Friday, September 26, 2008

a private joke to share.....

I sold my WaMu stock when I left the company. I kept my JPMorgan stock. tee hee hee!

And for those of you who may have seen the post I made and deleted earlier this week..... my grandmother seems to be recuperating nicely. She is in a convalescent home but should be home in about 2 weeks.thanks for your prayers!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Sharon

Takes one to know one!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Since I tend to be kinda technologically slow..... I *think* I just send an e-mail and it gets posted to my blog. If you can read this then I was right! lol!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


okay, seriously. this is a test. I am trying to set up mobile blogger so I can e-mail in posts. maybe you will hear from me a little more often this way. isn't that nice of me?


Because it is warm so late into the school year, long pants are never on our back to school shopping list. So today R and I are going ice skating and I made him wear pants. Thankfully he has a pair that fit him around the waist. I guess that means he hasn't gotten WIDER in the past year.
But it does crack me up that the wear mark from his pants being too long last year is showing because his pants are now the right length instead of 4 inches too long!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

12 of 12 .....the I can't count edition

yeah, so I THOUGHT I had 12 pictures! uuugh! and uploading I even numbered one of my pictures #12. I just skipped #11! lol!! I even looked for a picture from another day that would have fit in today perfectly (which is cheating) but couldn't find it. that makes me worried. needless to is my 11 of 12......a cheap imitation of the original! (and if you are clueless at this point about what I am talking about......check out Chad Darnell's blog over there on the right)

the handy dandy odometer on the Santa Fe. YIKES!!! thankfully this is J's Santa Fe and not mine otherwise you would have thought that we spent the month driving around in circles. in fact, MY Santa Fe is gone. traded in. we got a Sonata. we had to keep his Santa Fe though because it has the AWD, 3rd row seating, and tow hitch for Scout expeditions. I miss my sun roof! now I drive J's Santa Fe to the train station and he drives the Sonata round trip to work and R's school and racks up the miles. (you'll see when we get to that shot). my intentions are to still take odometer shots and combine them into the same photo but since I didn't even get 12 this month, I didn't bother!

here is me waiting in traffic metering to get on the freeway. being a Friday it wasn't really that bad. and if you look at the freeway you wonder why they even bothered turning on the metering! but........about 1 mile up everyone is almost at a standstill so don't let this photo fool you! lol!!

we had a big meeting this morning and they said they were feeding us breakfast. that meant I just needed a cup of caffeine (I mean coffee). this is one of two Starbucks by my office, both about the same distance, but this one is a train stop. for the record I had a grande non-fat decaf mocha. I should have kept the caffeine but was so tired I forgot to change my regular order!

Starbucks was packed so by the time I got back out I only had a 2 minute wait for the next train. normally I just walk to the office when I get coffee, but I was feeling lazy. the next stop is across the street from my office. perfect for me to be lazy!

they are putting in a restaurant on the bottom floor of our building. it makes a LOT of noise! but I have loved seeing the open building and ceiling with everything exposed. makes it fun to walk by (more when I am leaving than when I am coming! lol!!)

after work, waiting for the train, I took a picture of my recently pedicured toes. aren't they pretty? and can't you tell that I like to trim them down? I really need to let them grow a bit if I am going to have polish on them.

the train home making the turn. the minute this happens, people start popping up from everywhere to get ready to board. until the train starts to make the turn there are usually about 10 people visible waiting for the train. by the time it gets to us there are usually 30 or so! crazy!!!

had to drive out of my way to get a gas sign this month. everyone was saying earlier in the day that gas prices were zooming up courtesy of Ike. I wish I had noticed the price yesterday and in the morning to compare, but I didn't. we got gas back on the 5th and it was $3.64 at Costco so I don't think prices increased out here. probably went down as AMPM is usually a couple cents higher than Costco. it will probably hit us over the weekend!

J was a sweety and went and picked up my books at the library on his way home. I am going to start reading two new series so I requested all the books in them both from the library. this is what has shown up so far. I am missing the 1st book in one series and the 2nd book in the other so I can't start either one. but it looks like I might be covered for reading material for a few weeks now! lol! I just finished reading Denise Swanson's Scrumble River series and really enjoyed it!

here is the Sonata's odometer. check out all those miles!!! we got her/him the Friday before Labor Day weekend so we have had her/him exactly 2 weeks!

dinner.......was leftover chili and some yummy bread! this is actually me going for seconds! lol!! I should have taken a wider shot so you could see the cool bowls we use. there is a little compartment on the left side that is perfect for holding things like a dip or a piece of bread while the main compartment could hold chips or chili! we get a lot of use out of these!!

so that was it.......after dinner I cruised to Mervyns to try and find some workout stuff. I wasn't about to take photos in the dressing room. then I came home and went through some photos hoping to scrapbook today. which I am going to do now! lol!!

thanks for stopping by......I will try to make October's more exciting!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

chivalry in the age of mass transportation....

So tonight I almost missed the train. I probably left the office a tad late and walked a bit slower because these shoes hurt my feet and I was chicken to bring flip flops to wear with my nice business skirt.

Anyway, I wasn't quick enough to get my pass validated and get on the train. It wasn't for lack of trying. I yelled out asking someone to hold the door. A man actually put his bike in the doorway so it couldn't close!! But I fumbled too much trying to get out my ticket and ended up boarding the train unvalidated. The man told me I could hope out at the next stop to get it validated and he would hold the door with his bike again!

And here people think there aren't anymore gentlemen out ther!