Saturday, June 30, 2007

teaching the value of money....

I know that dh and I aren't normal parents. if I didn't know this already, it was made extremely clear to me when we were accosted at Legoland by a man who said, "you were that lady doing math with your kids at Starbucks." honestly, I am not sure he meant it as a compliment. see.....earlier that day we were playing division with our then 6 and 8 year old sons. simple things like "if we had a dozen muffins, how many would each person in the family get?" and "if we only bought 10 how many would each of us get if we couldn't split them" or "what happens if we buy 10 but no one wants the 2 poppyseed ones" or get the point. anyway, we didn't TELL them we were doing math. we were just playing.

today again was a reminder of how we are different. we once again went to the new local waterpark. being as it is new the annual passes were cheap! between their nifty pricing and a coupon we bought unlimited annual passes for $29.99 each. SUCH the deal! I don't remember if I mentioned it, but we had the boys' bday there and bought their guests passes too. why not?!?! it was going to cost us $29.99 each anyway.......might as well send them home with a pass, right?

anyway.......... today we were eating lunch and wondering how much passes would be next year....and how much we would be willing to pay, etc. so we started talking about how many times we thought we would go each summer (we settled on 6) and how much it was worth per visit. we settled on $100 because that would be about $16 a visit which was equal to about 2 movies (excluding food at both the park and the movies.....though food at the park is cheaper! lol!). most people would just think "is this worth $100?" without the consideration for the number of visits they might get out of that pass. course.....I also think that is why people thought we were crazy to get annual passes to Legoland and Disneyland in the past when we live at the opposite end of the state. hey......go for the weekend and you pretty much have spent the same amount! go back another time during the year and you are ahead!

when I got home, I checked the prices at the other Raging Waters. season passes are either $60 or $75 depending on which park you want to go to. both parks offered deals on multiple passes. so looks like for $200 next year we can get our annual passes. does that mean I will have the extra $200 to spend?!?!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

hiya! it's me......

today was a weird day. a short day for me at work, so normally I like them better. but today was weird. I would finally gear myself up to do something that I had been putting off and then be told I didn't have to do it. all that stress gone to waste! lol!! but at the same time there are those things just hanging out there that NEED to be resolved that just the wait is stressing me. and.........found out a couple things that were rather let downs. just one of those days/weeks where everything hits a little harder....more emotionally sensitive....whatever.

oh yeah....and my stupid bra broke when I pulled in the office this morning. guess that should have been a clue, huh?!?!? so all day I had an underwire poking me in the boob. stupid! should have just pulled the thing isn't like they DO anything anyway! (see boob post)

one of those days that makes me wish I had some expensive chocolate ice cream in the freezer instead of the cheapo *light* ice cream!

in happier news.....R is feeling better. SO much better that he is back to complaining about his bed time. when he was sick he didn't complain! lol!! oh yeah.....and I got a wonderful surprise e-mail tonight about an opportunity. a FUN opportunity!! I can't share right now but will as soon as I don't think I am ruining it for myself by talking about it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm gonna try this.....

embedding a You Tube video....

I love this show! not sure why I don't watch it more often.....


Monday, June 25, 2007

and the verdict is in....

so Thursday morning R said his throat was sore. it has been warm during the days but cooling down at night so we have opened the house up. sometimes those Delta breezes can get to you.

Friday morning R said his throat was sore and he was tired. okay, so he is going to daycare but not going to work in the classroom since it hurts to talk. again I didn't worry too much.

Friday at 9:30am R calls almost in tears. it really hurts and now his head hurts too. okay, I go pick him up and come home. give him drugs (Sudafed and Motrin) and within hours he his my happy go lucky boy again. but, he also takes a 4 hour nap and still goes to bed on time.

Saturday his throat still hurts. his head still hurts. and once in awhile his ears hurt. still do the Sudafed and Motrin. no nap but a day filled with sitting in front of the tv either watching it or reading or playing Game Boy. R ends up not going on the Scout camping trip and about 6:30 pm I feel his forehead and it is 103.2 hot! I throw him in the bath and get some Acetamenaphin from a neighbor.

Saturday night R falls asleep in front of the tv. I go to bed at 11:30 and he feels cool to the touch but sweating. it isn't hot in the house and he has a blanket on.

Sunday his throat still hurts. his head and ears don't hurt so much. we go see Surf's Up. (totally cute movie....even if Shelley didn't like it! lol!) we keep him alternating between Motrin and Acetamenaphin to make sure his fever stays down. he eats dinner. he goes to bed early.

