Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wishing you a Holly Dolly Christmas!

as before, Christmas time reminds me of how many wonderful friends I have......and how many addresses I don't have. heck, some of them I don't even have phone numbers......but that has not lessened the friendship! thank heavens for the internet.

to each and every one of you, I thank you for your friendship!

though......Dolly may not quite feel the same way!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

an airing of my grievances

I was originally going to post this blog post on December 18th to coincide with the Festivus Tweet Up and Diaper Drive. that made sense since the Airing of Grievances is an integral part of the Festivus holiday.......... and even though I was unable to attend this awesome event, I didn't want to miss my opportunity to air my grievances. however, in the process of finding a link to inform that one person on the planet who may not already know about Festivus (courtesy of Seinfeld), I found that it isn't on the 18th but rather the 23rd. so there you go!

so now it is the 23rd........and gosh darn it, here are my grievances! (and before anyone starts whining about my first world problems and how much better my life is than many many others......I totally get it! do you not get the sarcasm and humor in all of this?!?! I hope so.......otherwise I kinda wonder why you would even bother to read my blog or be friends with me. I do come with a high level of sarcasm, ya know.)

GRIEVANCES TO BE AIRED: (in no particular order of annoyance)

#1 - People who bum-rush the elevator and/or train.
seriously people! let us OFF the freakin' thing before you barrel your way on! it isn't like the elevator/train is going to slam shut and leave you......and where are you going to go if you don't let US off?!?! sheesh!

#2 - People who scan their access card on the elevator and then don't MOVE away from the scanner so other people can scan their cards.
this is particularly annoying to the chick who has to get off at the first stop (8th floor) and you bum-rushed your way on the elevator (see grievance #1) in the first place so you don't miss YOUR floor.........the 23rd! thanks for that free tour of the entire building!

#3 - People who drive in the carpool lane and aren't.
do I really need to explain that one?

#4 - People who answer questions that were specifically addressed to someone else.
did they use YOUR name when they asked that question? if the answer is no..........SHUT UP!!! (reminds me a little of my favorite movie, Holiday Inn....... "Is your names Miss Linda?" but no where close to being as cute)

#5 - People who use the express check out and have too many items.
(see grievance #3)

#6 - People who think because you work in a cubicle that you are ALWAYS available for whatever they want whenever they decide to walk on in.
yes, because I live to serve..........(super sized sarcasm alert!)

#7 - People who slurp their coffee.
is it because it is too hot? then don't flippin drink it yet.......or stick an ice cube in it.......or go hide in a closet to drink it cuz I don't want to hear you slurping!

#8 - People who eat/drink in my cubicle.
seriously................... go eat in your office, the breakroom, the closet. this is MY office! I don't want your food smells or whatever here. would you seriously do that to someone with an actual office? and if you want to talk to me WHY are you eating?!?! talk with food in your mouth often?

#9 - People who "overshare" their music on the train.
see how polite I was with that?!?!? first.....if I wanted to listen to it, I would play it on my own darn phone. second......you are gonna go deaf you fool! third......how would you feel if I were blasting MY music?!?! I would totally hand out ear buds if I didn't think someone would kick my butt for such an action. oh, and while I totally understand if your goal is to tune out the jerk who has been whining about his car repair woes for the past 20 minutes......I gotta hear it and so do you! welcome to public transportation!

#10 - People who smoke around me, my kids.......anyone's kids.....or in front of buildings.
this falls under the concept that you have every right to kill yourself, slowly, quickly, whatever.....but you do not have the right to endanger anyone else. and probably just as bad is most smoker's sense of entitlement........like they have been wronged.

#11 - People who put their feet up on seats.
this one is basic: would you want someone to put THEIR dirty shoes on something YOU are going to sit on? then don't do it yourself! and while I somewhat expect this kind of horrific behaviour from some of the people on the train, I am thoroughly amazed at how many other places I see it happening.

#12 - People who leave long detailed voicemail messages.
people should assume a few things when leaving messages: 1. the person is going to listen to your message looking for a SUMMARY: name, number, why the heck you are calling. they are not expecting War & Peace. 2. people have a short attention span: limit your message to 15 seconds. 3. they are going to have to call you back to respond so you have a chance to be more specific then.......heck, chances are you are going to have to go through all the detail you so belabored in the voicemail message. and now you have annoyed them because they had to listen to all that "blah, blah, blah" and still have to call you back and hear it again. I feel so strongly about this that I have asked my family to not leave me voicemails on my cell phone. if I don't answer, I'll see that they called and call them back.........or they can send me a text. course that only works if you are dealing with cell phones and not landlines and you recognize the number calling you. so a little slack.......but there is never a need for a 2 minute voicemail message that ends with "so please call me back."

gosh I sound grounchy! but if you look over all my grievances, they come down to one thing: being considerate of others. how difficult is that?!?!? obviously extremely. maybe it is like that guy I met at the movies the other night said: "I don't like people. They are rude."

but now that I have aired my grievances I can warmly wish you and all those annoying people I just complained about a very Merry Christmas..............or whatever politically correct winter time holiday tradition you choose to participate (or not) in!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tale of Two Movies (Playing for Keeps & Anna Karenina)

in the past 2 days I have been to 2 sneak previews. I have another one tonight but don't think I'll be posting about that one for while. 

PLAYING FOR KEEPS is about a "down on his luck" former soccer player, unsurprisinly played by Gerard Butler.......in pretty much the same role he played in The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter. depending on who you talk to, he has moved to Virginia to connect with his son or to try and win back his ex-wife......... who is played by a Jessica Biel that was made as homely as possible but conveniently engaged and just a few weeks away from being married. Playing is a completely by the book romantic comedy. I had hoped for just a few surprises or twists, but was denied.......thus making this the perfect movie if you want an excuse for a girls' night out or a reason to sit in the dark and eat popcorn. for me, this would be a great movie for a cold rainy afternoon where I am too lazy to grab the remote and change the channel.

ANNA KARENINA is at the opposite end of the cinematic spectrum. beautiful and lyrical, this movie is written like a ballet with characters and scenes flowing together and through each other. with a story that had been told so many times before, they obviously knew they needed an unique approach and I think they found it. in fact, I kept waiting for someone to break out in song.........ala Moulin Rouge. but, this take obviously hasn't set well with several of the "real" critics........and there were a couple of people who walked out of the screening. perhaps this version is a bit too artsy for the main stream movie goer? and a few of the actors seemed to be a bit mis-matched to their characters..........I believe a certain blond hair blue eyed gentlemen was cast more for how great he looked against the backdrops than for his skills as an actor.......and pretty much anyone short of Kristen Stewart could have played the title character. the stand out performance for me was Jude Law. he was elegant, tortured, dignified, and understated as the cuckolded husband. end result: unless you really truly dislike anything other than the normal teen age boy humor, car chase, sci-fi kind of flic that is generally being offered, this is a must-see-in-the-theater movie. and if it tells you something.......hubby came out of the theater impressed.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I saw you walking in the rain.....

at least I hope that is what you would say if you were driving around while I was walking Dolly last night. and now I hope you are humming this good ol' song too.....

okay.....back to my point.......it was dark when I got home and before I had gotten out the front door it had started to drizzle. but, after a few days of no walks and bad weather forecasted for the next few days, Dolly needed a walk! I needed one too. the dark was a bigger problem than the rain. I had yelled (from the privacy of my closed window car) at several bicycle riders with no lights and wearing dark closes all week. so what to do?!?!

