Friday, December 19, 2008

on a date with Ryan.... and an excuse

So......on a whim R and I decided to go see Twilight. He finally finished reading the book last night and I got a movie gift card today at work. Seemed like fate, right? Well.......tobad the gift card isn't to the only theater we could make the showtime for! Lol!! But it will be fun to have a nice night out together.

And now for my excuse for not getting my 12 of 12 posted. It os that typical "mommie syndrome" where you start off doing one thing and kept finding other things that needed to be done and never got the pictures posted! I DID manage to spend an evening downloading over 500 photos from 2 different cameras and burn 2 dvds with the photos that I couldn't get my dvd reader to recognize. Uuugh! Boy THAT was fun! NOT!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

don't faint!

But today is the 12th and I have been taking pictures. I might even get them posted! Lol!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am a snob....

atleast when it comes to water. We get bottled water delivered to our office. I don't know why but the company doesn't pay for it. We all chip in 3 or 4 bucks a month for water service.

Well......we have been waterless since Monday. The water dude gave Thanksgiving as an excuse but that was 2 weeks ago at this point. I noticed last night that I was getting ddehydrated so today I broke down and filled my water bottle from the tap. UUUUUGGGHHH!!!!! It tstes like DIRT!!!

So now I am drinking extremely overpriced water from the soda vending machine! At this rate I am going to be a POOR water snob!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

nothing but pathetic!!!

thank GOODNESS I didn't do any challenges like "post every day for a year" because I obviously would have lost!

the new job.....and yes, I still call it the "new" job to differentiate it from the "old" job! lol! well.... it is about killing me! on top of that I am trying really hard to get to the gym on a more regular basis. oh, and remember how I said I could mobile blog? the last time I tried it bounced back to me. maybe if I can get THAT working again I COULD blog from the gym...... treadmilling and typing away! I could be skinny AND current all at the same time! lol!

speaking of the gym....I found a great treadmill motivator = JEOPARDY!! I was just about at my distance goal last night when I noticed Jeopardy was on. so I plugged in my headphones to the little tv on my treadmill and stayed moving until the game was over!

so.....despite my blogging drought I actually DID take my photos on the 12th of October AND the 12th of November. I doubt I will post them but know that Oct 12th was busy doing things like waiting for SMUD to give us electricity and Nov 12th was so unmemorable that I can't remember anything to tell you about it. the highlight of that day was getting on the wrong train and luckily figuring it out at the next stop so I could get off and get over to the correct stop to get picked up! and before you think "what a ding dong you are, Susan" let me tell you that I was not the only one! for some reason there were about 5 or 6 of us who did the exact same thing that night!

anyway.................. PEGGY!!! your turn!