Thursday, December 27, 2007

I can see clearly now.....

okay, so I could see before too!

we had eye doctor appointments today. the boys didn't want to go but I couldn't see the harm in taking them though neither has complained about vision problems.

anyway.....of course they came through with flying colors. I still have crummy vision....but no crummier than it was in Sept of 2005! lol!! because my insurance will cover it, I ordered another set of glasses. they are funky frames. (they are a spring green kinda color) they won't go with most of my wardrobe, but honestly nothing was too exciting. so I will wear my current pair most of the time and have the new weird ones to wear when they match. I can get another pair next year ( week). I wish they had something in a bright funky pink. THAT would have been fun!

J has his appointment tomorrow and with either get a new prescription or a second pair with his current prescription. then it will be off to the drug store to spend the rest of our medical pre-tax withholding money before it is forfeited. I see lots of first aid kits, bandaids, Claritin, Sudafed, Aleve, Tylenol, etc in our near future. I wonder if ear plugs are covered??? probably not.


Bec said...

New glasses are fun!! Did I ever tell you about one of my college profs who had 32 (seriously!) pairs of glasses??? I hope her prescription never changes!

Hatter J said...

I hate shopping for glasses. I hate wearing glasses. Lasik here I come...(as soon as I get a REAL job that is...)