I grabbed a couple of these Blackburn Click Combo Lights from the family's bikes.....................hey, I'm a resourceful kinda gal! I attached one to Dolly's collar (over her raincoat) and the other to the end of the lease at my end. I set hers to blink and mine to a solid light and we headed out the door. not a perfect solution but it was going to get us moving.

our walk was about a mile and a half. for most of the walk it drizzled. for part of the walk it poured. I think the lights worked. no one ran us over. but then again, in mid-day with full sunlight we have had our share of near misses, so I don't know if that is really a way to judge if the lights worked. I can tell you that my raincoat didn't.............I ended up with a few wet spots. that was not fun. Dolly's raincoat (she won't wear a rain hat) worked, but that didn't keep her from shaking constantly.

I have no clue what we are going to do in the coming rainy months. two days of no walks and Dolly runs an Indy 500 through the house.......usually as we are trying to go to sleep. the lights aren't a long term solution but they worked.

how do you exercise your dog in the bad weather? 

oh, and btw, after that cold wet walk, Dolly is still bouncing off the walls and all over me!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RANT Update!

last month I got a little upset on my blog about people driving around schools, kids, busses, etc. well.....I have an update for you!

the stupid woman (I really want to use another word here.......you know the one......feel free to use it in your head) was sentenced to two hours over two days of standing out in the cold with a sign that reads "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." now, while I am an absolute fan of making the punishment fit the crime, I don't think two days is enough time. and, based on the fact that she showed up smoking a cigarette and wearing earphones (and was checking her cell phone during her first day), I don't think she really got the point. what would have been a more appropriate punishment? oh........working a school crosswalk where she can be on the front lines of dealing with idiots like herself that don't have the patience to not run over little kids. and I would make it a couple months of time so she really gets the picture.................hopefully with lots of rain and snow.

as for the two boys struck in a crosswalk, no update there. I am guessing/hoping in this case that no news is good news? the woman is in jail courtesy of her being dui and without a drivers license. (go figure) I have no clue what happened in court last week. I will note that I drove by the intersection this weekend and improvements are still being made to the crosswalks and sidewalks, similar to the ones that are driving me crazy by my park. supposedly the work will all be done before the end of November. I am not holding my breathe.......though Dolly may be. it is totally putting a cramp into her walking schedule.

Monday, October 22, 2012

why I vote in person......

because, gosh darn it, sure would be great to vote by mail!
  • voting by mail means you get to do everything in the peace and quiet of your own home......assuming you ever have peace and quiet there.
  • voting by mail means you can do it whenever it is convenient for you.
  • voting by mail means you don't have to stand in lines and deal with really slow old people working at the polls who can't seem to figure out that yes, you ARE the Berg that is listed right under the Berg they just checked in! (funny how that works!)

voting by mail means you don't walk to the polling place with your kids every election (I'll admit sometimes we drive due to weather or time constraints)

and this is super important to me. it is easy to tell the boys that I voted and they should too. but I think it makes a greater impact when they see their parents take the time and effort to show up at the ballot box. they also get to see the others who have done the same. and yes, they also get to see those really slow old people who call them "honey" or "sugar" and give them an "I just voted" sticker even though that would be a federal offense (voting, not the sticker or sweet name calling).

sadly, this choice has caused me to miss voting in one election. an unplanned business trip out of town snafued my plans. but I figured if I missed one election in 27 years I am doing pretty darn good!

today is the last day to register to vote in California. if you are 18 or over, do it! do it, read about the issues and candidates and make an informed choice! start here now: REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

not those Halloween kinda treats!

a long time ago my oldest son used to steal dog treats from our dog, Tessa. I am sure it was because the little bone treats looked rather similar to his teething biscuits. we used to joke about how nice Ryan's hair looked...........he does have nice hair........maybe I should have snagged a few?

needless to say, this habit lasted quite awhile.......until one day Ryan picked a black bone. those were "charcoal" flavored. poor Bug had black smoosh all around his mouth and a scowl all over his face. that was the last treat Tessa lost to him!

fast forward to a couple weeks ago....... Dolly got some new treats. I opened the bag to give her one and DANG! those babies smelled GOOD!!! like muffin kinda good. pumpkin and blueberry kinda good. that afternoon Dolly and I spent some time with a friend and we were wondering what the treats might taste like......cuz really, they smelled totally yummy! well, we didn't have the bag to check out the ingredients so weren't daring enough to try them.........even after several beer samples.

don't they look good?? like little tasty cookies!

I went home and checked the label: pumpkin, organic oatmeal, pearled barley, potatoes, oat fiber, canola oil, brown sugar, blueberries, cinnamon, natural flavor, vanilla, mixed tocopherois.  hey, the only thing I don't know about is that last one. don't ask me to pronounce it, but the lovely internet says it has something to do with vitamin E. that's a good thing, right?!?!?

so the next morning, I took the bag to brunch with said friend (who I won't name but was craving potato pancakes with me).......and we tried them! oh, yes we did! we are wild and crazy women!

and..........BLAH!!! totally bland!! how can dogs eat this?!?!? it was like eating particle board snacks. sheesh!! I was totally disappointed. no wonder Dolly looks lovingly at people food. the girl just wants some flavor!

so sad! I had such hopes for these. they would have been so easy to have around as handy little snacks........like pumpkin blueberry goldfish or something. bah hum bug!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


people turn into horrible selfish things when they get behind the wheel of a car!

not a new thought for me......but two events have brought it to the forefront:
this past week two kids were hit while crossing a major intersection near our house......on their way to school. you know, that school they walk to EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY! in a crosswalk.....with the little white walking dude light telling them they were safe to cross the street......with a grownup just a few feet behind them. but that didn't seem to matter to a woman driving down the street. what did they need to do that was more important than watching the road? their job for the entire time that engine is running is to DRIVE! everything else can wait!

Crash Badly Injures Two Little Boys - SacBee

I know this first hand. I used to have to drive down a large busy street to take my oldest to school. if we were running late I knew I would have to wait behind those big ol' flashing red lights while the school bus stopped to pick up some kids for another school. every day we ran late I stopped............. and then prayed that I wouldn't get rear ended by some SUV speeding mad down the street who wasn't about to stop for those silly lights. you think I am joking?!?! oh no.......SO many times people honked and me, swerved around me, slammed on their breaks, etc. and we aren't talking about just the first few weeks of school while people got used to seeing the busses again. ridiculous!

 then things like this kinda makes me feel a bit better:

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO.......it's short and worth it.