Monday morning his throat hurts. he still have a fever. he can't tell whether his head and ears hurt thanks to the medicine. I call the doctor and we get a 2:50 appointment.

R has strep throat!

and the medicine tastes disgusting! poor kid!

thanks for everyone that knew he wasn't feeling well and was sending him good thoughts.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

let's talk about boobs.....I mean plastic surgery....

(insert caveat about this being MY blog with MY opinions here)

this morning on the way to work I heard a commercial for a local plastic surgeon. these things run so frequently that I feel like the woman in them is a close friend whose phone number I can't seem to find or something. anyway, this mornings just about pushed me over the edge. basically she said that the plastic surgeon uncovered the real person she was like Michelangelo would create a masterpiece from a block of stone.

uh, excuse! talk about self esteem issues if you liken yourself to a ROCK!!! don't they have some kind of psychological screening prior to plastic surgery?? and aren't you a combination of the genes passed down from your parents? so have you decided that there is something wrong not only with yourself but with your parents and their genes?!?!? and what about the idea that God created man in his image?? are you saying that he messed up somehow and didn't make you YOU??? because of course he wouldn't have given you that little crook in your nose.....oh NO!! or ears a little bigger than the norm..... oh NO! he must have been on a coffee break, right?? and of course God would want you to look smokin' hot in a bikini so he would have given you DD boobs, right???

because he gave me them.....actually they were a bit bigger, but that isn't the point here. I was also given thin hair (now with lots of grey), wide thighs, and horribly eye sight. hhhmmm....... apparently he had a donut on the coffee break while I was being made??? NO!!!! (I am really trying to put this all together coherently.....trying) the point is that we aren't all made exactly the same. it is those differences....those little quirks that Michelangelo didn't give to that block of stone.....that make us all who we are.

so I had plastic surgery. I had a breast reduction. I will tell anyone about it if they ask. I am not shy about it. I didn't do it to look prettier. I did it because it hurt and I was in pain and I thought I might suffocate my child while trying to breastfeed. (and before we go any further I will also state that plastic surgery is great for helping people who are injured, born with some deformaties, is not those people I am referring to at all in this rant). I am still very *blessed* as they say, but I don't lay down because my back hurts so much from carrying my *friends* around. I can swing a golf club now. I can cross my arms now. heck, I can even see my toes now!!! (and they need a pedicure BAD!!!)

oooohhh....and the other commercial is the mom who has had 2 kids and "now I want MY body back." one TOOK your body....this IS your body now!!! in case you haven't noticed, your body has frequently and constantly been changing SINCE YOU WERE BORN!!! which body do you think was yours to want back?? how about the one that was a preteen that was growing faster than you could figure out how to walk and talk and you ended up looking like a newborn pony all gangly and stumbling?!?! or what about the 3 year old body....all pudgy and covered wtih strained peas?? (yeah, rhetorical want the one that looks smokin' hot in a bikini! lol!)

so ultimately what really bugs me is that the advertising ploy of the plastic surgeon. if they said "hey, annoyed because you don't like your nose??.......let's shorten it" or "don't like how you look in a bikini because all you have to eat in an entire day is a non-fat Starbucks latte and 6 cigarettes?? problem!" I would be fine with it. home improvements are fine......just don't tell me that there is something WRONG with the house! it is a FINE house.......or would that be ROCK?!?!?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

pimpin' for a good cause....

though I am truly not too sure how they would feel about me saying that I am pimpin' for a Catholic school! lol!!

anyway.....please read and vote for MCA!!!

and how should I tag this?!?! maybe I should add a pimpin' tag???

what to do with this?!?!?!

so almost daily there has been a "Wanna Feel Good" thread going over at LifetimeMoments. I don't know what to do with them. if I respond to them but miss one then does that person think that I DON'T like them!?!?

anyway.......guess today is my day. and I still am clueless what to do with the whole thing. do I reply back and thank everyone for their kind words?!?! do I make comments on each individual post in reply to what they mention? what is the proper etiquette?? honestly I am not good with stuff like this. I am much happier drawing attention to someone else than myself. always have been. maybe because I have always thought of myself as socially awkward.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

pimpin' and the unexpected lack of response....

so last week I finally broke down and went to rent the first season of Big Love. I am NOT, I repeat NOT, going to pay Comcast $20 a month to watch it in real time and am fine lagging behind with the dvd releases. anyway, cruised in to the local Blockbuster and got sweet talked into their online shipment service. bascially for $10 a month they will keep sending me videos everytime I return the last one. in addition, if I take it to a Blockbuster store, not only will they ship the next on my list but I can also take one from the store for free.....DEAL! lol!!

