Friday, December 28, 2007

and here is a resolution for 2008.....

we are watching AFI's Top 100 Films of all Times. there are a few movies that I am embarrassed to say I have never seen. there are a few movies I really don't WANT to see.....but overall it is an amazing list. I told J I think we should try to see the movies from the list that we haven't seen. obviously if they are on this list they offer SOMETHING worth seeing, correct????

the list has 100 films on it and I am not sure how many of them I have I am not sure I can realistically expect to see all of them during 2008. but I think seeing 1 or 2 a month should be realistic, shouldn't it?!?!?

what kind of quirky goals do you have for next year?

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Hatter J said...

I'm going to post a few of mine just beat me to it.

I like yours though...could prove interesting.