I LOVE that they caught it on video and the woman was pulled over! sadly, I have so very little hope that anything came out of this other than a ticket. I wouldn't even be surprised if the lady went back to doing the same thing in the near future! why oh why should she interrupt HER life for a silly bus full of kids!

I see the same problem when an ambulance or fire truck is trying to make its way down a street, lights a' blazing, horns a' blaring. but people don't move the heck out of their way! oh they do for a cop car.......sure! those people can give them a ticket, figure out they aren't wearing their seatbelt, etc......but why bother for an ambulance or fire truck? this is what I think:

EVERYTIME YOU SEE AN AMBULANCE OR FIRE TRUCK...........assume it is hurrying off to save one of your loved ones......put a fire out at your house!

make you act any differently?? I hope not........I hope you aren't one of those people who don't get out of the way. but if you are or know of someone who is.........put that concept right up front in your noggin.......because you just never ever ever know!

I guess that was two rants.......bonus!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Variations on a Halloween theme....aka: a recipe I played with

so there is this blog I follow, My Baking Addiction, and she posts the most amazing recipes! all of them are easy enough for me to actually understand and make! Jamie......you know, cuz we are close like that......posts great seasonal recipes, giveaways, etc. I highly suggest you check her out.....and follow her.

a couple weeks ago she posted a recipe for Candy Corn Oreo Truffles. now I will admit, I wasn't interested in them. I WAS, however, totally focused on the concept of Candy Corn Oreos! who knew these existed........only at Target! I probably hadn't noticed them because I was busy hunting down the Boo Berry cereal. but lucky for me, a friend was planning on hunting down the elusive limited edition Oreos and was willing to snag a box or two for me! in fact, swellyn was awesome and not only grabbed me THREE boxes.......but also delivered them! so you can say that she helped subsidize this excursion into sugarland......

the next week, MBA posted another recipe featuring the Oreos I was now in possession of.......and oh yeah, I was totally making this one! Candy Corn Oreo Bark! for the win!!! but while considering the recipe, my mind started churning........please go read her blog post and then come back......this will all make more sense.......I'll wait.......

la la la la la...........

okay.....done? so I started wondering.....do I HAVE to use white chocolate? sometimes that is super sweet. and what happens if I don't like or (gasp!) can't find Candy Corn Oreos? will regular Oreos suffice? if you know me, and you probably do if you haven't closed out the window and gone back to Dancing With The Stars (or something) then you know I am not quite so good at following directions.......

thus my experiment........

upper right corner: original recipe - white chocolate and Candy Corn Oreos
upper left corner: semi-sweet chocolate and Candy Corn Oreos
lower left corner: white chocolate and Halloween Oreos (chocolate wafer and orange filling)
lower right corner: semi-sweet chocolate and Halloween Oreos

so here's the deal........the semi-sweet chocolate didn't set the way the white chocolate did. I am sure if I were a "real" cook.....or paid attention......I'd know why. but I don't and it didn't. hubby said they almost felt like a fudgy brownie. my second problem was the chocolate set too quickly and didn't get down into the pan enough to hold onto all the yummy goodies at the bottom........trust me I have a pile of peanuts and pretzel bits to prove it. (was I suppose to toss the goodies in the chocolate?!?!?)

BUT........that didn't equal a failure! I learned something and still have a full bag of Candy Corn Oreos to eat or bake with.........wonder if Jamie is posting anymore recipes?!?!?!

my favorite version was the white chocolate with Halloween Oreos. I thought the Candy Corn Oreos were too sweet and the chocolate wafers gave the right balance. overall it was a sweet success and now I have a LOT of Candy Corn Oreo Bark to share with friends!

and since I had to go back and correct my spelling way too many times (typing "Cane" instead of "Corn") I think I need to play around like this when the Christmas Oreos come out!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Speaking of FUN ..... SundayFundayIDon'tHaveToRunDay

well, kinda........

last year I reminded you about the Citrus Heights Fun Day that runs from 11am to 4pm at Rusch Park. it is THAT time of year again......THIS Sunday in fact!! same ol' same ol' that I told you last year about what they'll have their and how much fun you will have.......and please note I mentioned the parking issue last year! this year I expect it to be a bit more chaotic due to construction and a really stupid light cycle. (yes....that "reader" is ME! and while I am totally supportive of the improvements they are doing, I want them completed before someone gets hurt!)

back on topic.............. this year, the City politely sent us all a postcard about the event and apologized for the parking/traffic issues associated with THROWING US A FREE PARTY!!!
"Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding." Lol!
I am SO not going to tell you how I feel about THAT......but if you know me you already know how I feel. I do wonder how many people they sent those postcards too........because if my house is the closest parking you can find, I'd suggest a movie instead!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drive-Ins: we have one....check it out! (FREE!)

you probably aren't old enough to remember American Graffiti................heck, I'm not! but I do remember E-ticket rides at Disneyland, rotary dial phones, and the drive-ins! somehow I connect American Graffiti with the drive-ins.

currently there are 368 drive-ins open in the United States. at their pinnacle of popularity in the late 1950's, there were between 4,000 and 5,000 drive-ins. I can remember Sacramento having 3: Sunrise off Greenback just north of Fair Oaks Blvd, 49er out in Rio Linda, and Sacramento 6, the big one out off of 50 & Bradshaw. and no, I am NOT including the adult drive-in off of I80 in Davis. still don't understand how that was supposed to make sense!

anyway......of the 3 I can remember, the only one remaining is Sacramento 6. and every year I remember hearing that they too were closing down. well......opened in 1972, it was sold in 2006 and is now a WestWind Drive-In. they not only own our local drive-in but they own a total of 7 drive-ins throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. I am also a little more than humored by the fact that their mascot is a dinosaur! is it a Fred Flinstone reference? a nod to the prehistoric feel of watching a movie IN YOUR CAR? or a sarcastic jab at the fact that most drive-ins smell like gas for the first half hour after the movie starts?

for myself, my biggest memory of the drive-ins are watching Star Wars. I honestly think we saw that movie 10 times.............and all at the drive-ins. why? I don't know. maybe because it was because you used to pay per carload? maybe because it was easy to pile a group of kids in a car and if the youngest fell asleep you didn't have to do anything with them? and the older kids who had eaten too many red vines could bounce around without disturbing the people sitting in the seats around them?!?!? I remember the importance of finding a speaker that worked. see......in the ol' days, kiddies, they had these fangled boxes attached to wires that played the sound from the movie. you would attach it to your window. sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't. it was like a fun little game to start the evening off right! the best was when you didn't have a neighbor and could use TWO speakers! now in the 21st century you use this new fangled thing called........wait for it.........a car STEREO!!! though seriously, I won't be surprised if I can one day stream it on my phone.

there is nothing more nostalgic than a summer evening at the drive-ins!

which leads me to the point of this particular rambling..................... FREE MOVIE NIGHT AT WESTWIND!!!!

