Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'd like to order the double carb dinner.....

with a side of tryptophan please! and if that weren't making me sleepy enough......reading the Wikipedia entry for tryptophan would definately do it!

Christmas morning rocked....in many more ways than one! not only was Santa's pressie a big hit (pun intended) but everyone was excited and surprised by the tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs! J was rather speechless.....I finally had to tell him I won the tickets. lol!!

the boys spent a good portion of the day playing RockBand. wow! it is difficult.....either that or I have lost my sense of rhythm! maybe it was luck but the microphone doesn't work so we didn't have to listen to either of them butcher the lyrics to any of the songs. I already ordered the replacement microphone. later in the day R found out that it locks up when he tried to play drums only on a particular tune. he can't get past it until he plays it. I am hoping I can just exchange the disc portion of the game tomorrow locally.

other than that, I was hit by an organizing bug. I sorted all my buttons by color. I can't find anything in the house to store them in nicely but expect a trip somewhere tomorrow (I know....I am insane) to solve that problem. until then they are being kept nicely in my Tupperware veggie dish. yes.....THAT many buttons! I also sorted my Primas by color and they look SOOO pretty! I am trying to organize my scraproom a little more creatively. right now it looks like a cluttered warehouse. I am also hoping to get myself some more actual room on my scrap table. wish me luck!!

dinner, while not our normal holiday spread, was quite enjoyable! the turkey was delicious and juicy. J thinks I did something special.....nope! after begging a Pampered Chef friend to e-mail me a recipe I had forgotten, the stuffing was excellent and it has already been request that I make it again next year. wow! just don't tell my dad, okay?!?!? J made crescent rolls and we had steamed carrots. like I said.......I am full and ready for a nap!

so in many ways our day was full......full of fun, family, and food. I hope yours was the same!

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