Monday, December 31, 2007

cookin' in the new year....

I guess the cooking/baking bug hit some time today. after a $150 trip to the grocery store I have made dinner (shocking in its own right! lol!) and brownies. dh is baking cinnamon rolls right now and I have beans soaking to make soup tomorrow. I am debating whether to put the leftover pork or ham in it. I am thinking pork but have the option to change my mind, right??

I would really like to plan ahead more often and eat at home more frequently than we currently do. I am not making this a resolution for 2008 but more like something to focus on. I am realistic in knowing that we don't always have time to make and eat a nice meal at home. that is just the way our lives are. but if I can try and be prepared to make meals when we will have time then I will consider myself successful!

happy new year friends! thanks for visiting my internet ramblings.


scrapper al said...

Happy New Year! I made a pot of spaghetti sauce yesterday (yummo if I do say so myself) and dessert (A was thrilled, lol). We (or at least 1) want to eat healthier in 2008 so that's gonna involve more home cooking. Good luck with this goal.

Hatter J said...

Happy New Year to you!!! lucky you got out of the grocers under $200--I still haven't mastered that, but then again, I do cook ALL of my meals. It just takes planning, but I do agree that the situations are different...I'm only cooking for one and sometimes 2. The "kids" hav their own special pre-prepped least I think it is.

Thankful to have reconnected and found your blog this past year--(raising glass to toast) Here's to friends!!!