Tuesday, December 18, 2007

today is........is NOT the day!

today is the 18th and is the *release* date for RockBand. so I patiently waited (patiently.....HA!!!) until all of 10:23 before calling the store I have it on pre-order at. adding to the stress was that Amazon massively screwed up and sent many, MANY people e-mails stating that their games weren't going to be shipped on the 18th, but on the 28th! 28 is greater than 25 and therefore BAD BAD BAD!!! so event hough I have gotten several reassurances from GameStop that I am okay, I still called.

according to the weary sounding employee, I should get a phone call tonight confirming my game will be there tomorrow. (and yes......you know the next thing that came out of my mouth: what if I DON'T get a phone call???) so I asked, and he said to call him about noon-ish. obviously this man doesn't realize that this is IT. this is the latest and the most needed of all Christmas gifts and I plan to BE at his store at noon-ish.......

maybe I can call from my cell phone in the parking lot?!??!

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