need I saw more?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The first step is admitting you have an addiction.....

so very true! but somehow it doesn't make that addiction any easier to deal with. well.......at least in my case. and no, we aren't talking anything life threatening......well....yes, I guess it can be if you think about things like obesity and diabetes, etc.....

my addiction....................... COKE!!!!

good ol' fashioned Coca Cola!!!

oh MY! how sweet, wonderful, refreshing, and perfect a Coke can be! why I remember days coming home from a particularly nasty day at work to pour myself 6 oz of Coke and having it wash away all my stress. oh, and a particularly hot and humid summer that I would have a frozen Coke from Burger King for breakfast. those were the days my friend!

as I learned about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup (what problem? it's just corn! NOT!!), I tried switching to Mexican Coke as much as possible but I could never make the jump to Diet Coke. a couple years for Lent I gave up Coke. it fulfilled two things that I felt were important in any Lenten sacrifice: it made me a better person, and it was giving up something that was hard to give up. I mean, I could have given up running in to oncoming traffic. that would make me a better person, but not really difficult to stop doing.

anyway.......... I survived my 40 days of no soda every time. what? I didn't just give up Coke? well for me the two are the same thing. Coke is the only one I care about.............no, Pepsi isn't okay (is Monopoly money okay? yeah, didn't think so!) then what is the problem giving it up FOREVER?? (duh duh dummm.....)

yeah, that is what makes it an addiction!

so I had tried to cut back on my Coke consumption and had gotten down to an average of 2 or so a week. I say average because there were days where I would have 2 or 3 and then not for another week or so. I told myself that I needed to go cold turkey and thought it would be great to do a Soda Free September. heck, I planned to out myself on my blog and tell the world what I was doing to keep myself accountable. the fact that I have a weekend long scrapbook retreat in the MIDDLE of my self imposed Soda Free September scared the bee-jeezers out of me! seriously!

then.......I read on a friend's blog about Rethink Your Drink. it was exactly what I wanted to do! (and look at all those scary statistics! YIKES!!!) so I signed up. nope, it wasn't September 1st........... but really why was I waiting? it is like those people (not me. never me.) who eat all the ice cream and cookies in the house so they can start their diet the next day.

I got weekly emails from Rethink reminding me of my pledge and giving me encouragement and alternatives to soda. heck, I already knew....... WATER, WATER, WATER! didn't make me want a Coke any less. and there were a few days where I could FEEL the craving. who would know? what harm would it do?? see.......A.D.D.I.C.T.I.O.N!

despite that, it was kinda cool to get the emails and think how I had survived another week Coke free. I even kinda lost track of time when I got the last email: I had gone THIRTY DAYS soda free!!! wahooo!!!!

so now I am 33 days soda free. I plan to continue. I even turned down the idea of a cola flavored shave ice last night thinking that it probably wasn't a good idea. see........like addictions, one taste.......on glorious beautiful mouthful of that amazing taste..........oh my gosh......and you are back at the beginning. I know it. I've been there before.....Easter morning with that bottle/can/whatever in front of me (btw, McDonalds Cokes are the best. don't know how. don't know why. but they are. take my word for it.)

33 days clean. I plan to keep going. this scrapbook weekend may or may not be the test. heck, today, next Tuesday, October 11th, anyday may or may not be the test. isn't that the way it always is?

but don't ever get me wrong...................... I LOVE COKE!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Celebrating a little piece of local history!

on September 8th, Sylvan Cemetery will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary! yes, that means that it was established back in 1862. it started out with less than an acre along Auburn Blvd in the heart of what I call “Old” Citrus Heights. now the cemetery covers 18 acres......... way more than I realized. 
Photo from Sylvan Cemetery District website.

the Sylvan Cemetery District was established in 1926, the oldest in Sacramento County, and covers from Folsom Lake to the other side of the Sacramento Metropolitan Airport.

what is a District? in the case of cemeteries, a District is a local agency created in an election and governed by a board appointed trustees. the District is accountable to the public and are responsible for governing the care and maintenance of the cemetery thought the collection of an endowment fund. they collect money from plot purchases to place in the fund but can only use the interest earned to take care of the cemetery. I totally didn’t know this stuff!

anyway…….back to my story……..this Saturday the cemetery is celebrating its 150th Anniversary and throwing themselves a party! from 11am to 3pm they will be hosting tours of the cemetery and telling stories about the 1,300 soldiers from as far back as the Civil War and Spanish-American War buried there along with many of the founding families of Citrus Heights. there are some beautiful headstones and statues to view and you might even learn a few things.

so bring your curiosity and come see a piece of history in our own backyard! also bring a couple bucks as they will probably be asking for donations to fund a bell tower. I wish it would be similar to a church bell that would count down the hours. I am sure the kids next door at Sylvan Middle School would hope for the same. but it sounds like it will chime for funerals and other formal occasions. either way, it sounds like a lovey addition to a site that makes Citrus Heights a beautiful place to live…….and die?!?!? (and it is tax deductible)

7401 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, 11am to 3pm

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looking behind the @SacBurgerBattle

I'm not a food blogger. I eat food. I love food. But I'm more in to events......well and food, but you know what I mean. I tend to spend more time thinking about how events are organized.........about the time, effort, and money put into doing an event........ the organizational detail oriented side of things. What can be calculated, sliced and diced in an Excel spreadsheet. So.....when a friend said he was putting together Sacramento's First Annual Burger Battle, I saw this as my opportunity to be nosey and ask all those questions that had plagued me.

imagine this: 800 people ready to eat burgers and 15 restaurants making burgers (not including the beer, cider, and wine spots) all gathered at Raley Field for an evening of awesomeness all to support the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. how does one decide to do something like this? do you just wake up one random morning and say "hey, eating burgers would be a great way to raise money for charity"?!? and where oh where would you start?

to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) Rodney is the man behind the event. He runs BurgerJunkies and eats burgers......lots of burgers. Rodney's daughter was diagnosed with Crohns when she was 5 years old. Crohns is an autoimmune disorder that keeps the body from absorbing important nutrients in food. Not a good thing for anyone, and especially an adorable little girl who has a lot of growing to do! so Rodney wanted to combine his love for his daughter and his love for cheeseburgers and came up with the Battle idea.

last year, Rodney was introduced to Lisa from the Downtown Sacramento Partnership by a Foodspotting buddy, Larry.  (dontcha love social media?) they really helped Rodney decide that this crazy notion of his was a viable concept! Rodney started talking to restaurants and venues to piece together the event. he had attended the Burger Battle in Denver and had some insight on how an event like this would need to be organized. restaurants were quick to jump at the chance to show off their burgers (please note I totally resisted an off-color comment there). in fact, Rodney had more restaurants wanting to participate than he had space for! that's a lotta burgers! anyway, at this point, Rodney has spent 5 months making phone calls and personal visits to get the restaurants and venue lined up, promoting the event and the other hundred details that need attending.

here is where I start itching and I want to make lists....lots and lots of lists.....

