Thursday, May 31, 2007

Doodlebug my heart......

Doodlebug is the feature this week for the DT over at LM!

these guys used to be one of my favorite companies.......however, now, not so much. they have continued to get cute-er.....and my boys have continued to get not-so-cute! lol!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


if someone TRIPLE dog dares means you HAVE to do it!

wasting time......

I finished with a project and don't have the time or enthusiasm to start something I cruise the boards, I cruise the galleries, I cruise the blogs....then what?!?!

oh yes, I cruise eBay. did you know there is a catagory called "Everything Else"? there is! AND...the top 4 searches in that catagory are:

1. girlfriend
2. wife
3. escort
4. live animals

guess I should be glad that wife is more popular than live animals!

is it time to go home yet?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a weekend like an amusement park....

yeah, crazy weekend full of highs and lows!

I got some fun scrappin' in with a friend who I just don't see as often as I should. we talked about the need to get together more frequently.....but we both have such busy schedules that often it just isn't possible. it was just wonderful to spend the time with her, reconnecting.

while I was scrappin' the boys were playing with my friend's son. their daughter had social plans of her own. this made things know, odd numbers usually don't play well together. that and both her son and R think they are in charge. so it could have been a more restful day than it was....but for a majority of the time things went well.

R got to take a trip to Marine World with a friend. a pricey excursion for something so close to his water park birthday next weekend. but he spends a lot of time with this friend and how has a season pass so he can go with them throughout the summer. aaaah! he is growing up!

J got in a round of golf. that always makes for a good weekend for him. I guess the course was playing nasty and so his round was up and down.

since R was gone, D had the neighbor boy to himself. this has always been a difficult situation. C and R are best friends but D really likes C too but often gets left out when R is around. and yes, I know that some of this is because D doesn't work at making friends. it is easier for him to just be friends with R's friends. anyway, it was nice that D and C could play without R.

ALL the boys got to go see the new Pirates movie. must not have been too good because no one came home all excited to tell me about it. no biggie since I am not interested in seeing it and haven't even watched 1 or 2 all the way through yet.

I got in some scrap time. I didn't use it efficiently.....just kinda puttered around a bit. put some stuff away, worked on DT stuff that is coming up. my goal has always been to be 9 days ahead. stuff is due on Tuesday for that Thursdays newsletter. I always try to scan and send on Monday nights. well......I want to be done with it the PREVIOUS weekend. I want it scanned and ready in case something comes know, like a broken scanner! lol! this weekend I almost finished NEXT week's stuff. I had to get the boys to do something for me. tonight I should be able to finish. I have also gotten started on the stuff for the week after that. I am feeling comfortable about where I am. this makes it easier for me to work on *whatever*....which is what I did Saturday night. and I really liked it. course not scrapping at home I always end up bringing home half completed layouts that still need work (and journaling) done.

(starting a new paragraph........same subject but that one was getting too long and had rambled enough already) so yesterday I put a few layouts away and thought I was going to finish up some of those layouts. that didn't happen. not sure why really. I also thought I was going to get a circle journal done. I didn't. not really sure why.

D had a rough day after the movies yesterday. that happens to him a lot when his routine is messed up. and a 3 day weekend DEFINATELY messes him up! on top of that they started out the day at the movies instead of him doing his morning routine. probably should have had him take a nap when he got home and then pretended it was morning......but then he wouldn't sleep at night!

good food all weekend......yummy pasta on Saturday night, excellent bbq on Sunday night (and scored a new recipe), great bbq on Monday night (fresh fruit salad....can't be beat!).

another thing that wasn't so great this weekend, and I debated mentioning....but hey, it IS my blog......was that my mom, stepdad, and nana didn't make it down. they were supposed to cruise through on Monday. so of course we had OOOODLES of food for everyone....but they cancelled. I am upset because they seem to be able to make it to the casinos just fine but it is too much for them to make it 2 hours more to see their grandkids?!?! and how sad that the boys are growing up knowing they can't depend on their grandparents.

and now....back to the rat race!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

something to celebrate.....

over at LM!

of course! it is newsletter Thursday. for once, I really REALLY love both layouts I did! course, doesn't hurt that one of them is a girlie layout! lol!!

