Monday, May 14, 2012

the Mother of all days

in case you spent the past day or so in a sealed off cave and don't know, yesterday was Mother's Day. a perfectly lovely holiday to celebrate the wonderful relationship between a woman and her children. But, if your mother has passed away it isn't quite so happy of a day. it must be similar to some one just out of a relationship being stuck dealing with Valentine's Day. 24+ hours of discomfort where you can't express your own sadness without raining on dear friends' parades.

yeah, that is kinda what it is like. 

indeed I was lucky to have my boys around. though at almost 14 and 16, they aren't the greatest rays of sunshine. but it was hard to not think about the one-way-ness of the day. no mom to call. no grandma to call. even if the boys had been doting little balls of adorableness, the day would have been a bit flat.

but my sadness was nothing compared to another person I spent the day with: a young woman who lost her own mother..........a 19 year old woman who lost her mom this past year. not that I loved my mother any less, but the pain she was dealing with was multiple times greater than my own. donuts, baseball, and frozen yogurt were great distractions but couldn't remove the sadness that Mother's Day brought her. it was really brought home when she reminded one of my oversized bundles of joy to be thankful they had a mom around to tell them what to do.

so.......Mother's Day is gone for another 364 days. that is a long time to not acknowledge one of the most important people in anyone's life.

even though there are no "day after Mother's Day" cards, don't let 364 days pass before you call your mom, hug your mom, or send your mom a sweet little note. some of us wish we had that same opportunity.