Monday, December 3, 2007

an argument for quality over quantity.....

with the challenge of posting daily throughout the month of December, I realize that some of my posts will not be of the highest quality. I just didn't think it would get so bad and so quickly.

with that...........

my dh snores. this is resolved in several different ways: poking him so he rolls over, one of us sleeping downstairs, and/or me wearing ear plugs. I really dislike ear plugs but some times it is the best solution. I really don't like him sleeping downstairs and he really doesn't like me poking him.

other than the fact that ear plugs bug me and are uncomfortable, they make me sleep heavier. which is a good thing I think. on normal mornings dh wakes up 30 minutes before me, takes a shower, and gets ready. while I sleep through it, the sounds alert my body to prepare to wake up. with ear plugs I miss those signs.

but something must have stirred me this morning because I woke up having had the weirdest dream. I dreamed that I was teaching scrapbooking (or something scrap related) and that somehow someone stole my car! they took the keys out of my purse but left everything else and just took my car. in the dream I wasn't crying or extremely upset about it......kinda like "bummer dude, someone stole my car." in the dream I remember calling dh and telling him but no talk of him coming to pick me up or how I was going to get home or anything. and that was it! maybe I would have finished the dream but I was woken up by dh.

exciting, huh?!?!?!

as a side note......if you post comments anonymously because you don't have a sign-on, please leave your name in the comments so I know who you are! and if you are posting anonymously so that I don't know who you are........then don't leave your name I guess! lol!!


Moriah Bettencourt said...

LOL snoring is something I just cannot live with. Geoff only snores if he is REALLY tired & then I can generally cut him a little slack. Apparently though I snore, but like I explained to Geoff, I do not bug me when I snore. LOL

JoE said...

Have the DH use those nasal strips--they REALLY cut down on the snoring.