something to celebrate

in other news......Barb and her two sons were up last night/this morning. things were crazy at our house (like normal) but we did get to have some nice time to chat. BUT.....can you believe it.....two scrappers and NO PICTURES WERE TAKEN!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

times are a changin'

yesterday we registered R for school next year. he is going to a middle school (6th-8th) for smart kids. yeah, that pretty much covers it. anyway, with the new school comes new rules. the principal went over the dress code and said they had tightened it up a bit from this year....... which is good because walking onto campus yesterday I could have busted about 20 different kids for breaking dress code. anyway, it looks like a lot of it is aimed at gangs......which surprised me as I didn't think that was a problem on this particular campus. 2 items will be difficult for us and will require us to really baseball caps (at all) and no musical group t-shirts. yeah, that last one is causing R some panic. he loves wearing his concert shirts to school. this morning he came in to my room and asked if he could JUST wear concert shirts to school for the rest of the year! lol!

in other news, today was the first day for this year's shipment of organic fruits and veggies. have to give another shout-out of thanks to Melanie for telling me about community supported agriculture! we start this year a little more prepared than last year with a firm resolution to better utilize what we get. the fruit is never a problem, but some of the veggies require thought! lol!

Monday, May 21, 2007

to pop or not to pop......

that is the question......though honestly, I don't call it *pop*. I call it *soda* or *Coke*.....because it usually IS a Coke!

I am trying to cut back/out things like Coke and Starbucks. doesn't mean I won't EVER have them....just trying to get a little healthier. today is day 2 of the no soda no Starbucks. no cravings at all for either today but I have a Coke in the fridge that I bought last week. I debated whether I should drink it now and get it out of the way or if I should save it for when I am TOTALLY craving that wonderful carbonated goodness. I finally decided to leave it there......more so because I KNOW the day will come when I am so very thankful that it is there.

now...... if I drink a bunch of iced tea is that any better than all this soda??

Sunday, May 20, 2007

bring out your dead.......

dead scanners that is! my Mustek A3USB finally really died on me today. it has faked it a couple times but today there was no reviving it. dh tried to get my old PSC to talk with my computer but I guess they really don't like each no hope for a scanner there.

let me tell you about my baby (scanner that is).....I bought her back in October of 2005 when we got our most recent desk top computer. I told dh that he could pick out the computer but I had dibs on picking out the scanner and printer. a friend had told me about the is $150 and scans almost 12 x 17. that means no stitching!!! and when I am doing double page 8x8 layouts I can scan both pages at the same time. it was a totally beautiful thing!!!

anyway, for $150, it has totally done me well! I figure a price tag of less than $10 a month to not have to stitch?!?! oh YEAH! DEFINATELY a dealio!!! even dh agreed after he got really peeved that it was acting up.

back in '05 I bought it from Provantage. I bought it on a Sunday night and it was delivered on Tuesday. Tuesday is a good delivery date because newsletter layouts and such are due on Tuesdays. so here I am, another Sunday night.......and I just bought another Mustek from them! here's hoping that their customer service is still lightening quick and I get my scanner on Tuesday!

Friday, May 18, 2007

the oddest of problems....

we knew having 2 boys with birthdays just 2 days apart would require some creativity. 1 party or 2?!? how do you invite people without making them feel like they have to bring gifts for both?!? when do you give them their family pressies?!?

the problem I never thought we would have is that places do NOT believe that they are different kids! I really think we are trying to cheat them by telling them that we have 2 kids with close birthdays. why do I think this?!?! well.......everywhere that we have signed the boys up for birthday clubs or given birth dates to has only signed up one or the other. each year R OR D will get a postcard, e-mail, or whatever birthday promotion they offer. crazy! insane! but it is true!

DT party!

yesterday was DT stuff at LM. this week was using bright papers for layouts. I really like 1 of my layouts and really don't like 1 of them. can you figure out which ones?!?!?

DT party layouts

Thursday, May 17, 2007

is there a doctor in the blog???

because I just imagine the conversation if I were to call a doctor's office:

me: I need to make an appointment.
them: what is wrong, ma'am?
me: my right side keeps getting swollen.
them: the right side of what?
me: of me! of my body! my right hand, my right arm, my right foot.
them: excuse me?
me: it is like I am bloating, but only half of my body.

do you see my problem?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

so many things to be thankful for!

yes, I was just going to post about one little thing......small silly thing......that was making me happy this morning. and then I realized there were several other little small things that were making today a good day!