I went home explained what I did to hubby. gave him the sign-on and password and told him to go ahead and put stuff on the ship list. afterall, HE is the big tv & movie watcher in the family. so a couple days later I go in and find that he hasn't added I added stuffs. again I remind him and give him the info. uh, yeah, STILL nothing!

you know.....I have a real hard time surprising him too.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

posting on a weekend?!?!?

wow! I must be sick or something! lol!!

no not really. but the hot & humid weather we are having has kinda sucked away most of my energy. and what hasn't been taken by the weather has been kidnapped by frustration. every have something that you want that you used to see everywhere and now you can't find? or have one particular piece of paper from a collection that you want but everyone is sold out.....of that ONE pattern?!?!?

that has been me the past few days. today I am going to try and put it behind me. I need to! a layout I started on Monday still isn't done and I need to get past it!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

my car......

is fixed and I have her back! they just replaced the whole darn fuse box! lol! I guess they really don't mess around with stuff like that. anyway......let's hope we are done now. oh, and they got the rental company to come get the car from them..........after I told them about the two boys, two bowling balls, two backpacks, two skooters, two helmets, two lunchpails, etc that would need to be transferred back and forth. I was starting to feel a little like Noah. lol!

and you thought I was paranoid......or: the nut doesn't fall far from the tree

R just called.....sounding a tad worried.

he wanted to know the license plate of the rental car so that he doesn't get in the wrong car when I pick them up shortly.

apparently the fact that it is a BRIGHT BLUE sparkly Hyundai with his mother sitting at the wheel wasn't a good enough description?!?!?

oh yes.....and today is Thursday!!

another wonderful collection of layouts from the LM DT!!! this time we kinda cheated and scraplifted layouts.....which is easy when you have your pictures and can casually cruise magazines and galleries to find something to scraplift.....not so easy when you HAVE to do it! lol!!

Something Borrowed.....Something Blue

gotta love Kate and her take on the whole wedding theme!

so that car of mine......

yesterday (when it hit 100 degrees) I noticed that once again I couldn't set the car alarm. (it sets after a certain amount of time if you don't do it.....which I generally do because I am paranoid and want to hear that beep telling me it has been set) then I noticed that once again the air bag indicator light was on. this happened right after I got the car and they fixed it then and told me it was a obviously the same sensor is not happy again.

I called the dealership and left a message then ended up leaving work a little early because of kid chauffering issues and never got a call back. so this morning I drive to work and park my car....the alarm won't set. I walk away and then the alarm goes off. uuuugh! so I get back in the car and take it over to the dealership (luckily not even 2 miles away from the office). no problem with them getting the car looked at but they aren't sure it can be done by noon (I told them noon because I leave at 2 on Thurs and really want to make sure I have a car) so instead of shuttling me they rent me a car.

after renting the car I had to go back and get D's carseat and they were already working on my car. so hopefully they fix it quick and the fix takes so I don't have to go through this every 6 to 8 months......or whenever the temperature goes over 100......because it will frequently in the next couple months!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

12 of 12 for June

here are my pictures from yesterday.

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR guards the door. he makes sure the wind, fan, and/or air conditioner doesn't blow the door shut and lock our beloved dog into the master bedroom (yes...that HAS happened before). he is always there.....but this is the first time I have remembered to take his picture. he is supposed to be an alarm clock but he is just a door jam to us! lol!

the requisite picture of the boys....newly 11 and 9. they don't look or act older! lol!

the ritualistic odometer shot.....supposedly it got to 100 degrees yesterday! and wow! check out those miles! almost time for the 2nd oil change! lol!

