Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can we please outlaw leaf blowers?

yes, I am serious!! I don't get them at all. basically a person stands there wasting gas, polluting the air, while blowing leaves/garbage/whatever from one spot to another and usually irritating everyone within 25 feet with dust and debris......you know, like from a business to the public street......where it will get blown back to the business by the passing cars so you can go blow it back out again the next day. perhaps it is some warped version of job security?? yeah, I don't think so either.

I have no problem with blowing debris into piles and then disposing of the pile (into a green waste container preferably). it is the whole blowing it from one spot to another that kills me.

so I Googled the idea of making it illegal. wow! there are sure some blowhards out there on the subject! everything from people who think the whole thing is idiotic to a guy who blames Obama (because multiple people blowing leaves back and forth between sites creates jobs.....seriously! I'd link but don't want to give the guy anymore traffic) to people who say that it is the crazy Californians who are freaky about the environment and are all whack jobs.

so it comes down to this: if you utilize a leaf blower to actually DO something productive, fine, go for it! I'd rather you use a rake.....you probably could use the exercise and think what you could spend the money you wasted on the blower and gas buying/doing/eating/whatever.  if you are just blowing things from one place to another, STOP! get yourself a freakin' rake and pick the stuff up for crying out loud!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Year of 24 - Month (oh geez!!!) 7

well........perhaps by the fact that this is being posted ELEVEN DAYS into the next month, you might think that life has been busy......and you would be right! oh wow the days have been long trying to get in training after work and still do all those fun family summer activities.

Scrapbook layouts: 3 (goal of 2)
thanks to a ScrapVillage virtual crop over the long holiday weekend! since then, NADA!

Operation Write Home cards: 4 (goal of 2)
I did better than my goal, but not as good as I would have liked.

Scrapbook purchasing versus usage:
I don't remember buying any scrapbooking stuff. I looked......a lot......but didn't buy anything.

Pounds lost: possibly 2 or maybe 4 (goal of 2)
okay, so not sure whether I was being lazy or focusing on other things.....but I didn't keep track. the scale has moved and the pants got too big and I had to buy new clothes. that is the point so all is good!

Dolly walks: 18 (goal of 24)
I'm going backwards here. I need to focus on that more in August.....especially since Dolly has a half marathon to do later this month! that girl needs her training runs!

Blog posts: 4 (goal of 2)
another random month. I'd really love to get some book or movie reviews in here.....maybe September??

Books: 6
well lookie at that! guess we know where all of my time has gone! sheesh!! two running books and two Jojo Moyes books in there. quite the contrast but I'd recommend all of them!

11 days into August. I know I am on track with the cards, the reading, the not shopping, and hopefully the Dolly walking! we'll see soon! have a great month!