1. Starbuck's new Orange Mocha! I had the frap yesterday (they said I could try it a day early since I was their resident orange expert! lol!) and realized it needed a little more chocolate. somehow the frapping part dilutes the chocolate taste. so my reccomendation.....should you get the frap lite is to get an extra shot/squirt/whatever of chocolate.......because I had it that way this morning (w/o whip cream or the drizzle on top) and it was about as perfect as can be!!! oh, and try the low fat orange cake to......YUMMY!!!

2. the carpet dudes fixed the toilet!! don't tell J.....he has tried twice to fix it and just couldn't get it. so yesterday morning I was explaining to the carpet dude how to get it to stop running. well.......last night it sounded different when I flushed but I wasn't sure. this morning R used that toilet and J realized it wasn't running forever! YEAH!!!

3. (my original reason for being excited) Melanie's recipe journal!!! I subscribed to it through Feedblitz. I have never used it before.....but this morning I got an e-mail with the recipe she posted today! how freakin' COOOOOOOOL is that?!?!? she always posts the yummiest recipes and this one is no exception!

have a great day everyone! hope you find atleast 3 little things that make today a good day for you!

Monday, May 14, 2007

as we speak....

or more to the I type.....

my new carpetting is being installed!!! can I get a "YEAH!!!!!!"????

Sunday, May 13, 2007

12 of 12 for May!!!

you never know when the 12th comes around what fun and interesting or boring and routine things there will be to take pictures of. I think that is the whole point of this exercise. R didn't care about 12 of 12 this month until about 5:30 at which point he took 3 pictures of himself and his friends playing video games. that was it! lol!!

if you don't know (by now) what I am doing..... please see my friend who doesn't know me's blog. btw, the bonus word for this month was *dreamscape*. I was pretty clueless as to what to do with this theme, but it worked out in the end! so without further ado.......may I present my own May 12th....boiled down to 13 pictures!

I had hoped we wouldn't get home from the concert until after midnight, but we were home and safely in bed well before midnight. I had thought I would take my second picture when I first woke up in the morning, but obviously that plan fell apart! lol!

so my first picture is the traditional odometer shot first thing in the morning (which was almost 9am as compared to 7am on weekdays). we were leaving for bowling or the picture might have even been taken later! wow!! I drove over 700 miles this month. well, actually dh had the car a couple days so I am sure that helped! lol!

before bowling we stopped at the Starbucks inside Safeway for my *breakfast*. there was an almost lifesize display of the Shrek gang to promote the new movie. the obnoxious thing even argues with itself as you walk by. course, the boys were excited for the photo op! (can you tell that R is giving Donkey bunny ears?!?!?)

I was VERY sad to be informed that my stash of Valencia syrup had run out! can you believe it?!?! I really thought it would last until the expiration date in August. but, from what I have been told, a new orange Starbucks drink comes out tomorrow or Tuesday. lucky me!!

on our way out of the parking lot, I got my traditional gas price picture. YIKES!! good thing I had that 10 cents off from that humogeous shopping trip last week!

after bowling (can you believe I forgot to take a picture of the boys bowling?!?!? must have been because I was SOOOOOOOOOO bored my brain fell asleep! lol!)......... anyway, after bowling we went to pick up R's costume for his American History Wax Museum. I wanted to take a picture of him trying it on, but he didn't try the whole thing on again and he said no! lol! just as is the sandwich board sign for the shop we rented the costume at. such a FUUUUUN place!
then lunch out. yeah, we should have come home.....but we didn't! lol! went to Burger King. the boys were all excited about the SpiderMan 3 toys. yeah! rah! more stuff to toss when they aren't looking! lol!

home again, home again, jiggedy jig! lol! today was Stamp Out Hunger Day. luckily our mail on the weekends is super late so we had time to put out a bag of stuff. normally, this is the day I clean out anything that has been in the cupboard longer than 2 months or so. but since it was pretty darn empty when I went grocery shopping last week there wasn't anything that met my qualifications..... that didn't stop us from giving at least a little. there is enough food in there (other than milk) to feed a family for a day.

dh and D are heading on a field trip to Yosemite later this week. because of our crazy schedule the next few days, they packed today. I am bummed it isn't me going.....but I already got to go with R a couple years ago. dh, the Scout, is always prepared! he will be a great addition to the class group!

