Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - oh finally!! (a movie review.....kinda)

Do you know me? Probably don't need to know me much to know how much I have been obsessing over The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie. Yes, I was one of those hold outs who didn't read the books when all the buzz started. Why would I want to read some book about an inked chick?? But I did and the rest is kinda history.

So that you know where I am coming from, I have read the entire series once.....pretty much didn't leave the couch from the beginning of the first book through the end of the third. I have watched the foreign films once. Then a couple weeks ago I read the first book again and rewatched the foreign version of the first movie. I stopped short of piercings and tearing my clothes (I would be tempted if I could find a shirt that said "fuck you, you fucking fuck" like was worn in the movie.......though I would probably be too chicken to wear it in public.......or in front of my kids........maybe under a sweatshirt?!?!? I don't think H&M will be offering it in their Dragon Tattoo collection!)

Last night was the sneak preview. Couldn't believe I hadn't tracked down passes until Sunday morning......thankyouverymuch SandwichJohnFilms!! After talking with the studio rep, I was a bit worried about the amount of violence in the movie: rape, rape, torture, etc. All the heavies. Despite the continual laughing of the dude across the aisle from me, this was not a comedy!

Anyway, the worst part of the movie was the Trent Reznor "video" at the beginning. My friend MsChick said it was to get us in that "weird dark Swedish vibe". You can see the video on his site......sans movie credits. This movie was a long one.......why saddle us with a ridiculous waste of time on top of that? (Otherwise, he and Atticus Ross did an amazing soundtrack!!)

After that, everything was much better! I don't know how to really say it (which is why I won't be quitting my day job to become a movie critic anytime soon), but this version of the movie took a slightly different view of the storyline than the original version and I liked it better. It did a better job of explaining things than the foreign film and will go over better with those few in the audience who haven't devoured the books. The movie was faithful to the story, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It still took liberties with some of the details of the story and I would love to ask the screenwriter, director, producer, whomever "why???? why bother changing something like that?" But I can't.

End result: this movie lives up to the hype. They did not ruin a good story as I had feared they would. Other than 2 obvious and annoying product placements (McDonalds and Coke, I am looking at you!), it was not what I call "Hollywoodized." (Apple and Epson got their fair share of screentime too, but somehow that wasn't as annoying.) I can't imagine how many shots it took to get some of the subtle emotions and nuances from the actors. I was uncomfortable where I knew I would be (this is not a kids's movie people......and the 2 people I saw there with their young children: bad! bad bad parents!!!). The movie (with the help of the soundtrack) was fast paced and I didn't notice that I was sitting for so long. They did an excellent job of providing some relief so you didn't leave the theater needing a chiropractor from being stressed up and clenched for almost 3 hours. I will go see it again. 

One thing that feels off is that what you remember being the main story ends, but there are still several minutes left to the movie. The viewer (even me) forgets that the story begins with Mikael Blomkvist being convicted of slander. Then we quickly get swept up into the "meat" of the movie. But that part of the story is only there because of the fall-out of the court case and after the mystery is solved, the slander storyline needs to be concluded. Seems a bit anti-climactic. It does in the book too. But it is necessary for the continuation of the Trilogy. Maybe instead of seeing it as the end of this story, see it as a prelude to the next?

Anyone know when The Girl Who Played With Fire will be out?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And the winner......

of an all expenses paid trip to......oh wait, wrong blog! lol!!

okay, seriously, according to Random.org, the winner of all those nifty neat-o-keen things in my November 27th post is..........


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