Sunday, December 16, 2007

dang! can't believe I didn't blog!

I was online several times. even read a bunch of other blogs.....but totally spaced on posting! aaargh! maybe I can post twice today and make up for it?!?!?

yesterday I worked on scrap stuff for various deadlines. got quite a bit done. I will hopefully get everything finished today as I am once again running out of time! lol!!

last night we checked out Christmas lights. instead of going to our normal haunt (Dovewood Court) we went to a few new places. the one neighborhood was great!! we walked around an entire circle where more than half the houses had really gone all out. obviously someone who lives there has fun with a jigsaw because a majority of the home had wooden Disney displays. after that a quick stop at Starbucks for some warmness and then home to watch National Treasure. figured we needed to see it before #2 comes out!

I'll post later today.......can't BELIEVE I didn't post yesterday!!

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