800 people are coming to this event, two weeks from today. assuming that each person eats at 3/4 of the restaurants (I am kinda assuming that no one is really going to have room for ALL the burgers and that some people might share their burgers) and that each burger is cut in 1/4 for service, we are talking..........2,250 BURGERS!!!

assuming that the burgers average $10 retail (which I guarantee you is low based on the restaurants and quality ingredients involved).......we are talking $22,500 for the burgers. this doesn't include either having additional staff working......or as some places will be doing, shutting down their money making restaurant so they can be at the Battle. that also doesn't include the beer and wine and raffle prizes. (oh yeah, didn't mention those, did I? well there are raffle prizes. awesome ones......but I'm not telling what they are. you'll have to be surprised!)
that is a lot of time and effort for a 3 hour event (4 hours if you pony up for the VIP tickets - if there are any still available) taking place on a Tuesday night in the middle of September. I would say it is going to be hot......because it might be......but Raley Field is laid out perfectly for that wonderful Delta Breeze and I am sure the patron saint of burgers (who might that be?!?!) will make sure the weather is fine!

before I close, I want to talk about every single restaurant that is coming together for the Battle. they all deserve a blog post of their own......on a blog that gets a whole lot more traffic than mine......but I can't type that much and have already rambled on more than normal......so here's what I can do:


and then tell you that I have personally been to 9 out of the 15................ and would go back to all of them ...................and am looking forward to trying the other 6 either before or after the Battle. (update: make that 10 out of 15 with 5 left to go......) and while the actual burgers the contestants (right? this is a competion) are preparing is a top secret secret, I can tell you that The Eatery actually made a burger in Rodney's honor. it is called the Junkie Burger. ask them about it when you go in. it isn't on the menu but those in the know can request one. I can also tell you that my own burger loving husband has said he could eat Krushburger's Ninja Burger every day for the rest of his life. and don't let my lack of a nifty neato keen comment about a place give you the idea that I think less of their offering........any of these places all on their own would make a burger lover happy!

Disclaimer: Rodney didn't pay for this blog post or give me tickets. I already bought my ticket and did this post because I am a nosey parker and am in awe of all the work people are putting in to make this event a success..................I want to hug them all!

ALSO.......now that he has his blog post live, check out Round About Sac Town for a review of the Denver Burger Battle AND a chance to WIN tickets to the Sacramento Burger Battle! be sure to tell 'em I sent ya!

I look forward to seeing you on September 18th! promise, no taking pictures of me with burger juices running down my shirt. I promise the same in return!

Friday, August 17, 2012

take me out to the ballgame.....@RiverCats

after several years of randomly going to see some River Cats games, we decided to get season tickets this year. well, for a family as over booked as ours, we didn't actually end up with SEASON tickets.......we ended up with a Flex Plan. that means we got vouchers to use for a certain number of tickets/games. other than a few games (weather too hot, weather too cold......gosh we sound like Goldilocks here), they have been the highlight of our summer.

these games are FUN!!!! seriously! even if you aren't a big baseball fan, minor league games are a BLAST!!! (I assume every team is as fun as the River Cats......perhaps I shouldn't?!?!?) but LOOK! you get ex-governors (including actual sized egos) running around in circles. and a special treat at the end of the 6th inning (Thurs - Sun games only, thankyouverymuch), great weather, reasonably priced food (especially if you buy the refillable soda cups and remember to bring them).

one homestand left over the next 2 weeks and we are going to 5 games. a bit more than our average but those were the times we had available to head out to Raley Field. and yesterday, the River Cats announced ticket sales for the playoffs. there are definitely two games on September 5th & 6th and possibly an additional two games the following week. I think we will have to add atleast one to our calendar even if school has already started!

if you haven't been out to a game this year, time is running out to go. come join us for the 7th Inning Stretch.....and maybe a Dinger Dog (notice I did NOT suggest the Donut Cheeseburger?!!?). and if you go.......keep an ear peeled for the guy selling COTTON CANDEEEEE! he makes us laugh every game!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Odd Movie (I mean LIFE) of Timothy Green

I hadn't read this book before seeing the movie. why? well, because according to Barnes & Noble there is no book for this movie to be based on. how odd is that? seems that most movies these days are based on books.......or on previous movies. so an original movie concept was......well........odd!!

but the movie was able to interest Jennifer Garner to the lead female role so I knew it had to be worth giving a try. I don't give Disney as much credit.

the basic premise of The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a couple unable to conceive plants a box of their dreams for a child. lo and behold, one shows up. odd, huh? (okay, I'll stop with that......) now in the real world, CPS would swoop in and snag the kid away and it would take years for them to get Timothy back again.......assuming they weren't imprisoned for kidnapping him or something. but this is Disney, so that doesn't happen. but, that doesn't stop odd (sorry) and magical things from taking place. like the fact that no one questions a boy mysteriously showing up and the school not making the parents show 24 forms of proof of birth and immunizations......

Disney knew exactly how to pull the punches in the script. from the type-A sister saying that Timothy wasn't a "real" son (that irks all us adoptive parents who want to know how a kid isn't real) to the unattentive parent who makes the dad strive to be a better parent. we are set up to fight for the Green family to succeed. does it work? I don't really think so. the ploys were too obvious and the ending a little too perfect.
despite all that, the boy who plays Timothy, CJ Adams, is totally adorable and the perfect fit of gawky young boy and wizened old man. his impish charm adds to the adventure. somehow he keeps this sappy story from truly plummeting head first over the cliff of saccharine sweetness. and I'll be honest, it teeters so darn close!!

while this is a Disney movie, it is rated PG and for a reason. there isn't anything that will permanently scar children, but they won't enjoy the movie and the simplistic look at adoption and how children are "gotten" is a little odd (last time). I'd save this one for a rainy afternoon to watch while you are drinking hot chocolate.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cheesy reminder! The @TillamookCheese kind...

As promised, Tillamook has updated their Loaf Love Tour Schedule with the Sacramento area dates! They start TODAY!!!

I still think you should come see them at the Sacramento Zoo on Saturday (see HERE for more info)......but in case you can't, here is their schedule for their Cheesy Sacramento Take Over (nifty title courtesy of moi).

Just wanted to let you know.......

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Tillamook is coming! The Tillamook is coming!

(imagine Paul Revere riding through the streets of Sacramento shouting that......thanks)

 like the title says, it is one of my favorite times of year: back to school and Tillamook's Loaf Love Tour! seriously, I do enjoy cheese and Tillamook makes some darn good cheese! (did you know they make ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and butter too?)

so......you have a few options, you can go check out the world's most adorable cheddar colored mini VW van at a grocery store near you (see tour schedule to be updated with Sacramento's cheesy goodness)......

