Friday, April 13, 2007

my 12 of 12 for April

12 of 12 for April!!!!
if you have no clue what I am talking about.....check out CHAD

1. the day started with checking e-mail. Google was personalized to celebrate the anniversary of man in space! finally......someone is "out there".

2. my traditional odometer picture. 48 degrees.....brrrrrr!

3. traditional shot of the price of gas. sheesh!!! isn't this HORRIBLE?!?!?!? no wonder I don't have many miles on my car. I can't afford to get "there."

4. my office drinks lots of soda. the cans are saved and then I take them home to R to crush and recycle.

5. Thursdays are my short day (since the boys get out of school early). I am off at 2pm. I got out of "there" early because I was antsy to get the boys settled so I could check out a new lss.

6. fed, the boys are dropped off at the bowling alley to meet up with some friends and practice for this weekend's tournament. from the scores posted below in R's 12 of 12 it sure looks like they needed the practice! lol!

7. YEAH!!!! new SUPER SIZED lss finally opens!!! this place has more stuff than any place I have ever seen.......except LM HQ. and they did a darn good job of opening up well stocked. and the crop room looks really nice. Michelle met me "there" and we had a nice looksie!

8. not really sure why, but Tessa was willing to look at the camera for a picture. so....I had to include it! lol! if you look you can see a few pieces of her dog food near her. she is a very picky dog. she will go through and eat all of one kind of the pieces before moving on to the next kind. often you see her nose rooting through the bowl pushing the wrong pieces here and "there" in her hunt for the particular pieces she is eating at the time. what a nut!

9. a surprise envie!! I saw the airmail and immediately thought of Cecilie.....but it wasn't from "there" was from Australia!!! a new friend sent me a lovely card and some beautiful flowers for my scrapbook!

10. I actually had too many pictures for today and debated keeping this one. but J said, "oh, no......just think about how you and your friends can laugh at a man actually getting directions." good point.....the picture stays! lol!! J is trying to figure out how to get us "there" to the bowling tournament this weekend.

11. "there" are all the Mr. Potato Head pieces we have. quite a nice collection, don't you think?!?!? the boys had fun making a complete extended family with them on Easter.

12. and "there" is me in the mirror. I had intentions of being included in the Green Tangerines picture, but when I was "there" I forgot. so here it is. I actually thought my hair and me looked cute yesterday. this picture.....not so much! lol!

13. J won a Scout award last night. I didn't get to go "there" with him to get the award because it ran too late (see how late R went to bed last night) and D had to work on homework and a school project.

so......if you can't tell, my random word was "there." I am sure I could have worked it in a few more times.......but I didn't, so "there" you go! lol!!


Becca L. said...

just had to say that has to be the coolest sign for a LSS. Was there anything there you didn't already have? =)

silver horde said...

Very nice 12 of 12's. Funny how the car plays such a big part in all our lives!

Jen said...

Very cool! I'm glad you kept the direction googling male. It probably is an endangered species and quality photographs are likely in high demand :)

Bec said...

Look at all those Mr. Potato Head pieces! I want to come play at your house! (And shop at that new LSS too!)

Claudine said...

I need to go to that store! Looks like a great, huge!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Tessa is SOOOO adorable!!!

agnes said...

Hi, Susan. I really enjoy seeing all your 12 of 12s. BTW--where is that new LSS?

Kim said...

hey Susan! Just found your blog. I cannot believe that you got a new scrapbook store. What a cool name too!

12 of 12 is such a neat idea. I may have to try it.

melanie said...

i helped that store with their order at cha - they were such fun. :)