3rd week of our organic produce for the summer season. no squash and no broccoli.....but lots of yummy fruits and veggies!

packages! packages! packages! mailed stuffs out to peoples. usually Tuesday is my day to suffer the post office.....even if it IS just a little stop in the grocery store!

check out that gas price! how EXCITING!!!! I was SOOOO happy to have to fill up (did you see the *empty* light in the odometer shot?!?!?!)................ course it was 2 cents cheaper on the way home! figures!

totally a Starbucks morning.......uuugh! switching back to peppermint mocha fraps. got tired of the orange one pretty darn quick.

a quick stop by the bank to deposit some misc checks. this month's theme was *secret* and I can't think of anything more secret than my pin number! lol!! I usually make one actual deposit a month since our paychecks are auto deposit.

a big wig from the regional office was in town. any excuse to go out to lunch! I had a *healthy* salmon and asparagus linguini dish. actually pretty darn good!

remember me mentioning the yummy produce?!?!? I decided to make a big ol' fruit salad with SOME of it......figured no one would take a honey dew to eat at lunch but this way everyone can just grab a rubbermaid full of it and be all set!

had an enlargement made for a scrapbook page. I don't like how it turned out. how come I wasn't a scrapper back then and have saved an actual invitation!?!?!?

in the mail yesterday I got my 4th of July shirt from Old Navy. this was my fav style and they didn't have it in my size in the local store.......luckily they had them online!

here is the reason I didn't get my pics posted last night! last night started Cub Scout camp and I wanted a shot of dh in his camp shirt. he actually looks pretty good for being up so long and working so hard!

running late...

my 12 of 12 will be posted tonight. I got the pictures taken.....but the last one was at 9:30ish when dh got home so I didn't have time to resize and stuff and post!

Monday, June 11, 2007

reminder from the bad, bad blogger.....

tomorrow is 12of12 day!!!!

and again I fail to blog over the weekend......really LONG weekend this time!

Friday was International Market Day (and last day of school) at the boys' school. R's class did American West (not quite international! lol!!) and D's class did Great Britain. I hawked Buffalo Chip Cookies and bandannas. afterwards we went for an afternoon at the water park. it was nice except that I didn't get any reading done. the family of the boy that D brought to his bday party showed up and I spent the time with them. I have realized that once I get IN the water I really don't want to get OUT! lol!!

Friday night the boys went to a friend's house for an end-of-school party and didn't get any sleep.

Saturday I went scrapping with Michelle. wow! neither of us had ANY mojo was horrible! we really should have just gone to the movies or out for a nice dinner. pathetic!! meanwhile the boys had friends over all day and played video games and didn't get much more sleep than they did the previous night.

Sunday D went to a bday party and R & J saw Oceans 13. I wasted the day in front of the tv or computer screen. finally at about 9pm last night I did a award winner.....but atleast it was something! lol!!

today we were supposed to join a friend and her ds to go to the zoo. I didn't sleep well last night from cramping and woke up just not feeling well. R asked me what was wrong at one point and I told him I wasn't feeling well and he offered for us not to go. I think the boys just needed some down time themselves. both he and D parked it in front of the tv and watched cartoons....they didn't even play Guitar Hero. at noon we went to get R's bowling ball sized but the pro shop didn't open until 1 (their answering machine said noon). ended up going to In & Out for lunch and R mentioned ice skating. so I dropped them off there and came home and took a nap. now I am heading back to the scrap table in hopes of finishing another layout.......still not feeling the mojo but this one seems to be heading in the right direction atleast.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

LM DT: Something Old Something New

so this week's theme was the idea of combining older supplies with newer ones (you you can make more room to buy MORE new stuff! lol!!)

Something Old Something New

in addition, my task was to do a project, hopefully Father's Day related, that involved combining old and new. I loved it!!! totally goes with my reduce, reuse, recycle frame of mind (well.......I still need LOTS of work on the reduce part). anyway, I took packaging from products to alter to make a coin caddy for one of the boys' grandfathers. then made them token holders for our summer reading program.

I think the whole old & new bug has bitten me bad as all my layouts since then have had older products included. it feels good.......really good!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I need to type this out.....

and I may lose a friend or two.....but it isn't like I have hidden my liberal sidings.....though yesterday I decided that maybe I am not as liberal as I previously thought. BUT......I hope that if you disagree with me that you just agree that we can disagree and still be friends. oh, and if you read this and want to post hateful comments.....don't. healthy discussion is fine but please do it with respect.

okay, so here goes:

two bills are currently making their way through the California legislature. 1 item would again legalize gay marriage. the other would let unmarried heterosexual couples register as domestic partners like they currently allow homosexual couples. (and excuse me if I am not totally PC, but I will probably use gay and homosexual in whatever context......both refer to two people of the same sex in a relationship, okay??)

