Saturday, October 13, 2007

12 of 12 - the ORANGE edition!

this almost could have been called the FORGOTTEN edition!! we all know I am not a good weekend blogger.....I just try to not be on the computer as much. and today was a day of running around in circles....I'll explain more as we go through this entry.

so......this is what it looks like as we get ready to leave in the morning. 2 boys and a big ol' pile of stuff! lol!! it takes us 5 minutes to get from the house into the car! crazy, isn't it?!?!?

R always gives T a treat when he puts her collar on. it is how he has trained her to come when he calls her so he CAN put her collar on! lol!! look how attentive and patient she is for him! she doesn't even care if Mommie is taking her picture! lol!!

traditional odometer photo. can you believe we were running late and I forgot to take it in the driveway like normal? so this is at about 7:15. a bit warmer than when we walked out the door. and look at me pile those miles on my car! uuuuugh! lol!!

Starbucks is giving away a free download every day through November 7th. each day is a different artist. there have been some that I don't like at all and some really great ones. the place I normally get my Starbucks at isn't a full service store so they don't have a sign like this. but I didn't stop there this morning and instead grabbed a mocha by work (I had thought I wasn't going to get one and changed my mind!). that store had a sign so I took a picture of it!

Sharon sent me a book she had read. this is it (obviously). it is slow getting in to and is told from various points of reference. I am enjoying it but not enough to have it take over my life! lol! it did, though, keep me good company at lunch today.

I had rented Fantastic Four for J & R to watch. was given the dvd case to return sans the actual dvd. so on my way home from work I stopped by Blockbuster to give them their dvd. check out my creative self-portrait! lol!! not the greatest photo but it isn't like I am going to use this for our Christmas cards! lol!!

one of the things that sucked up my time today was going to get tickets to a concert. I could have pre-sale bought them online 2 days ago for full price however starting at 10am Saturday you could use a $5 off coupon (the one in this photo). anyway.......I had to stop by the coffee shop to get the coupon. this morning (Saturday the 13th) I had to drive R to a Scout event. it was less that 5 miles from where the box office for the concert venue is. dropped him off and headed home in time to buy the tickets. THEN found out (because no one had mentioned it) but the coupon is only good for a few selected rows in the way way back of the arena........AND those tickets weren't released yet! so after dinkering around with the lady at Ticketmaster and then calling the arena, poor D got stuck back in the car and we drove to the arena to buy the tickets directly. they said if I bought the rows they would refund the difference when the promoter gave them the directions to open up the discount. but the lady at the arena and I went through and picked out the possible seat locations available and I ended up getting us some rather nice seats (you know.....for a family of 4 who didn't buy their tickets when they first became available aaaaaarrrrggghhh!!!!). going to the arena I saved Ticketmaster's fee so the tickets ended up being $10 cheaper than they would have been with the coupon.......and were better seats......but cost me 2 hours of my life! I still am happier now with the end result. oh and the dude at the coffee place gave me a coupon for a buy 1 get 1 free yesterday! back to actually what happened on the 12th and not just the aftermath...... NO!! we did NOT get flu shots! BUT this sign has been up for about a month. every time we drive by or go to the chiro we joke about getting our flu shots. honestly, I am not really sure why anyone would get a shot and how they are supposed to benefit you. figure they are based on the previous year's major strains of flu.....which WON'T be this year's flu. so what are you really protecting yourself from? anyway......we are not old or immune deficient so we don't get them.

J hates our staplers.....period.....end of sentence. a stapler can work fine for me for a long long time and then J gets it and it doesn't work. don't know why. and frankly don't care. so we went to Office Max to get some manila envelopes for R and J picked himself out the exact stapler that he personally wanted. let's hope this solves the whole stapler issue!

because our morning routine is all different and I am not quite used to it, I forgot to get a gas price picture. so on the way home last night I took one. it is dark and fuzzy because it is after 7 and it is dark! for the record, AMPM was 10 cents a gallon cheaper!

seems R has a new Crush at school. seems Crush has her e-mail addy written in her lab book. seems R or a friend had to check Crush's work Friday. seems someone wrote down Crush's e-mail addy and sent her a note. this is R replying to the e-mail Crush sent back!!! (insert the smoochie kissie noises Mommie was making while R was typing this out! lol!)

the bonus for this month was ORANGE. I took a really great picture of this obnoxious ORANGE pen that the FedEx/Kinkos sales rep brought us, but decided that I wanted a photo of my favorite Halloween candle instead. it doesn't take a good picture (obviously) so I will tell you that it is a gel candle. you can see through Jello.....and there are things IN the gel. when lit, the whole thing glows! rather cool.

and last but not least............D getting his treat from the Halloween countdown calendar. the boys take turns and D gets the even days. (they split the 31st so don't is all EVEN!!!) today's treat was stretchy body parts! D got an ear and a hand. I can't remember which day R will get his stretchy body parts but he has a foot and a nose! lol! so gross.......SOOOO boy!!

with that I big you adieu until next month!!!


Dogeared said...

Looks like some good acts at the concert - hope it's good!

Helen, 12 of 12er, Devon

Poun said...

I really like the picture in the dvd-reflection !!
Nice 12 of 12 :-D

Bego said...

don't you love the drama of crushes?

lovely family, and the poochie is a cutie, too!

Zippy said...

Your boys are adorable! Crushes are so damn cute!!

I like the picture with your reflection in the dvd - cool!

Kerri said...

Love it love it!!!! What great pics - I think it would be really cool to do this someday. If I would ever remember!! :-P

Anonymous said...

Great shots! Such a cute doggie!

Bec said...

Totally forgot AGAIN about 12 of 12! Susan! You are not reminding me! It's all your fault.
Oooo, a crush! How exciting!
Very clever with that DVD pic!
You are the coolest...a(nother) concert AND a Halloween countdown calendar with sticky body parts! Awesome...

Linda said...

Yay, stretchy body part treats! LOL!

Great pics! :)

2H Design said...

love the picture of your reflection in the DVD - great idea!