OOOOORRRR........... you can come check them out at the Sacramento Zoo!! really, this is the option you should go for! really it is!! why? you ask why? well.......because it is super fun! and because it is cheese....and the zoo.....and cheese! and while you can't pet a tiger (I've asked).....

and doesn't he look like he wants a good belly rub? but anyway...... there is still all kinds of cheesy zoo-ey (??) fun to be had!
seriously, the first 100 people who show up on August 11th at the Sacramento Zoo wearing ORANGE will get in for free!! (after that the cheddar colored clothing will garner you a dollar off admission) and whether you are wearing the color de rigueur or not, you can join in the cheesy fun! and I can tell you that Tillamook brings the fun! last year's frivolity included hide and seek, zoo bingo, and lots of cheese tasting. oh, yes, and the world's most adorable cheddar colored mini VW vans! did I mention those?

wanna know more about Tillamook? check out their site but don't go if you are hungry!

Disclosure: they sent me an email. they asked me to post about the event. they will be giving me free samples of cheese and I'll get into the Zoo for free. but hey, that's cool because I was going anyway! (see paragraph about cheese......and the zoo......and cheese)

Disclosure #2: the zoo is probably really smart in not letting me pet a tiger even though I am continually asking to. that is why they are in charge of the animals.

Friday, August 3, 2012

a promise.....

I promise that before I go to sleep on Sunday I will have:

1. posted an actual blog post (that you will like.........I am not promising you will like it.......but I promise I will post one)

2. I will update the photo in the corner of the blog to something that isn't 5 years old.

yeah.......that's all you get! I've got a busy weekend people.

Friday, June 29, 2012

People Like Us (wow! lots of movies this week!)

Okay People Like Us, another new release this week, can be boiled down to a very simple story line: a son dealing with the death of his father and that he has a half- sister whom he needs to deliver a $150,000 inheritance to. If only it were that easy! But it isn’t and that is what makes this Alex Kurtzman film such a gem.

People Like Us stars Chris Pine (Star Trek and This Means War) as Sam, the slick salesman son who resists coming home for his own father’s funeral and Elizabeth Banks (most recently of Hunger Games) as the daughter/half-sister, Frankie, who is having a rough time of life. Michael Hall D’Addario provides an amazing performance as Frankie’s son, Josh. I’d like to go on record stating that we will see a lot more of Michael in the coming years. Michelle Pfeiffer shows that she can tackle being the mother/grandmother with as much finesse as she did the love interest in years past and Olivia Wilde, still known to me as Thirteen from the House tv series, rounds out the cast and fills in the cracks that the storyline forces the characters to cross.

Pine, however, stands out in this film as a surprise. He does an excellent job, as shown in his movie credits, of playing a self-absorbed ladies man. Pine brings this edginess to People Like Us making the audience a bit uncomfortable and unhappy with Sam for a good portion of the movie. That is the film’s secret weapon! It is the internal change in Pine’s character that takes what could have been a shallow feel-good movie and brings it into the realm of last year’s The Descendents.

While the movie includes the obligatory relationship confusion including the generic soap opera scene where half-sister makes a play for her unknown brother, the formula is balanced out by solid character development and surprising tidbits of music throughout the movie. It can be boiled down to this: don’t let the clich├ęs keep you away from what is truly a heartwarming and well thought out film.

I’d also like to give a serious nod to the musical references. Diverse and eccentric. Probably meant to give insight into the deceased father who laid the foundation for the premise of the movie.

My suggestion: make it a date night. The kids won’t want to see it but you shouldn’t miss it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Magic Mike versus Ted (movie stuffs)

this week I saw two sneak previews: Magic Mike and Ted. one I'll see again and one I will sadly never forget.

Magic Mike is full of male stripper hype. I got to give it to them, the movie is packed with sexy men! however, the storyline is laughable and the characters are so stereotypical that the movie itself comes off (no pun intended) as a parody of what a real stripper movie would be.......as if someone would actually make one. needless to say, the movie does have some good qualities: all of them visual. despite THAT, I would have preferred a bit more editting and a little more thought into the cinematography. at one point the camera angle made me nauseous, and yes, it was the camera angle and not the movie itself. also, the dance scenes went on way too long. after reading a CNN article, I learned that Channing Tatum's "big break" was in Step Up. everything makes a lot more sense now but doesn't change my view that the dance scenes could have been cut down. do strippers really do an entire fully clothed dance number, tear off their clothes at the last minute and then get drowned beneath a waterfall of bills? oh, I could also have skipped Matthew McConaughey singing. do strip shows usually have musical interludes? you tell me......I don't plan on going to do the hands on research (yes, that pun was intended).

my suggestion: Magic Mike is perfect for a girl's night out......that starts with a few friends, a few drinks........a few more drinks......

Ted, on the other hand, was hysterical, and not because someone truly expected me to believe that a teddy bear had magically come to life but just because it was FUNNY! full of potty humor and real characters that found themselves in real life dilemnas (stuffed animals aside) about relationships and priorities but all done with a great sense of humor. and did I mention it was funny? Both Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis played the perfect straight man/woman to Seth McFarlane's fuzzy lead. yes the movie was a bit too sexual and mature to take my boys (though they would protest otherwise) but that is why it was rated "R". the 80's music and movie references might be missed by the younger members of the crowd. even I missed some of the jokes as I wasn't a Flash Gordon fan, but it did not reduce my enjoyment of the movie. so, despite the excessive amount of fart jokes and turnip abuse (I think it was a turnip......I was too busy laughing at Bill Smitrovich's deadpan) I really enjoyed the movie.

my suggestion: leave the kids and turnips at home. and if Patrick Stewart's foul mouthed narration isn't enough for you, keep an eye out for a few cameos.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something dishonest about Abraham Lincoln (movie review)

Last night I was able to see a sneak preview of the movie, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter that comes out on Friday. Sometimes I know ahead of time if I am not able to catch a preview that I will be forking out the cash to see it anyway. This was one of those movies.

Well, I am glad I didn't pay.

The movie is based on a book by the same name from Seth Grahame-Smith about the secret life of our country's 16th president. See, when he was a youngster, Lincoln saw his mother die after being attacked by vampires. From this moment, his life's goal was to seek revenge for her death. Both the book and the movie take the historically known information about President Lincoln and weave into it what we haven't known, up until now. things like the Civil War being a war to stop the vampires' main food supply (slaves) and that Lincoln's own son dies from a vampire, not what ever they tell us on Wikipedia. I have absolutely no problem with this alternate view of Lincoln's life. I don't even have a problem with the random events in the movie that have no link back to the book. I think the idea of this all going on while Lincoln lead our country is incredible......in an amazingly creative and awesome way. And the execution of this in the book was impressive.

Not so much in the movie.

Where I was left disappointed in the movie was the visuals. Grahame-Smith wrote the screenplay and Tim Burton was one of the producers. I thought this would be a great pairing. Instead I feel like the two of them got together and made a mud pile of special effects. One would suggest doing something "cool" and the other would feel the need to one-up him. (and honestly, it may have nothing to do with either of them.....I just have higher hopes from any project they are associated with.) In the end, most of the actual story was pushed aside to make room for an overwhelming 3D, slow motion, splashy, computer generated assault on my senses. Everything felt hyped up and super sensitized. I guess I should have known something was wrong when in the first 5 minutes or so of the film parts of the screen went fuzzy as the camera focused on different people. Why do that?

