Friday, April 26, 2013

Shit on a Shingle.....mmm, mmmm good!

yes, you read that right. and if you were my father's daughter, you can still remember the taste and texture of this extra special not-so-delicious treat.

(the biggest problem with this blog post is how to approach it: totally chronological from the inception of SOS, from my childhood experiences with it, or what brought it to mind now......)

but since this is MY blog.....about ME and MY life......

when I was a kid my dad did a reasonable amount of the cooking. probably more than most men did at the time. he watched and loved the Galloping Gourmet and would cook some fancy schmancy dishes (like escargot and a really yummy dover sole dish that I remember had a cream sauce.......and green grapes). he also cooked what he called Shit on a Shingle. (nice language dad!) at the time I knew nothing of it's illustrious history, just that it looked like a cream of ______ soup meat mixture on top of toast. I don't remember liking or disliking was just WEIRD! a grown up, a friend posted on Facebook that having asked her family for dinner suggestions they responded with a "whatever shit she wanted to make" or something similar. heck, sounds like a perfect request for I told her about my dad's recipe. what I didn't know was that OTHER people ate this stuff too! in fact, it is some sacred old military recipe! obviously, being a Navy man, that is where my dad was exposed to this dish.....which I guess is chipped beef and not hamburger (hey, I was a kid! what did I know?!?!?)

I was startled to find out that my weird family dinner dish was in fact a REAL meal.....what meal or family tradition have you thought was yours alone only to find out EVERYONE does it too? case you are craving Shit on a Shingle now, here are a few good recipes! I remember dad serving it with overcooked peas.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Friday is National Grilled Cheese Day!!!

seriously........seriously love these made up holidays! not quite sure why this one isn't considered a federal holiday, but whatever! you know I love celebrating them and this one is no different!

if you are local, you might considering hitting up Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen for some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. be sure to tell them Susan wants her Chevelle back on the menu......gosh darn it!

if you are more adventurous.......head down to San Francisco!! Tillamook is going all out to celebrate this monumental event! they are hosting a National Grilled Cheese Day happy hour from 5pm to 7pm at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen! you get a FREE classic grilled cheese sandwich, cheese samples, games, prizes and more. (oh and for those cheese lovers over the golden age of 21......Speakeasy Brewery's local Big Daddy IPA will be $3.50/pint....sounds like a good pairing to me!)

if you can't make can still play along:
  • enter to win a year's supply of cheese by sharing your "cheesiest" grilled cheese moments beween today and April 12th on Instagram....tag your pictures #Cheesaholic and @Tillamook to enter! Rules are HERE!
  • make your own celebration! Tillamook has oodles of great grilled cheese recipes! they even have a great Yum! Dance you can do to celebrate......or make room for more grilled cheese!
and before you, I won't be going down to SF for the fun. I am being a good and dutiful mom and spending my evening in chaos in an overstuffed high school gymnasium watching way too many kids make way too much noise.......wish they were offering grilled cheese sandwiches and beer! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Year of 24 - Month 3

Scrapbook layouts: 6 (goal of 2)

and this is only because of that crop weekend right as the month started. otherwise, nada....zipo.....ziltch!

Operation Write Home cards: 14 (goal of 2)
I really really think I made more than this. probably because I made several cards this month that were not sent to OWH.

Scrapbook purchasing versus usage:
let's not think about this right now okay........PeachyCheaps!

Pounds lost: 1 (goal of 2)
yeah, well.......I walked a whole lot more but I also had a lot more days where I was "just over" a bit on calories. funny how that works out. but I am totally upping my game for April! I joined a dieting bet. and I don't like losing bets.

Dolly walks: 23 (goal of 24)
Just shy one. not bad considering how many days I wasn't home until late or whatever. in addition to walking Dolly, I completed my first 10K and hit the treadmill two days.

Blog posts: 5 (goal of 2)
and, unlike February, I am happy with the content of my posts: zits, my 10K, people who are idiots, and a reminder about a really fun charity event! add a book and/or movie review and I would be really happy. maybe in April???

Books: 4
I am completely fine with this number. like I said, one a week is right on track for me! I finally got to finish up Charlotte au Chocolat. it was an interesting look at growing up in the food service industry. I kept forgetting that it wasn't decades ago. it always seemed like that. I got a little more reading done in Telegraph Avenue but had to return it (again). maybe I'll get it finished the next time around?

I think my favorite book for March was Tiger Lily. it was about the girl that Peter Pan loved before Wendy. I guess I am a sucker for those alternative story lines?!?

AND.......I am currently reading Lover at Last from JR Ward! I will tell you will be my favorite book of April! lol!