like previously mentioned, as soon they could, the boys plopped in front of the tv playing video games. how exciting! lol!

dinner. ah yes! I had stuff ready to make for dinner......but mid-afternoon had begun a little cleaning in my scraproom that turned into a major renovation. at about 6pm I peeked out and realized that there was no way I was going to make dinner.....and dh was doing some stuff for a neighbor (that I missed getting a picture of). so I made an executive decision and ordered pizza. aaaah! a little story about this pizza.....or more so the place it came from. when dh and I moved into our townhouse (before R was born) we got pizza delivered from this place all the time.....okay, like once a week maybe. anyway, when I got pregnant I had problems with heartburn so our pizza order changed and I started getting a small cheese pizza light on the sauce. the guys at the place got so used to is that they automatically added it on to all our orders........ even after Bug was born! (aaaah!) anyway......we moved out of their delivery area when we moved to the house before this one. and I guess were out of the habit of calling them by the time we moved here. I have no clue if the same people own/work there.....but we called them last night. YUM!! still as good as it was before. I think we will be calling them again. btw.....we got a pepperoni, black olives, and mushroom pizza (my fav) and a chicken bbq pizza (J's choice).

remember me talking about that little cleaning project? well, this is the scraproom AFTER I cleaned it. this picture actually doesn't do all of my cleaning justice. you see where that green bag is?!?!? just to the right of it on the floor you can now actually SEE the floor. it used to be covered with bags of stuff. the chair used to be full of paper takers. and the bottom left of the picture used to be full of recent orders that I hadn't put away. needless to say.....I can actually walk in my room without fear., we are not getting this room carpeted tomorrow. dh said if we were then I would have to move everything out myself. uh, yeah, right, I don't see it needing new carpet EVER! lol!!!

after dinner and the boys went to bed, dh and I got caught up on the tv we hadn't watched during the week. we <3 TiVo!!!! House, as obnoxious as ever, and Numb3rs were the only 2 shows we had left! odd to have a completely empty TiVo.......VERY odd for us indeed!

aaaah! remember that theme shot for this week?!?! yeah, *dreamscape*. well, I was just going to pass on it this month since I couldn't figure anything out. well, lucky, lucky me! when we were done watching tv and heading to bed........THIS is what awaited us!! yep! all the clean laundry just piled on the bed. no dreaming until we got it off the bed. and no, we didn't put it away, just into laundry baskets and at the foot of the bed.

thanks for checking out my day!

Friday, May 11, 2007

be there or.....

be rejected by the All American Rejects?!?!?!

is that kinda like a double negative? anyway, we we be at the l-o-v-e-l-y Dixon May Fair tonight to rock with these boys. isn't it great that the boys, dh, and I have enough of the same taste in music to be able to enjoy these things together? oh, yes, and that my boys aren't old enough yet to be embarrassed by that fact? lol!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

12 of 12 - 2 day warning!!

my dear friends and fans (ha!).....

here is your friendly reminder about the funnest thing you can do all month!!!

12 of 12 courtesy of Chad

I am kinda excited because it is on a Saturday this go around. I have no big plans for this Saturday......but one just never knows!!

I would love to see how YOUR day is.....12 pictures at a time!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I was going to.....

post a link to a great article in our local paper about Manzanar. if you don't know what that is, well, it was one of the internment camps that our government forced mostly American citizens to move to because they were 1/16th or more of Japanese descent. (Wikipedia has a great entry on the camp) yeah, I am not going to get into the politics of that decision. I wasn't there. I have my views and if you know me....well, then it shouldn't be too hard for you to figure out how I feel about it all. if you need a little hint.....I wrote my upper division California History report on Manzanar (to Joe Serna...... in case you follow local politics) and cried several times while researching and writing the paper.

oh, but why didn't I post the link?!?!? because of something that has become so overwhelmingly prevalent in the day of the anonymous internet: the comments. I don't want you to see how horrible people still treat each other......and how the comments have turned to bitter tirades against other commenters, against other ethnic groups, etc. everyone is entitled to their own opinion....but where is the respect? did these people learn NOTHING from what happened at Manzanar??

the respect is at Manzanar.....atleast now it is. the article talked about an annual trek made by people who survived the camps, their descendents, as well as others. these others weren't persecuted, but went to see and show their respect. one day I would like to take my boys. I want them to know what they probably won't learn in their US or California History class.

so, anyway.....that is my heavy topic for the day. take a moment today and be thankful that most of us live in this world free of persecution.......and do whatever small thing you can do so that others can enjoy the same freedom!

