Sunday, June 29, 2008

blogging from the baseball game

Right now the River Cats are winning 4 - 1. 7th inning for those following along at home. Honestly not a very exciting game and it is SOOOOO darn hot out here. We are used to evening games where everyone has some shade. The first inning hadn't even ended when I noticed that my thighs were getting pink. Needless to say I made a note to bring sunscreen for the other day games. And to think, I had considered bringing a light jacket! lol!
This weekend has been nice. I am still not used to working so much. Amazing how quickly I got used to not working. But yesterday I got 3 layouts done. They are for LM.....well, 2 are. the third turned out horrible and I don't plan on sharing it. Too bad because there is some cute ribbon on it.
In addition to that, I made it to the gym 3 time (4 days in a row thankyouverymuch), we finally got J's tow hitch installed (kinda), and lmost bought a new car. Yep.......we have been talking about trading in my beloved Santa Fe for something more fuel efficient. Our salesman at Hyundai offered us a sweet deal on an Elantra. So sounds like it might happen.
Back to the game......Robnett just hit a double and sent in 2 runners......and while I typed the next guy brought in 2 more. The score is 8 - 1 3ivercats over the Tuscon Sidewinders.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

saving the post-it note at a time!

so I got a Blackberry last week. I was tired of carrying around a cell phone, planner, and iPod and decided I needed to get something that was more portable for my daily commute on the train and getting internet access and e-mail was just the icing on the cake......until now.

tonight I found THE reason justifying my purchase: lists.

no post-it notes gave their lives in the creation of a shopping list today. usually I would have made one at home on a post-it note, put it inside my wallet and gone to work. mid-day I would start thinking of things to add and grab another post-it to continue my list. by the time I actually GET to the store I have usually used up 3 post-its. but not today. this time I was able to get my entire list in the notes section of my calendar. (I couldn't do that with my old cell phone....the notes section was rather limited for character spacing)

and even if I don't make a calendar entry I can still make a list of things....whatever things.....lists of lists if I want......and no post-it notes will give their lives!

p.s. congrats to Fresno State for some seriously awesome baseball! it was a total pleasure watching you beat Georgia! Steve are my hero (and darn cute too! lol!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

12 of 12 - the HELP edition!

so I guess I kinda failed this month. I didn't get 12 pictures. but really I failed because the 12th wasn't anything close to a regular day so the whole "random photos on a random day" thing went out the window......or down the elevator to speak. that and as a scrapbooker, I didn't want to minimize the event that brought about the one photo I did take. somehow afterwards picture taking wasn't really important.....

this is a photo of the call button on elevator #4 at my office. this is me really trying to remain calm and get a decent photo.......while I was stuck in the elevator for 15 minutes. it wasn't that long of a period of time.....but I was alone......and a little claustrophobic. I started off thinking it was a little funny when I was just stuck there thinking I was at the 8th floor but couldn't get the elevator to open. but when the guy at the other end of that help button said "I'll send someone out" and "push the alarm button every once in awhile so the building knows you are in the elevator" I got a little worried. then when the elevator went to the 25th floor and started bouncing around a bit I got more worried. then when the elevator dropped down to the 22nd and then 21st floor I was as close to freaking out as I could be. funny how something like not-waterproof mascara can keep a person from crying. the 21st floor when I laid on the alarm button, some guy walked by and opened the elevator door. he was so casual about it and I can't figure out how I managed to stand up and walk out of the elevator.

needless to say.....I walked 13 floors down the stairs to get back to my office.

I promise to do better next month.

Monday, June 2, 2008

bookend birthdays.....

things have been crazy around here. trying to get in the swing of the new job has taken quite a toll on my free time. dh is working on taking over making dinners and R is helping out a bit more around the house. thankfully summer is almost upon us and that means that atleast I won't have to do the morning carpool before catching Light Rail to work.

today, being June 2nd is the calm in the eye of the storm. R's birthday was yesterday and D's birthday is tomorrow. we celebrated this year with a miserable day at Great America. it was cold and windy and the boys lasted about 5 hours before wanting to head home. on top of that lunch almost killed us all it was so gross. if anything might push me to becoming a was that hamburger! all in all we spent more time driving back and forth than we did at the park.

yesterday we went to Melting Pot for the next part of the ongoing party train. we joined a grown up couple for a lovely dinner. thankfully no hamburger there and the food is always superb!!

today was our day to rest from stuffing ourselves and tomorrow we will be off to Red Robin for the last of our great birthday parties. seems silly but Red Robin is our traditional place of celebration. we go every year on Gotcha Day and for birthdays.

D turns 10 this year. it isn't as shocking as when R turned 10. I wonder if that has anything to do with being the second child or because he hasn't actually been with us for all those years? not really sure other than it is still strange to think that he is 10.......

so anyway........hopefully I will be back up to speed and blogging AND scrapping more. I sure hope so!