Friday, July 13, 2007

aaaaah! 12 of 12 for August!!

let's start off my post by saying that the bonus word for this month was HOT. (and if you don't know what 12of12 is, check out Chad Darnell's blog - link in the column to the right). now anyone knows that California is hot pretty much all summer. in fact, last week we were at 110!! so this bonus word should have been easy!!! but it wasn't!! I have had the windows open in the house for the past 2 days because it hasn't gotten hotter than the mid 80s!!! with that......we begin our journey into my not-hot day! lol!!

the first photo is of the S and J bears I bought at Starbucks over the weekend. hey, they were half off and don't they look just like J and me?!?!? currently they are cuddled up on J's pillow!

the monthly odometer shot! I have driven 582 miles this past month. not many....but still not sure where I drove them all to!! (see the temperature - totally NOT HOT!)

and another monthly shot (won't my kids just LOVE all these weird and quirky photos I take each month?!?!) of the price of gas. this is the same station just the sign on the other side! down 8 cents since last month.....and it was $2.89 the week before. how sad when you get so excited to see gas less than $3/gallon!!

and while at the above Safeway, I got myself a lovely frapp and muffin for breakfast. should have gotten my coffee hot, huh?!?!? oh well....the frapp sounded really good! I have been rather good and haven't gone to Starbucks in over 2 weeks. aren't you impressed??? also while I was there I got oodles of Lean Cuisine panini sandwiches. they are on sale so I am stocking up! both J and I really like them!!

at my desk, on my rolodex, lives my stress penguin. I am supposed to squeeze him when stressed out. see those bulging eyes?!?!? they weren't like that when I got him. okay, okay....actually they were! if I actually squoze (sp??) this poor guy when I was stressed, he would be in a million pieces all over my desk. instead he just looks at me all day! doesn't everyone have a stuffed penguin in their office???

lunch.....the previously mentioned panini. this is my current favorite: steak, cheese, and mushroom! YUM!!! and thanks to the mocha this morning, I had water for lunch. and yes, lunch at my desk. Thursdays are my early days so even though I still CAN I always feel guilty if I take a real lunch.

J called!!!! yep! talked to him for an entire 4 minutes and 22 seconds! WOW!!! and while the icon says he is calling from home, it is really his cell. I use that icon for everyone because I am too lazy to go change them! lol!

this is a house we drive by every day. one day last week they painted in ORANGE! and this photo really doesn't do it justice. it isn't as calm or dark as it looks in the photo. painting the trim brown hasn't improved it much either. maybe I should have gone back later when the house wasn't all shaded?!?! see that little part at the bottom where it is brighter? yeah.....imagine the whole house looking like THAT!!! sooooooooooooo not-hot! lol!!

mail time!!! little package waiting for me......or more accurately waiting for R! too bad he isn't here. guess I get to keep whatever was inside for myself! lol!! (just JOKING!!!!)

it was time to drop off the old dvd at Blockbuster and get a new one. I am more than halfway through the first season. not quite addicted to it, but enjoying it none-the-less. I kinda like being able to see multiple episodes in a row.

Thursday night is chiropractor night (right now). so we made our trip for adjustments. I was really tight. I probably should have gone in earlier in the week for an extra visit.

tonight was also Taco Tuesday night. yes, I am totally aware that it isn't Tuesday. but that is when the tradition started. then it got moved to Wednesday because it made more sense for us. we would go on the way home from the chiropractor. then when we moved the dr visit to Thursday to accommodate summer bowling league, we moved taco night too. the boys even still CALL it Taco Tuesday! lol! and, oh yes, I had to grab some HOT sauce! because....well.......because I needed my hot bonus picture!! (oh, and can you see LM on the computer screen in the background? yep! having a big album sale! had to stock up!!!)

I enjoyed dinner in front of the tv......watching All My Children. usually I don't get anywhere near the tv weeknights, so this was a total treat!

that was my day......somewhat! I didn't get a picture of the 3 motorcycle cops lined up on the main street waiting to ticket speeders. it would have been really cool but I probably would have crashed trying to get the shot! lol! and lucky you, I also didn't take a picture of the HUGE bruise on my thigh from running into my desk at work. it hurt so much when I did it that I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach!! and now it is nasty looking and swollen.....just YUCK!!!

hope you had a great July 12th!!


Claudine said...

We have a collection of the cute Starbucks bears and I need to keep my eye out for cute and I love when they are on sale...
And that is one orange house!

Zpitzen said...

Great pictures.. I really need a starbucks in Denmark, beside the one in the airport in Copenhagen.. Or on the other hand, you get really addicted... Cute TeddyBears..

Linda said...

Hey, I need a stress penguin on my desk!

Oh, great, like Starbucks isn't tempting enough, now they have cute bears, too? Must check this out.:)

Great pics!

Bego said...

Ah, tacos. God's perfect food.

After coffee.

Thanks for sharing!

ChristinaA said...

I'm so addicted to Big Love. Give it a chance. It's very entertaining. This new season is proving to be the same. BTW, Saw that you were a scrapbooker- me too! Going scrapbooking with the girls tomorrow night at our local Scrapbook store. Enjoyed your 12 of 12.

Dianne said...

Great photos Susan...I love your new bears and your stress penguin....and I've watched every episode of Big Love...mainly because it's fascinating to watch a man with three wives trying to live his dh has enough trouble with just me!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the penguin!!!

Hmmm...I have some exclusive partner only Starbucks bears... Maybe since I'm not working there anymore I should ebay them... :)

ChadDarnell said...

Great pics! Thanks for doing it! I'm glad I never started collecting the Starbuck bears or I would have to get a bigger house!

Jenni said...

Hi Susan - love your 12 of 12 - thanks for the good idea of combining my photo of the gas prices WITH the 12 of 12! DUH! I've been setting aside a whole other day of the month for that photo! Not anymore...