Wednesday, December 5, 2007

$3.08 a gallon....

and the worst part was how EXCITED I was to only be paying $3.08 for a gallon of gas!!!

Safeway has a promo going for December. normally if you spend $50 in the store at one time you get 10 cents off a gallon for your next fill up. right now it is 15 cents! so when I went to fill up yesterday I only paid $3.08!!! I realize that I only saved $2.25 for the whole purchase......but I just like being able to day that it was $3.08 a gallon! lol!!

we normally get our gas at Safeway or Costco. we used to get it at AMPM until they started charging 35 cents for ATM....and now I hear it is 45 cents! Costco is usually the same price as AMPM or 2 or 3 cents less......before the fee. Safeway will always give you 3 cents off if you scan your Club Card and that will bring it in line with Costco. so J and I will use whichever one is more convenient at the time. Safeway usually for me and Costco usually for him.

I know some people don't like the idea of scanning a card to get a deal. they have some idea that their moves and purchases are being tracked. for me, I don't really care. if it helps them keep prices lower (especially on the things I buy regularly) then more power to them! (so to speak)

I just paid $3.08 per gallon!!!


JoE said...

Great that you saved...and yeah, I learned in my macro econ class that they do use those cards for tracking purposes. They will sometimes "sell" of the info to track you for junk mail and other garbage email that is supposedly catered to your "tracked" interests. For some people it is a hang-up, but I have no problem hitting "delete" or shredding unwanted mail.

Moriah Bettencourt said...

I love my Safeway Club Card. before Thanksgiving I save almost $60 off my $220 bill... wooohooo!!! It talks about the gas deal on the bottom of my receipts but we do not have a Safeway around here that sells gas. Don't even get me started on how much gas costs these days... it's awful!