Monday, May 7, 2007

taking out the trash!

I can't believe I left this out of my weekend's activities.......and yet at the same time I can't believe I am actually talking about this.

today is community clean-up day........ which means stuff that normally we would have to haul to the dump and pay to leave there is picked up curbside for free!

I sent the boys into the garage yesterday afternoon to clean up their piles and piles of stuff so that we could get the old and broken freezer out for pick up. it hasn't worked for over a year now and the last year of it's life it was sucking down electricity like.........well, like my boys suck down soda when given the opportunity. what we saved by being able to stock up on good sale prices went straight to our electric company. but the darn thing lived a really good life. it was a refurbished when we bought it originally and was probably 5 or 6 years old?!?!? heck, maybe a good 10 years was just OLD! and we bought it for $100 including delivery.....which tells you how old it must have been! lol! we used it for 5+ years it did well!

anyway, the freezer went bye-bye! for the past year we have had 2 fridges instead. the freezer sections are both usually packed. and the garage fridge does a great job of holding the 30+ yogurts we buy at a time along with ooodles of drinks, the boys lunches (they make them the night before), etc. I think for our family, the 2 fridges is the way to go.

also getting the ol' heave-ho are 2 severly broken and rusted bikes, and 2 microwaves.......that I didn't even know we had.....that I guess 1 still works and the other works but the door doesn't close ( me means it doesn't work, right?!?! apparently that isn't the case......I don't know), and our old computer that we have been trying to responsibly get ride of for the past 2-3 months. we have had a knack for showing up a day late at all the computer drop-offs in our area since the beginning of the year.....wait, make that 5 months then! sheesh!

anyway....some other really weird stuff was put out old endtable/lamp that my old boss gave me that was propped together with some ol' cross stitch stretching bar turns......etc, etc. the scavengers came through last night (and I am sure more came through today)...each time I wanted to rush out there and ask them to sign something stating that if they were injured, etc from the garbage they were stealing that they couldn't sue us! lol!

end result is really nice to walk in to the garage minus the stuff that is gone.......especially the monstrosity that was the freezer. such a spring cleaning kind of refreshing feeling of lightness!!

seems to be a recurring pattern.....

of me not blogging on the weekends. maybe because I am too busy? maybe because I don't think straight on the weekends? don't know....... but I do remember that when I was in my diary writing years that I only wrote in my diary between boyfriends and at the beginning of relationships. once it was going well (you know, right before I dumped the guy) I would stop writing. too bad because those were some good times! good R would say it twice.

anyway, yeah, the weekend....can be summed up rather quickly: bowling, National Scrapbook Day, painting, and grocery shopping.

J and I will never leave our current jobs to become professional painters. our paint job is HORRIBLE!!! but I am going to take a really small brush and go back and fix some of it. I just can't let it go. the ceiling will be taken care of when I win the lottery......or next year's tax return, whichever comes first.

grocery shopping: OMG!!! seriously had a good time with this (weird, I know). Safeway had a re-grand opening for the store that I stop by the most (for the Starbucks on the way to work). anyway, OOOOODLES of coupons, good sales, everything! chicken for 99 cents a pound (the GOOD stuff!!) cereal for $1.50 a box (I actually bought so much that I couldn't get all the boxes IN the pantry! lol!) anyway, according to my receipt I saved 42% for a total bill of $223. in addition to that I got 2 movie tickets (for Shrek 3......which we were already planning on seeing) and a $10 off coupon for my next shopping trip. oh yeah! how sweet it is!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

party time for the LM DT!!!


GREAT stuff from the Design Team this week!! I have so many ideas! come check it all out!
and.......I am done getting ready for the boys' upcoming bdays. how coolio is THAT?!?!?!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday - Hump Day update

the weather is HORRIBLE!!! I can't believe it was SO HOT on Friday and Saturday....even Sunday was super warm though I guess my threshold for saying it is HOT is about 90 degrees! lol! today it is overcast and rainy and icky, icky, icky. I want to go home and go back to bed! my head is all clogged up and I really hope the Sudafed kicks in soon.

my arms and hands are still sore from the weekend. my right hand is still having issues with going numb a little and is still swollen and tender to the touch.

