Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winners! Winners! (and link for discount tickets to Sportsmen's Expo)

Congrats to Dolphyngyrl and Ally for winning passes to this weekend's Sportsmen's Expo!!

Remember, if you didn't win, you can still use this link to get yourself $2 off adult tickets! Kids 15 and under are free!

Susan’s Super Sportsmen’s Expo Saver Link

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Youth Outdoor Sports Fair - family fun! free for kids!

I am sure you have heard of the International Sportsmen’s Expo. It comes every year for 4 days of outdoorsy fun at Cal Expo. But did you know that they fill up 20,000 SF of it with a Youth Outdoor Sports Fair? I didn’t! Heck, 2 years ago, Ryan spent a morning showing off the Boy Scout Adventure Base 100 (he was even on TV with a very uncoordinated newscaster who tried the obstacle course). Afterwards Ryan walked around and checked out the Expo and even he didn’t know they had a youth section!

What is my point here? Well, KIDS 15 AND UNDER ARE FREE!!
That means that they can learn archery, fishing things (there is even a catch & release activity), turkey calling (VERY important if you live near me! Seriously!), and safe gun handling in the NRA airgun range. Something I like, and very Boy Scout feeling, is “Tread Lightly!” They are a national non-profit group that encourages responsible use of public lands and waterways. The kids’ Sports Fair area will have games for the kids, giveaways and raffles, ATV photo opportunities, falconry displays, “Lucy’s Pond” with a waterfall and river, and a whole lot more. Oh yes, and Radio Disney will be there!

Show times for the Youth Outdoor Sports Fair are
  • Friday 3pm to 8pm (the Sportsmen’s Expo opens at 11am, but those kids have to go to school!)
  • Saturday 10am to 7pm
  • Sunday 10am to 5pm
I think we could easily spend an entire day just in the kids’ area. Which is good because I want to learn how to talk to those turkeys that block my path when I go to the library!

Anyway, kids are free, grown-ups are $15, and parking is $10.
BUT, I am giving away 2 pairs of tickets! All you need to do it post a comment with what you think your kids will be most excited about at the Youth Outdoor Sports Fair by 6pm 9pm January 18th -that is Wednesday night! Can you say short notice?!?!? (Sorry! I have been having technical difficulties.) I’ll do a random drawing of all entrants and let you know ASAP.

If you aren’t patient, don’t want to enter, or don’t win you can use this link to save $2 on adult tickets now! Have fun and I'll see you there!

Disclosure: I was given a set of passes to the Expo along with the ability to share the discount ticket link in exchange for posting about the Expo. But, once the boys heard about the kids’ area it didn’t matter, we were going free tickets or not!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buy some books - help an animal!

THIS WEEKEND!!!!  is the SPCA Winter Book Sale!!!

January 12th through 15th (oh, wait, I guess that starts TODAY) at the Citrus Town Center at Greenback and Sunrise. (it used to be called Sunrise Festival......and you probably remember it better as the place that used to have a Krispy Kreme on the corner, which is now a Panera Bread....and an Old Navy, which is soon to be a Sprouts Market). ANYWAY, that is where it door to Marshalls (so either where Linen Outlet used to be or maybe where Filco used to be......maybe I'll drive by and get a more definitive answer for you....and buy a couple books myself!)

okay, so about the books: gently used books of ALL kinds! there are also games and puzzles.

hours are from 10am to 7pm Thursday through Saturday and then 11am to 6pm on Sunday.

if I confused you too much.......check the SPCA website for more info!