By the way, I do have to commend both Benjamin Walker and whoever did his make-up on how well they aged him, despite the one scene where he looked like a deranged leprechaun. In fact, all the actors and actresses involved did an above and beyond type performance. Too bad most of it probably ended up on the editing room floor to make room for more special effects.

After screenings, the studio has a person waiting to politely take any and all comments the viewers have to send back to the studio. I waited a bit before approaching her and told her (more simply) how I felt about the excessive use of special effects. I asked if others had said the same thing. Nope. Just me. She did get a lot of "really cool" comments. So perhaps this movie is not meant for people who want a story but instead want to see really neato eyes that kinda glow in 3D?

Next week I get to see Magic Mike. I expect no special effects. I expect no story. I don't expect that I'll be disappointed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Calories for charity shouldn't count!

as you may or may not know, I have been trying to be very good about the whole diet & exercise thing. having an energetic Dolly at home has certainly helped. she doesn't care if it is raining (or 108 apparently), she wants her walks!

overall I have done well. I have realized that my metabolism isn't what it used to be and I need more exercise to achieve what took less effort when I was younger, but most days I am okay with that. and I needed to focus on what I was eating. I thought I was doing okay. but upon reflections I figured out I had more treat days than not......and often multiple treat meals!

so now I am moving in the right direction with the exception of a few foodie lunches a week (which I do manage to work in to my overall day's strategy) and fundraisers. admittedly, it is my choice to go to things like the Sacramento Zoo's King of Feasts and the Ronald McDonald House Charity's Red Shoe Crawl. they are both awesome causes and the amazing diversity of food bites being offered can't be beat! and it was great attending the Sactown Dining Collective dinner for St John's Shelter. (look! they are doing a dinner almost every month at Plates! how can I resist??) again, wonderful food and totally worth every single darn calorie! but all this eating for a good cause makes it super tough to stay on track!

both the King of Feasts and Red Shoe Crawl are this weekend (I think tickets are still available for both if you want to join me). so if you see me this week don't offer me a treat kind of lunch. I'm saving my calories for charity!

Monday, May 14, 2012

the Mother of all days

in case you spent the past day or so in a sealed off cave and don't know, yesterday was Mother's Day. a perfectly lovely holiday to celebrate the wonderful relationship between a woman and her children. But, if your mother has passed away it isn't quite so happy of a day. it must be similar to some one just out of a relationship being stuck dealing with Valentine's Day. 24+ hours of discomfort where you can't express your own sadness without raining on dear friends' parades.

yeah, that is kinda what it is like. 

indeed I was lucky to have my boys around. though at almost 14 and 16, they aren't the greatest rays of sunshine. but it was hard to not think about the one-way-ness of the day. no mom to call. no grandma to call. even if the boys had been doting little balls of adorableness, the day would have been a bit flat.

but my sadness was nothing compared to another person I spent the day with: a young woman who lost her own mother..........a 19 year old woman who lost her mom this past year. not that I loved my mother any less, but the pain she was dealing with was multiple times greater than my own. donuts, baseball, and frozen yogurt were great distractions but couldn't remove the sadness that Mother's Day brought her. it was really brought home when she reminded one of my oversized bundles of joy to be thankful they had a mom around to tell them what to do.

so.......Mother's Day is gone for another 364 days. that is a long time to not acknowledge one of the most important people in anyone's life.

even though there are no "day after Mother's Day" cards, don't let 364 days pass before you call your mom, hug your mom, or send your mom a sweet little note. some of us wish we had that same opportunity.

Friday, April 6, 2012

March of Dimes......if you would actually like to sponsor me!

Guess I made a mess of the link in my previous post.....that you should really read!

But anyway, if you would like to sponsor my SIX MILE walk to support babies, you can by clicking on the link to the left of this post......or right here:


The babies, my marriage and I thank you!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The oddest March of Dimes story you will ever hear!

when you talk to people and find out they support the March of Dimes, you are apt to hear stories of saved babies, women getting necessary prenatal care, wonderful support during pregnancy, etc. those are all wonderful things and I love hearing them all! but this isn't a personal story anything like that.

back in 1989 (or was it 1990) I answered an ad looking for volunteers for a March of Dimes benefit. in those days, they held a Bid for Bachelors auction. single men would put together "date" packages and women would bid on them. the highest bidder got the date. when I called, I thought I would be one of the lowly schmucks that would say "thanks for coming, here is your program," put tablecloths out or whatever. I had no clue that I would end up on the committee for the event. I didn't have a clue about a lot of things at that point.

so, plans made, event organized. I am proud to say that I came up with the theme "Knight in Shining Armor" and even found some knights to come guard the door to the event and do a little sword fighting for entertainment. the night before the event there was a rehearsal. there I chatted up one of the bachelors. totally not my type, he was blond with blue eyes and extremely cocky. I won't go into the rest of the sordid details. you either know them already or can ask the next time we chat. needless to say it is definitely a "he said / she said" story and I did NOT buy Jeff.

anyway, we will have been married 19 years in a couple weeks......all thanks to the March of Dimes! so, when I walk on the 28th, I won't just be walking for those adorable sweet babies, I'll also be walking for an adorable former blond with blue eyes and 19 years of marriage! so please consider skipping your morning cafe mocha and support my walk? it is for love......young and old! lol!

Susan's March of Dimes page

told you it was the oddest March of Dimes support story you would ever hear!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Theory of Applied Enthusiasm

I am one of those people who can't be spaztically excited about more than one thing at a time. yes, there are lots of exciting things going on, but I would probably have a melt down if I thought about all of them all of the time!

for instance, back in December, I was really excited (perhaps obsessed) waiting for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie to come out. perhaps you remember? at the time someone asked me if I was looking forward to The Hunger Games movie. um, I couldn't even THINK about a movie 3 months away when there was one JUST DAYS AWAY!

likewise, I can't focus on multiple goals at one time. I have my nice detail oriented list at work of the major tasks I need to accomplish for work........in chronological due date order.

and not surprisingly, the same goes for the causes I want to promote and am excited about! right now on my plate are the following events:

Social Media to Save Lives Marrow Registry Drive - next Tuesday

March of Dimes March to Save Babies - April 24th (you are welcome to donate, tee hee!)

both are near and dear to my heart! truly, they are! see, I met my husband at a March of Dimes event.....Bid for Bachelors a couple decades ago! (seriously) and yes, he WAS a bachelor and NO I didn't buy him! hey, I was a broke college student!

as much as I would like to go full on promoting the March, I can't do both it and the Marrow Registry Drive at the same time. I'd feel too scattered.....and am that way too much without any help. when it comes down to it, I shouldn't have to promote the Registry Drive. really, how hard should it be to convince people to come let someone swab their mouth to enroll them in Be The Match so that sometime in the future they might be able to give someone the best possible gift: the gift of LIFE! I'm not exaggerating here!

did you see that quote on the front page of the Be The Match site? it says 10,000 people need a bone marrow transplant and half get them! how sad is that? it isn't because they can't afford it, it is because a match can not be found! YOU, or your neighbor, or your co-worker, or your favorite barista (over the age of 18) could be that match!

so please consider joining us next Tuesday. it will take just a few minutes of your time and could add a lifetime of time to someone else. please consider asking your neighbor, your co-worker, and even your favorite barista to join us too! you never know when they might be the MATCH to save you or a loved one's life! print out this flyer and carry it around with you! (why not? it is light and foldable and has all the great info you need)

I'll be back after next week to spaz about the March, The Hunger Games, or something else. you just never know with me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Strange Connections....or why Men At Work make me miss my Grandmother

Yes, quite an odd title, but I am sure after reading this post you will understand why the Australian singing group Men At Work reminds me of my Grandmother, Nana.

