Monday, August 13, 2007

12 of 12 July 2007

a little apologies.....and to those who have no clue what I am talking about:

Chad Darnell's 12 of 12

and so we begin........ early Sunday morning J is putting a marinade rub on the ribs we are having for dinner. we have never made ribs at home but he found a great recipe and has plans to cook them all afternoon!
the classic odometer shot. 6,748 miles! J has almost 3 times that many miles on his car. taken at about 9:45 and you can see how cool it was. I don't think it hit 90. I am loving it but fear how Mother Nature might even the score later!
taking the boys to do a little back to school preparation. we don't do a major shopping spree because the weather is so warm through almost November that buying them clothes now is silly. but, before we began, Mommie got herself a little treat: BMFL.......blueberry mocha frap lite......... or would that be light??? and if so, then it works perfectly with the theme this month: light........... either way......DELICIOUS!!!
then we actually stopped for gas. I supposedly had about 50 miles left before I needed to fill up, but the price was nice (and I had my lovely 10 cent discount), we were there anyway, and it gave me time to get the monthly gas price picture! lol1! $2.71 isn't sad that it isn't bad??

Big Boy R loves to pump gas.....and that is fine with me! I still have to get out and do all the pin codes and stuff......but atleast today it gave me time to go get the price picture! lol! R is wearing the Linkin Park t-shirt we bought for him (and D got one too) in the parking lot of the concert. I actually liked it better than the design they were selling inside....... and a darn heck of a lot cheaper!
2 haircut. R just got a trim. he has plans to grow it out again (whatever). D with his traditional "little boy" haircut. just something that will be okay since he still doesn't shower daily and hates to comb it.
4 new shoes. D has no sense of his shoes being too small or big. makes shoe shopping and adventure with him! he had on shoes 1 1/2 sizes too small and said they fit fine. anyway, he got 1 pair since he has 2 good pairs at home still. R got 2 new pairs (thus the miss-match) since he has 1 pair at home that are totally thrashed. R thinks he is just TOO cool with his American Eagle shoes because they match the AE hat he got last year.
after the shoes we went to Old Navy. no pictures there....... don't know why. had to buy R a pair of jeans since he has none that fit and he seems to think he might want to wear some. both boys got another shirt that they didn't need and I got a shirt I don't need!

then, because we were right by there and because the boys didn't spend the previous 2 hours begging to go, we went to Burger King for lunch. yep! Simpson toys. that is why they wanted to eat there. I only like BK because they have frozen Cokes! lol!!
yesterday we had gone to IKEA to buy a bookcase that would fit my scrapbooks. turns out we got the wrong color and J is going to need to exchange it at lunch. we also ended up buying 2 lamps (with no thought to today being 12 of 12......honestly!). I really dislike the lack of decent lighting in our house and don't like the lamps we have in the living room. THESE are awesome!! not only do they have a great light and look cool......they also have a reading spotlight!! I took the photo with it on so you would be sure to see it. I could have SOOOOO used one of those when I was big into cross-stitch!
along with the lamps and wrong colored bookcase, we picked up 2 cd towers. we are trying to empty out a corner of the living room so we can put the treadmill in there. the theory is that we will use it in the morning or evening while watching tv. wish us luck! lol! is D putting the little pegs in for the shelves.
dinner was great! ribs, corn on the cob, and fresh tomatoes. YUM!! I wanted to but totally forgot to take a picture of the meal. too bad because it was a beautiful sight!

after dinner R got in some bugle practice before D had to go to bed. he isn't practicing as much as he should so we sneak it in as much as possible. do you see that brown dog like thing in the background? that is Brownie. he is a flat dog that R uses as a pillow. well, not that one, that is a medium Brownie and was a good pillow when R was younger. the bigger Brownie works as a pillow now. there are also Baby Brownies which are the size of mini Beanie Babies that R used to carry around. (okay....end of nostalgia! lol!)
so while R was practicing, D got ready for bed. this is what D is currently wearing to bed. no mind that he has actual pjs.....he just wears the bottoms with oversized t-shirts. now we all know where Mary-Kate and Ashley get their sense of fashion! lol!
and finally.....I knew I needed to post an updated picture of my hair. you can see it has lightened up (oooh! light!!!) there are actually streaks where it is almost back to the highlights. what an adventure this is going to be!!
so there you go..........a Sunday in the life of us. notice no scrapping. I got 1 layout finished....but that was all. how sad is that?!?!?


Zpitzen said...

Great pictures:-) Shopping with the boys.. Wauw.. How brave you are.. ?! ;-) always do it alone, and then Tobias tries it on at home...

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I'm not sure I'd ever mix blueberry and mocha...but then I'm not a blueberry fan. :) Glad you had a good day!

claudine said...

don't you just hate it when you get something and it ends up not working.. I still need to try that new frap. Maybe tomorrow on the way to cake class...

BU said...

Nice pics! Is your son working on his bugling merit badge?