Thursday, September 13, 2007

12of12 - the September 2007 edition!

welcome to my 12of12 FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!! if you have no clue what I am talking about, please check out Chad Darnell's blog (he is one of my links in that column on the right) I first started participating in this last September (obviously) on my old blog. it was great since I had just purchased a new car and have been able to keep track of my mileage visually! lol!! you can see, in 12 months and 2 weeks I have put 7,478 miles on my car! not bad, huh?!?! that is about half of what Hyundai thinks I should have put on my car! they keep sending me notices that I need my 15,000 mileage check up! lol! I am sure I am putting on more now as I have to drive R to school in the morning.

also notice the temperature. it seems that summer is over as it hasn't broken 80 the past 2 days and has gotten rather COLD overnight!

R and I had a SUPER DUPER EXCITING picture we were hoping to take for 12of 12. except he missed the shot. hopefully we will have it for you next month.....but in replacement, we offer you the *dog roof* shot. when the car moved the dog stuck his head out the sun roof. when the car stopped, he ducked back down inside! lol!!

like I said, I have to drive R to school now. I also take another boy (obviously not pictured). this is them being dropped off a block from school so they can be cool kids and not be dropped off by Mommie! lol! btw.....the other kid is just outside of the picture frame making the funniest face he is capable of making! gotta love boys!

this month's bonus word was "enlighten".........well.......while this isn't what I had intended as my bonus shot, I only took 12 this month (courtesy of the missing shot previously mentioned....and a few missed shots I will refer to later). I "enlightened" my bangs with a pair of scissors. it isn't as bad as it looks in this horribly framed photo.....but atleast I can see! (cuz before I couldn't!)

breakfast was a Noah's sesame bagel (warm but not toasted) with lox schmear. YUM!!!!

gas......not good......but not the worst I have seen.

the book I am currently reading. I really like Marcia Muller and was willing to fork over $$ for the hardback. I will donate it to the library when I am done and get some of that $$ back as a charitable donation. sweet!

when R gets home from school every day, he calls me. then he calls when he leaves to go pick up D......or meet D at school to get picked up for bowling. his ringtone is "Sk8ter Boi" from Avril Lavigne. I think my office is tired of hearing it 3x a day!

bowling boys. Weds league now because we missed so many Saturdays. a friend from high school.....yes high school.....has a son on R's team so he picks up the boys and takes them for us. SOOO wonderful! SOOO thankful for him! (the boys are too!)

weirdo that I am......I took a picture of the EMPTY day on the calendar! they are so darn rare around here! in fact, see the 13th......J forgot to write down a meeting so the 12th was the ONLY day without something all week!

for dinner we had some minestrone soup (minus the pasta.....long story). I had my FAVORITE crackers (well......Cheez Its are my favorite too but they are completely different KINDS of crackers, right?!?!?) anyway, I only like the Thin Crisps and for some reason they are really hard to find. they are supposedly lighter (you know....enlightened crackers! lol!!) but I just like them better!

I should have taken a photo of dinner. the soup was marvelous and a healthy dinner. afterwards, R and I watched the season finale of Fat March. that was really a great show! I cried!! it was SOOO amazing to see those people walk all the way from Boston to Washington DC. they were definitely *enlightened* by the end! lol!

feeling all enthused from the show, R and I went for a enlighten ourselves! lol! should have taken a picture of something for our shoes, right?!?!? we also saw some miniature ponies in the park. I DID take a picture of them.....with my cell phone. I tried to e-mail it to myself at home twice and it didn't work. so I gave up! just pretend I posted a photo of a horse that stands to about my waist, okay??

last but not is an out of focus photo of Stubbs......R's leopard gecko. he is cool!! I love his bold coloring. I wish he would come out and play more......but he is too cool for that! lol!

so there was my 12of12. I should have made myself a little 12of12 cake to celebrate my anniversary.......but yesterday was kinda a dud day for me.

ETA: so I guess the bonus word was UNEXPECTED.....don't know where I got enlightened from. anyway....that mistake fits in perfectly with the kind of day yesterday was!


Poun said...

Happy 12 of 12 anniversary!!
Great pics !!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Nice pictures! :)

Dianne said...

Happy 12of12 Anniversary Susan....great photos! I love the gecko!

Linda said...

Great pics! And happy 12 of 12 anniversary!

Claudine said...

Yeah, a whole year! Are you going to make a 12of 12 scrapbook at the end of the year? I am thinking about it, it could be A Year of Nothing Exciting, that is what I would call mine :)