first off, I am SOOOOO for gay marriage! I think that two people who love each other should be allowed to formalize the arrangement. period. if they are willing to commit to each other and get married they should get all the benefits that have been set forth by our society and government for married couples. love between consenting adults of mature age should not be against the law.

however, I really have a problem with letting heterosexual couples register as domestic partners.....which in this state is basically getting all the benefits of being married without being married. if you supposedly love that person and are committed enough to that person to be their domestic partner THEN GET MARRIED!!! two arguments regarding this really bug me. the first one stated that if their gay/lesbian friends couldn't get married then she wasn't going to either. FINE! then don't! whatever! but don't then complain that you don't have the benefits that you CAN have if you got married. the second one was that it was discriminatory to not allow opposite sex couples the ability to register like homosexual couples can. well........there is SOOO much wrong with this justification. why not just let the gay couples get married?!?!?! isn't it discriminatory to not let gay couples get married in the first place?!?!? so isn't this like 2 wrongs trying to make a right?????

one of the main arguments against letting heterosexual couples register is that it undermines the concept of marriage. no, really?!?!? but didn't you already DO that when you decided that homosexual couples couldn't marry??? and yes, I know, the Bible.....the Bible says it is wrong. I understand. but you know what......the Bible also says it isn't our place to judge........and isn't that really what we are doing when we have made homosexual couples second class citizens by telling them they can't get married?!?!?

aaaah! I think that pretty much covers it feels so much better to write that all out!

have a great day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

so it seems that....tagged by Wendy

that while I was telling you to go check out the pictures from that One Minute project, Wendy was a busy gal answering questions......and tagging me:

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: chocolate or ice cream, but not chocolate ice cream! lol!!
Favorite Month: January
Favorite Song: changes frequently but currently Hey There Delilah by the White Tees
Favorite Movie: Singing in the Rain
Favorite Sport: baseball?!?!?!
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Day of the week: Sunday - that's my fun day......I don't have to run day!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate mint
Favorite Time of Day: how can someone have a favorite time of day?!?!?

Current Mood: bored
Current Taste: the beef veggie soup I had for lunch
Current Clothes: capris, pink t-shirt, and black sweatshirt vest
Current Desktop: company issued
Current Toenail Color: nekkid
Current Time: almost 3:30
Current Surroundings: my cluttered office
Current Thoughts: aaack! need to balance the checkbook

First Best Friend: Jinx??
First Kiss: summer between 4th & 5th grade
First Screen Name: Nasus
First Pet: gerbils
First Piercing: ears
First Crush: Shawn Cassidy
First CD: first record was Shawn Cassidy.....
(I think there should be a #8 here....but Wendy didn't have it)

Last Cigarette: Don't smoke.
Last Drink: you mean my perpetual bottle of water at my desk?!?!
Last Car Ride: into work
Last Kiss: R thanking me for coming to help at school today
Last Movie Seen: Shrek 3
Last Phone Call: boss about something
Last CD Played: who knows! I keep my iPod on shuffle! lol!

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: nope
Have You Ever Broken the Law: speeding
Have You Ever Been Arrested: nope
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: yep
Have You Ever Been on TV: yep
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: yep

Thing You're Wearing: Keds
Thing You've Done Today: went to help R's class for their end of school picnic
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: Shawn Cash on the radio
Thing You Can't Live Without: my family
Thing You Do When You're Bored: read blogs

the park for the picnic
Green Tangerines
Carls Jr
the organic produce drop house

(and there are more......)

1. Black or White: Black
2. Hot or Cold: cold

see my boys grow up to be happy and have families of their own.

so I guess I get to tag people now?!??! yeah.....if you read this, then consider yourself tagged! I assume that I read your blog but in case I miss it, let me know if you try this!

a minute in the life...

remember, from Saturday?!?!? well the galleries are up:

my picture is the first one in the second gallery! while I loved seeing the pictures from all over the world, it was very interesting to see 2 from areas really close to where I live. I hope this, like 12 of 12, is an ongoing experiment.

SPEAKING of 12 of 12 (Stephanie) Tuesday is the day!!!

oh that Mother Nature is a funny one!!!

normally you can bet that Memorial Weekend will bring with it sweltering temperatures. why? well because that is the weekend of the Dixieland Jazz Jubilee and there will be thousands of people spending the day walking around or sitting in unairconditioned tent structures listening to jazz. it is like she can't resist the challenge to bake that many people at one time.

today the 5th grade class at R's school has their end of the year swim party. so in the middle of a week of 90ish degree's high is predicted at 70 degrees! bbbrrrrrr!!!! and while I know that a majority of the kids won't care how cold it is, all I can think about is "why couldn't we have this cool weather on Friday when all the kids (and us adult volunteers) will be outside running around?" it is expected to be in the mid-90s on Friday.

yeah, Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor. that and she must get a total giggle about how nasty my hair gets in all this humidity. SOOOOOOO funny.....NOT!

