket speeders. it would have been really cool but I probably would have crashed trying to get the shot! lol! and lucky you, I also didn't take a picture of the HUGE bruise on my thigh from running into my desk at work. it hurt so much when I did it that I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach!! and now it is nasty looking and swollen.....just YUCK!!!

hope you had a great July 12th!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

wow! you really need to read this.....

Dianne's post about friends

bring your Kleenex!!

12of12 REMINDER!!! (Stephanie)

not that I am naming names or anything......

but tomorrow is the 12th!! charge those batteries....check that memory card!

and if you have no clue what I am talking over to Chad Darnell's blog (on that list to the right of the screen)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

live near Reno????

if so......whatcha doin' August 25th???

don't know why they don't have my picture up.....I sent them one! I have seen what I am teaching and have to say that they are WAY cute!!! definately going to have some fun with them!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

something to keep me warm at night.....

not like I actually NEED to be kept warm at night thanks to the 100+ temps around here! heck, it was 90 when we went to bed last night!!!

anyway.....over the weekend I was doing moving things around in my scraproom....formerly the computer & craft room! lol!! we took a bookcase out of the room and moved it into the living room and then I rearranged things in my room. definately more user friendly now and with more storage for scrap stuff! course, still by the end of it all I was at that point of just putting things places to be done with it all! lol! I will have to go back and work on that some more.

so.....dh came in to check it out and said that he thought we should think about moving D down to that room and let me have his room for my scraproom since it is bigger! so nice that he is willing to displace one of our children to give me more room to work! but doesn't he realize that like the goldfish, my stash will just grow to whatever amount of space he gives me?!??! and really.....there is no way I want to carry all my stuff up and down the stairs whenever I go away for a crop or whatever. would mean that there would be enough room to set the boys up with a corner of their own for crafts. currently they have placed a card table OVER their Heroscape game so they can scrap! lol!!

but while I won't be moving, it gives me that nice marshmallow-y feeling to know that my dh values my scrapping to want more space for me!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

land that I love....

this week's theme over at LM. my turn to write the article and I talked about patriotism, both of country and of ethnic background.

I really love the different feel of all the layouts done this week: land that I love

in other news....we survived the 4th. went and saw fireworks on the 3rd so that we could let the boys sleep in afterwards. the show we saw was AMAZING and LONG.......and CROWDED!!! but, we will go back next year!!

then yesterday we spent a good portion of the day at the waterpark. OMG it has been SOOO hot around here!! I was smart this time and took a hat so my part didn't get burnt. but I spent most of the day floating around in the lazy river. it was just too hot not to! but it wasn't as crowded as I truly expected it to be. we have figured out that about 5 hours is our limit there. even the boys are ready to head home after that.

today is all business. back to work and school. blech! the phone dude supposedly comes this afternoon to hook us up with wireless. now I will be able to cruise the internet from a tub filled with ice cubes! lol!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

the Berg Effect

yes, it exists. and I need to do a layout about it.

basically it is a principle of human attraction to a place such as a restaurant, store, or movie. we can go to anyplace and have the people tell us this is the slowest day they have had in a week, month, year, whatever. however, the minute we are there is becomes PACKED with people. we often joke that we should warn them when we come in the door.

it happened tonight at In & Out. really. we parked right by the front door. then we had a choice of 3 or 4 different sets of seats (really unheard of at I&O). but, smarties that we are, we sent R&D over to grab a table. sure enough, by the time the dude behind the counter took our order, 4 more groups of people showed up. by the time our order was ready there was a line to the door. and it stayed that way until we walked out the door.

tonight R joked that we should rent ourselves out to help places get more business.