Monday, March 12, 2007

12 of 12 - the LUCKY edition! lol!

once again, I have surprisingly remembered to take my pictures!!! if you are clueless as to what I am referring to....please check out CHAD!! also check out some of the others who play along each month.....really kinda fun to read what other people did today!

alrighty, here we go....I wasn't coherent enough to take a picture of the clock this morning when J woke me at 6am (really 5am, huh?!?!?) so my first photo is the obligatory odometer...which happily shows the temperature as well! (it warmed up to the mid-80s today....should have waited to take this shot, huh?!?!?)

forgot to take a picture of the boys so I tracked them down halfway to school. please notice that one boy is wearing a helmet and riding his scooter while the other isn't. guess which one left his at school on Friday and instead of saying anything was RUNNING to keep up?!?!?

got to work late......but the phone system wasn't reset was I actually EARLY!?!?!? lol!! and yes, yes I do have a penguin squeezy stress ball/doll. (thank you still to Sharon!)

my healthy and nutritious breakfast (atleast it was a non-fat mocha)......and hey, isn't that straw GREEN?!?!? did I mention the bonus pic this month has a GREEN theme?!?!?!

at lunch time I cruised over to Target to try and get J something for his iPod. didn't find what I think he thinks he wants.....but does that ever really stop one from spending money (aka GREEN) at Target?!?!? took a picture of the sign because I can't show you what I bought......secret!!!

then hit the drive thru at Jack in the Box. I won't show you or tell you what I had for lunch. just pretend it was healthy and nutritious, okay??? I will promise you that I didn't get one of the Andes Mints milkshakes.....hurry Easter! hurry!!

yeah, well, speaking of GREEN.........I won't have much thanks to the price of gas! can you BELIEVE IT?!?!?!

this guy is trying to drum up business for a new deli. I have seen him every day for the past week or so....and every day I think "golly I hope he is still there on the 12th so I can take his picture." too bad he would rather me think "golly I want a sandwich right now" lol!

our city recently lowered the speed limit on several major roads. every day last week I watched some fool get a ticket for zooming along....... I'll agree 40 is darn slow but I wanna keep as much GREEN as I can so I have slowed down!

here is the stack of layouts I have completed recently thanks to a class over at BPS and this weekend's Extreme Crop over at LM. pretty nice stack, huh?!?!?

here is Mr. Dork himself....working on a plaque for R's Arrow of Light. the ceremony is Thursday. nothing like putting things off until the last minute, huh?!?!?

and his lovely wife, Mrs Dork, showing you a nifty little something that the boys found and begged me to buy for a friend. if you know me, you KNOW who that friend is. and either he will be thrilled or he will have already received a dozen packages. either way, the boys LOVE him and wanted to send him something..... but shush! try and keep it a secret, okay?!?!?

and, the BONUS PICTURE!!!! yes, I have become a tad obsessed! I LOVE these mint ones! they are the BESTEST!!! and that whole limited time only thing kinda freaks me out! as if it weren't bad enough that they discontinued the valencia I have to deal with this kind of pressure?!?!?

anyway, hope the pictures were a decent size. this is my first month with the new blog so I am still learning!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics!!

Doesn't the plastic of the straw melt in the drink?

BU said...

I love the mocha frappucinos -- you can get them in bulk at Costco here. I'm not sure want to mix mint in though!

scrapper al said...

Love the photos and commentary. I know, I know, I'll have to try the 12 of 12 someday, lol.

Lipp said...

Thats so awesome that you were coveting pickle guy & then got the shot!

CondoBlogger said...

Great pics... your comment on the pickle guy made me laugh out loud!

silver horde said...

I remembered 12 of 12 just as I was getting ready for bed last night! I really meant to do it this time!
ttfn jane
aka epiphany
I love the word verification today smgfan!

Angie said...

Love the pictures and the comments! Also -- LOVE the Peeps! Too cool...I'll have to track those down. (Your comments on that picture made me laugh, by the way.)

Bec said...

Hi Susan! I bought the same Peeps to send to DH since he won't be able to color eggs with me this year :(
I totally forgot to take a pic of my odometer/gas-ometer. I haven't had to fill up since last 12 of 12! I can't believe that price! Ours is high for here, but not that high.
Love that pickle man!

Dianne said...

WOnderful pictures Susan....I love the Pickle Man. He's not quite as "Eyecandyish" as the Brad Guy...but he's cute!

Dogeared said...

I like the penguing squeezy stress ball thing!

Helen (12 of 12er)

wendy said...

oh, now that was just awesome to see. TFS!

Zippy said...

You know your day is complete when you see The Pickle Man in action!