Monday, December 17, 2007

taking my share of the blame.....

being as J is my first husband I will admit that I have made some mistakes.

the first and largest of the mistakes was allowing him to sleep through the night when R was an infant. my rationale at the time was that I was off work on maternity leave and he needed to go to work in the morning. right......sure.......made sense THEN!!! but once I went back to work the problems began. he STILL slept through R's nightly feedings. it got to the point where I would be exhausted and tell him that it was HIS night to get up. still.......when R started crying I would end up having to wake up to wake up J! I will admit that I fell back asleep pretty quickly (remember.....I was EXHAUSTED) but it was still irritating.

the second mistake was being Super MomWifeChristmaspersonextraordinare. I did it all and looked darn good doing it! so now.....the past few years........when I have needed help I have pretty much been ignored. why not? I trained him to think I could handle it all on my own. I guess what put me over the edge (other than the fact that 7 days before Christmas I STILL do not know if/when/where we are having Christmas dinner) is the pressies for his family. we see these people once (golly.....maybe twice) a year and yet I am expected to find the most perfectest presents for each and every one of them. well......this year I am feeling unconsumerish. (do you like all the words I am making up here?!?!?) I don't want to just give people stuff to clutter their homes. so.......we bought a simple ornament for everyone along with a gift cert for dinner at a casual family place that we like. this way they get a present, they get fed, and I am not stressing. anyway.........J looked rather disappointed in this. did he offer alternatives? NO!!! that was when I told him that next year he WILL be more involved in this whole thing.

anyway.......I can still be mad at him but I do need to take my share of the blame. the next husband I won't make those mistakes. (joke.......JOKE!!!!!) and thanks Hatter, my dear friend, for the offer. but if you DO make a trip out here we will be doing more funner stuffs than dealing with J!

(grammatical and spelling errors contained in this post were purposefully on purpose)


Moriah Bettencourt said...

Sing it sister!!!

OMG my husband has it so freakin good! I do the whole thing, hell 1/2 the time I buy my own gifts too! LOL

Kerri said...


Don't even get me STARTED on the gifts for the in-laws. They WILL NOT give me a list. When I ask what they want, they are very vague, if they bother to answer me at all.

They ask me for a list, which I give them, providing them many low-priced easily-findable gifts, none of which they buy me. They get me things I don't want or need. Ugh!! LOL

So - what is the protocol for gift giving to the inlaw family? I have no idea. But I'm doing my best. I'm loving the idea of the ornament/restaurant GC. I will put that in the file for next year.

*rolling eyes*

Anonymous said...
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scrapper al said...

Here's what we do in our family and it seems to work out well. He's in charge of his brothers' and dad's gifts and I buy for the SILs and kids. Though this year, we decided to give money for the little ones' college funds instead of presents. He also needs to make suggestions for gifts for the guys on my side of the family. I'm also responsible for wrapping all the gifts and sending out all the cards though. Still working on sharing those tasks, lol.

Hatter J said...

I think that you had a wonderful idea...seriously.

I have skipped the whole consumer Xmas this year myself...too much hassle.

...and I agree, next year, make him buy the stuff and see just how "easy" it is...