Monday, December 24, 2007

waiting for Santa.....

I love that the boys still believe in Santa....... or perhaps they believe in the magic possibility of Santa?!?!? either way today has been filled with Santa updates courtesy of Norad and discussions about what we should be leaving out for him and the reindeers. a mother's heart was touched when R suggested that we leave an extra candy cane for him to take home to Mrs. Claus because she does all that work to help Santa out!

other than that.......a wonderful afternoon with the in-laws. my headache is still in full force and has been joined by that always unloved relative Aunt Flo. but praise the makers of Aleve and Sudafed, I have managed to avoid cowering in a quiet and dark room. though I did tell J that the boys will NOT be staying up late tonight. I still have 1 pressie to wrap and he needs to set up Santa's score.

but back to the in-laws......there are obviously not enough children in the family as all the kids were totally beyond spoiled! I guess J knew beforehand that his brother was buying D a new bike. WOW!!! I think R was almost as excited as it means that he can ride his bike to pick up D at school and we might be able to start our bike rides to the library again. I told the boys to enjoy all the pressies as it was a lot more than they were getting tomorrow morning! the pile WAS really big!! in addition to the pile, J got a Magic Bullet.....the box for that itself was enormous! I am looking forward to some tasty treats.....let me know if you have some good recipes in case we run out of good ones in the recipe book that came with it! lol!

if you are taking a moment out of your life to read this tonight.....I wish you and yours a very merry!!! (the same even if it isn't Christmas Eve! lol!) I started the stuffing so I can have a little more relaxation tomorrow......a little more time enjoying the fact that my boys still believe!

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scrapper al said...

Merry Christmas! Hope today is just as magical!