Friday, July 29, 2011

but why??

so, one of the reasons I haven't posted very often is because I was debating my blog's focus. at first I think it started as an online diary of sorts, but I did as good a job with that as I did with my pencil & paper diaries as a teen!

a while ago I changed the tag line of the blog to represent the focus I intended for myself. pretty much a cool way of saying "who, what, where" thinking I would talk about the things I do (like read books), the places I go (like movie reviews), and people......a catch-all for everything else.

I started by doing my famous amateur restaurant review and then thought I would do a full scale "The Help" review. that last part hasn't happened (yet!). the most recent post was about an event happening this weekend that is just quirky and fun! hopefully if you live locally you have already visited the Sacramento Zoo, and who can complain about a cute van and cheese? overall, I would love to let people know about things they might like but might miss if I someone doesn't tell them about it!

anyway, these are some of the things I would like to include in this blog......along with my overall general randomness that is always a favorite of mine! lol!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some cheesy love!!!

my love of cheese must be rather public as I received an email promoting this weekend's Tillamook Loaf Love Tour event!


In Celebration of Tillamook Cheese’s Loaf Love Tour Returning to Sacramento, YOU can Gain Free Entry to the Sacramento Zoo on Saturday, July 30th

Tillamook Cheese’s “Loaf Love Tour,” the second annual cross-country event dedicated to “bringing tasty cheese to the people,” is returning to Sacramento from July 25th to August 14th.

As a fun way to share the “Loaf Love” with Sacramento-area residents, The Loaf Love Tour will be offering free admission to the Sacramento Zoo on Saturday, July 30th for the first 100 fans who sport their brightest & wildest Tillamook Cheese orange.* (Orange-clad fans arriving after the first 100 tickets will receive $1 off admission.)

Seriously! How cool is that?? And, btw, the weather for Saturday looks to be perfect for zoo

New to the Loaf Love Tour in 2011 is the “Loafster,” the new convertible VW bus refurbished to represent a Baby Loaf of Tillamook Cheese.

The Loafster will join a pair of 1966 Standard VW Microbuses, also modified to represent Baby Loafs, and loved by millions......including this blogger! Did you know their all-natural cheddars are made in the Pacific Northwest using only the highest-quality milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones? (and they also make ICE CREAM!!)

Free entry for the first 100 eligible participants only. Free entry starting at 9:00 a.m. until limit reached. Participating fans may check-in at the Tillamook Baby Loaf bus adjacent to the Sacramento ticketing booth. To win, attendees must be wearing orange. Limit one free entry per person, no monetary value.

To see the tour’s detailed schedule of stops in Sacramento, please visit: .
You can learn more about Tillamook by visiting their website: but don't go if you are hungry!

Disclosure: They sent me an email. They asked me to post about the event. They will be giving me free samples of cheese and I'll get into the Zoo for free. But hey, that's cool because I was going anyway!