Many years ago there was a store called Gold Circle. Kinda like the Target or Kmart of its day........except Kmart was already around. Based on Wikipedia, I am going to say 1983. Nana and I were shopping at Gold Circle. I don't remember my mother being there and since Nana didn't drive, I have no clue how we got there. Maybe I drove? Guess that doesn't matter. Anyway, I remember seeing the single for Men At Work's "Overkill." The sign was mistyped and it said "OverHILL." Got it? I thought it was so funny that it got stuck in my head.

I didn't buy the single. But Nana must have bought something because she argued with the cashier about being able to use cashiers checks without ID. Nana, who had worked in banking for almost a century (slight exaggeration) said you didn't need ID with cashiers checks, that was the whole reason she got them, etc. The cashier said she needed ID because it was a CHECK. oh yes, back and forth, supervisors called etc. I can't tell you the outcome because I was too busy being embarrassed......an embarrassment that I wouldn't have to suffer now thanks to ATM cards! I mean, who uses cashiers checks anymore? lol!

So, now, almost 20 years later, whenever I hear ANY Men At Work song, I think of Nana. Kinda a nifty connection, definitely an odd connection......but I love when the 80s station puts on some of those crazy Vegemite eaters! Is it just me or does everyone have these strange connections?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Donating blood.....and why perhaps I should change the name of this blog!

so I have mentioned before that I am a lazy blogger. if you look at the irregularity of my blog posts you can see it in living color. perhaps I should change the blog name to "Susan is a lazy blogger." but, I think I am a bit too lazy to do that! lol!

anyway, I am going to steal a blog post......or more politely, link you to a blog post. this one is about donating blood. why write what someone else has done such a good job of writing already? so.....please go read Leslie's post about her case for giving blood and then come back to read the rest of my blog. (see......SUCH a lazy blogger!)

done?? didn't it make you want to go donate? well....it should! I do have 2 of my own thoughts to contribute at this point:
1. if you have problems having sufficient iron (eat more dark greens, young lady!!), try tomato sauce in a cast iron pan the night or two before. have some tasty spaghetti and the tomato sauce will help your blood absorb oodles of iron from the pan.
2. you don't get to pick your bandage color. sad, isn't it? but now they have premade kits for the blood draws and no color choices. if this is the only thing holding you back, let me know......I'll send you a Hello Kitty or Pokemon bandaid! sheesh!

and that is what I am thinking today. with my last donation, I am at 32 pints. I can't stand needles so if I can do it YOU can do it!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winners! Winners! (and link for discount tickets to Sportsmen's Expo)

Congrats to Dolphyngyrl and Ally for winning passes to this weekend's Sportsmen's Expo!!

Remember, if you didn't win, you can still use this link to get yourself $2 off adult tickets! Kids 15 and under are free!

Susan’s Super Sportsmen’s Expo Saver Link

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Youth Outdoor Sports Fair - family fun! free for kids!

I am sure you have heard of the International Sportsmen’s Expo. It comes every year for 4 days of outdoorsy fun at Cal Expo. But did you know that they fill up 20,000 SF of it with a Youth Outdoor Sports Fair? I didn’t! Heck, 2 years ago, Ryan spent a morning showing off the Boy Scout Adventure Base 100 (he was even on TV with a very uncoordinated newscaster who tried the obstacle course). Afterwards Ryan walked around and checked out the Expo and even he didn’t know they had a youth section!

What is my point here? Well, KIDS 15 AND UNDER ARE FREE!!
That means that they can learn archery, fishing things (there is even a catch & release activity), turkey calling (VERY important if you live near me! Seriously!), and safe gun handling in the NRA airgun range. Something I like, and very Boy Scout feeling, is “Tread Lightly!” They are a national non-profit group that encourages responsible use of public lands and waterways. The kids’ Sports Fair area will have games for the kids, giveaways and raffles, ATV photo opportunities, falconry displays, “Lucy’s Pond” with a waterfall and river, and a whole lot more. Oh yes, and Radio Disney will be there!

Show times for the Youth Outdoor Sports Fair are
  • Friday 3pm to 8pm (the Sportsmen’s Expo opens at 11am, but those kids have to go to school!)
  • Saturday 10am to 7pm
  • Sunday 10am to 5pm
I think we could easily spend an entire day just in the kids’ area. Which is good because I want to learn how to talk to those turkeys that block my path when I go to the library!

Anyway, kids are free, grown-ups are $15, and parking is $10.
BUT, I am giving away 2 pairs of tickets! All you need to do it post a comment with what you think your kids will be most excited about at the Youth Outdoor Sports Fair by 6pm 9pm January 18th -that is Wednesday night! Can you say short notice?!?!? (Sorry! I have been having technical difficulties.) I’ll do a random drawing of all entrants and let you know ASAP.

If you aren’t patient, don’t want to enter, or don’t win you can use this link to save $2 on adult tickets now! Have fun and I'll see you there!

Disclosure: I was given a set of passes to the Expo along with the ability to share the discount ticket link in exchange for posting about the Expo. But, once the boys heard about the kids’ area it didn’t matter, we were going free tickets or not!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buy some books - help an animal!

THIS WEEKEND!!!!  is the SPCA Winter Book Sale!!!

January 12th through 15th (oh, wait, I guess that starts TODAY) at the Citrus Town Center at Greenback and Sunrise. (it used to be called Sunrise Festival......and you probably remember it better as the place that used to have a Krispy Kreme on the corner, which is now a Panera Bread....and an Old Navy, which is soon to be a Sprouts Market). ANYWAY, that is where it is.....next door to Marshalls (so either where Linen Outlet used to be or maybe where Filco used to be......maybe I'll drive by and get a more definitive answer for you....and buy a couple books myself!)

okay, so about the books: gently used books of ALL kinds! there are also games and puzzles.

hours are from 10am to 7pm Thursday through Saturday and then 11am to 6pm on Sunday.

if I confused you too much.......check the SPCA website for more info!