Wednesday night is chiropractor night. I know that a nice adjustment will help with the clogged head. who knows, might help with the numbness too. afterwards is Taco Wednesday......and maybe a little ice cream as today is Baskin Robbins 31 cent cone night. more likely the place will be PACKED and I will say forget it! lol!!

over the weekend and last night R was working on his report for school. his topic was Benedict know, the hated traitor of the Revolutionary War. well......he read a couple books about the guy and then we started checking things out online. seems that there was a whole lot more to the story than Arnold just deciding he liked tea instead of coffee! the newly forming American government did a doosy of a job on poor ol' Arnold. while we are taught that Benedict Arnold betrayed our country, in fact our country had already betrayed him, several times. it doesn't excuse the behaviour..... maybe just reminds us that there are always two sides to a story....... and that sadly our government doesn't play by the same rules it expects us to follow.

wow! sorry! that last paragraph got rather heavy. I just intended to talk about how surprised we were to find out some of the info on a subject we thought was pretty well known. anyway......R has to make a speech..... an in-character speech as Benedict Arnold. he is going to do it from the angle that he was done wrong by America and that had he been treated fairly that he wouldn't have felt like he HAD to help the British. I am confident that his teacher will be accepting of the nonpartyline representation.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

and because Susan is a copy cat.....

this seems to be one of the new fun things to do.......and a few friends have done it and golly, I don't wanna be left out! lol! so here are a few of the little games I have found recently on friends' blogs. consider yourself tagged to do one or all of them!!!

the first one: answer all the questions using the first letter of your first name. (thankfully I wasn't named Zelinda, huh?!?!?)

Your Name: Susan
1. Famous Singer/Band: SuperTramp
2. 4 letter word: sh!t
3. Color: sage
4. Street: Silverthorne
5. Gifts/Presents: scrapbook supplies (yeah! 2 "s"s there! lol!)
6. Vehicle: Santa Fe
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: silly stuff
8. Boy Name: Sam
9. Girl Name: Sara
10. Movie Title: So I Married and Axe Murderer (LOVE this movie!!)
11. Drink: soda
12. Occupation: systems analyst (not ME that is for sure! lol!)
13. Flower: sunflower
14. Celebrity: Susan Sarandon (tee hee hee!!)
15. Magazine: Simple Scrapbooks (gotta love scrapbooking!!)
16. U.S. City: San Francisco
17. Pro Sports Teams: Stockton Stingers (I think.....)
18. Fruit: strawberries
19. Reason for Being Late for Work: Starbucks! lol!
20. Something You Throw Away: solicitations
21. Things You Shout: (see #2)
22. Cartoon Character: Sylvester

second: go to Google (love me some Google!!) and type in "yourname needs" (yeah....put YOUR name there!) and see what pops up.....

Susan needs opportunities to practice literate speech
susan needs a lip, otherwise small things disappear forever
Susan needs a set of t-shirts graced with silly cliches
Susan needs to quit injuring people
Susan needs not respond
Susan needs to ask herself is this : Is my goal realistic?
Susan Needs Coffee
Susan needs to discard the bustle and loosen her corset
Susan needs to show that she was John’s wife at the time of his death
Susan needs to make a choice

and lastly.........10 weird or odd things about me:

1. I don't like onions but LOVE onion rings.
2. I need to blow my nose after eating.
3. if I step on a crack with my right foot, then I need to step on the next one with my left (or vice cersa)
4. I Tivo my soap on 2 different tvs but generally just read it online and never watch it.
5. I think the best Coke is from a McDs fountain.
6. I spell things with extra letters (like the British version of behaviour)
7. I cross my 7s.
8. uh.....isn't 8 a pretty number? yeah....just stalling here.
9. really..... I know I am weird but I can't think of any more.
10. so maybe that is the last weird thing?!?!?

do you ever have a dream.....

about someone and then wake up in the morning wondering if they had the same dream?!?!? you see them later and look at them for signs that they know you dreamed about them?!?!? and no.......I am NOT talking anything sexual. just a dream......... get your mind out of the gutter!

or what about when you dream that you fight with your spouse or something and then wake up mad at them?!?!?

and here I thought those dreams of being an airplane on a tightrope when I was a kid were weird.