Monday, June 4, 2007

since our last episode....

yes, just my catchy way of saying that this is another recap entry! lol!!

soda - as you will understand by reading the rest of this blog, my giving up of soda had a huge hit this weekend. with all the going out to eats and celebrations, I believe I downed close to 100 ounces of WONDERFUL DREAMY COKE!!! but I am back on the wagon. even had water last night with dinner.

Starbucks - this seems to be going better than soda. I had 1 on Friday and 1 this morning. had multiple opportunities over the weekend but really wasn't feeling it. so there is SOME improvement! lol!!

Friday was R's actual bday. to celebrate both his and D's bday we went out to Red Robin for dinner. we LUV Red Robin!! J's dad and stepmom joined us. it was nice to spend time with them......and J's dad only needed to be reminded about his language and subject matter twice! I told the boys to eat light and save room for dessert because afterwards we headed over to Melting Pot for a chocolate fondue for dessert. YUUUUMMMYYY!!!! oh it was SOOO good! the waiter was awesome and we ended up ordering *off* menu.......we had a Snickers pot and a dark chocolate pot with some raspberry flavored liqueur in it. OMG!!! I couldn't believe how much the Snickers one actually tasted like a Snickers! we all decided that the marshmallows and bananas were best with it. (oooh! I can taste it right now....) but my fav was the dark chocolate. I could pretty much dip anything in there and love it. the boys thought it was a totally fun idea and have agreed that they would try an entire dinner there (success for me! that is exactly what I had hoped they would say!!) when we got home from the evening the boys got their bday gifts: new bowling balls and Guitar Hero 2.

Saturday dh had a golf tournament. I made 61+ cupcakes for the boys classes for their bdays and ran ooooooodles of errands (like blowing the bank at Old Navy). when home, the boys were permanently in front of the PS2 playing Guitar Hero. I think I went a little insane that day. no longer will I be able to hear Heart Shaped Box without losing it a little. I really need to remember to charge my iPod and listen to that when they get that game going.

by the time dh got home from golfing I was totally tired of anything to do with the kitchen or cooking so we went to Chevys. the boys call this "birthday - day 2" as they got ice cream sundaes and sung to from the Chevys peeps. the ongoing saga of the birthdays has become common in our house due to the close proximity of the boys' bdays.

Sunday was D's actual bday and "day 3". they had their actual party....or atleast what passed as a party this year. we took them and 2 friends to the new waterpark in town. we had a great time! it wasn't very crowded and no one got burnt. we found out that their food wasn't really too overpriced and actually tasted pretty good. J and I scouted out the spot we would like to try and sit at for future visits. I am completely sore today from trudging up stairs to rides and from bruises from going on said rides. since the place has a great deal going right now, we all ended up with annual passes. the boys are already looking forward to going back.

today was "day 4" and the final day of the birthday chaos. the boys took their 61+ cupcakes into school today. I totally forgot to take a picture of all the pretty cupcakes lined up. this is the last year that R will be doing anything like cupcakes as he will be in middle school next year. I will admit the idea of not spending a day making and decorating cupcakes thrills me!

oh....yeah.....I haven't gotten a single layout completed for Scrapfest. that puts me 4 behind! lol!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

need some motivation this summer??

similar to the Scraptoberfest I had in October (shocker, huh?!?!?) last year is this summer's Scrapfest. a challenge a day and you have until the end of the summer to complete as many as you can. head over there.......check it out.......see what you think!

2pm on June 2, 2007

we were just finishing up at Old Navy. I really was worried that it would hit while I was in the dressing room. and almost thought it would be of me writing a check for our purchases....but nope! we made it all the way to the car before R started freaking out and snapping shots! lol!!

quick.......a minute in the life

less than 2 hours notice....but I am hoping some of you have me on auto-notice (or whatever it is called) and can join.....

A Minute in the Life

also.......if you are a member over at LM (or join because of this), also post your picture in the gallery and link it to this thread and I will be drawing someone for a RAK.

Susan's too excitable this morning