Sunday, May 13, 2007

12 of 12 for May!!!

you never know when the 12th comes around what fun and interesting or boring and routine things there will be to take pictures of. I think that is the whole point of this exercise. R didn't care about 12 of 12 this month until about 5:30 at which point he took 3 pictures of himself and his friends playing video games. that was it! lol!!

if you don't know (by now) what I am doing..... please see my friend who doesn't know me's blog. btw, the bonus word for this month was *dreamscape*. I was pretty clueless as to what to do with this theme, but it worked out in the end! so without further ado.......may I present my own May 12th....boiled down to 13 pictures!

I had hoped we wouldn't get home from the concert until after midnight, but we were home and safely in bed well before midnight. I had thought I would take my second picture when I first woke up in the morning, but obviously that plan fell apart! lol!

so my first picture is the traditional odometer shot first thing in the morning (which was almost 9am as compared to 7am on weekdays). we were leaving for bowling or the picture might have even been taken later! wow!! I drove over 700 miles this month. well, actually dh had the car a couple days so I am sure that helped! lol!

before bowling we stopped at the Starbucks inside Safeway for my *breakfast*. there was an almost lifesize display of the Shrek gang to promote the new movie. the obnoxious thing even argues with itself as you walk by. course, the boys were excited for the photo op! (can you tell that R is giving Donkey bunny ears?!?!?)

I was VERY sad to be informed that my stash of Valencia syrup had run out! can you believe it?!?! I really thought it would last until the expiration date in August. but, from what I have been told, a new orange Starbucks drink comes out tomorrow or Tuesday. lucky me!!

on our way out of the parking lot, I got my traditional gas price picture. YIKES!! good thing I had that 10 cents off from that humogeous shopping trip last week!

after bowling (can you believe I forgot to take a picture of the boys bowling?!?!? must have been because I was SOOOOOOOOOO bored my brain fell asleep! lol!)......... anyway, after bowling we went to pick up R's costume for his American History Wax Museum. I wanted to take a picture of him trying it on, but he didn't try the whole thing on again and he said no! lol! just as is the sandwich board sign for the shop we rented the costume at. such a FUUUUUN place!
then lunch out. yeah, we should have come home.....but we didn't! lol! went to Burger King. the boys were all excited about the SpiderMan 3 toys. yeah! rah! more stuff to toss when they aren't looking! lol!

home again, home again, jiggedy jig! lol! today was Stamp Out Hunger Day. luckily our mail on the weekends is super late so we had time to put out a bag of stuff. normally, this is the day I clean out anything that has been in the cupboard longer than 2 months or so. but since it was pretty darn empty when I went grocery shopping last week there wasn't anything that met my qualifications..... that didn't stop us from giving at least a little. there is enough food in there (other than milk) to feed a family for a day.

dh and D are heading on a field trip to Yosemite later this week. because of our crazy schedule the next few days, they packed today. I am bummed it isn't me going.....but I already got to go with R a couple years ago. dh, the Scout, is always prepared! he will be a great addition to the class group!

like previously mentioned, as soon they could, the boys plopped in front of the tv playing video games. how exciting! lol!

dinner. ah yes! I had stuff ready to make for dinner......but mid-afternoon had begun a little cleaning in my scraproom that turned into a major renovation. at about 6pm I peeked out and realized that there was no way I was going to make dinner.....and dh was doing some stuff for a neighbor (that I missed getting a picture of). so I made an executive decision and ordered pizza. aaaah! a little story about this pizza.....or more so the place it came from. when dh and I moved into our townhouse (before R was born) we got pizza delivered from this place all the time.....okay, like once a week maybe. anyway, when I got pregnant I had problems with heartburn so our pizza order changed and I started getting a small cheese pizza light on the sauce. the guys at the place got so used to is that they automatically added it on to all our orders........ even after Bug was born! (aaaah!) anyway......we moved out of their delivery area when we moved to the house before this one. and I guess were out of the habit of calling them by the time we moved here. I have no clue if the same people own/work there.....but we called them last night. YUM!! still as good as it was before. I think we will be calling them again. btw.....we got a pepperoni, black olives, and mushroom pizza (my fav) and a chicken bbq pizza (J's choice).

remember me talking about that little cleaning project? well, this is the scraproom AFTER I cleaned it. this picture actually doesn't do all of my cleaning justice. you see where that green bag is?!?!? just to the right of it on the floor you can now actually SEE the floor. it used to be covered with bags of stuff. the chair used to be full of paper takers. and the bottom left of the picture used to be full of recent orders that I hadn't put away. needless to say.....I can actually walk in my room without fear., we are not getting this room carpeted tomorrow. dh said if we were then I would have to move everything out myself. uh, yeah, right, I don't see it needing new carpet EVER! lol!!!

after dinner and the boys went to bed, dh and I got caught up on the tv we hadn't watched during the week. we <3 TiVo!!!! House, as obnoxious as ever, and Numb3rs were the only 2 shows we had left! odd to have a completely empty TiVo.......VERY odd for us indeed!

aaaah! remember that theme shot for this week?!?! yeah, *dreamscape*. well, I was just going to pass on it this month since I couldn't figure anything out. well, lucky, lucky me! when we were done watching tv and heading to bed........THIS is what awaited us!! yep! all the clean laundry just piled on the bed. no dreaming until we got it off the bed. and no, we didn't put it away, just into laundry baskets and at the foot of the bed.

thanks for checking out my day!


Angie said...

It's very fun to see your day!

Anonymous said...

Nice! The pizza looks YUMMY!!!

JoE said...

Wow--what an adventure. My day would look a little boring compared to that. And also that taking my camera to work with me would be a lot like putting it out by the curb with a sign on it that said "free to a good home"

the Valencia syrup sounds interesting, but these days unless it is followed by "sugar free" I have to ignore it's existence.

claudine said...

Starbucks new summer drinks....yippeee! almost as good as seeign those red cups come put in November. Love the scrap area, as I type sitting in my messy scrap room~

Zippy said...

Pizza!!! That looked good! The boys are very cute and I'm not surprised to see one of them giving Donkey bunny ears!