Wednesday, December 26, 2007

and a frothy Christmas to you too!

aaaaah! the day and such scattered around. RockBand already acting up! uuugh! well....atleast the boys were in good spirits today. I got nothing memorable accomplished other than some buttons put in pretty jars and some ribbon wound around little cards. I am not done yet and my scraproom looks worse than when I started but I am enjoying myself. wish I had more than 7 more days off from work! wish I had taken a nap! lol!!

so I started reading Nora Griffin's blog through Moriah Bettencourt's blog. I found her blog through Lisa Damrosch's blog. Lisa teaches at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have taken a few kick butt classes from her and love her patterned paper work. it is just AMAZING!!! so anyway.....I am getting off track here............on the 20th, Nora mentioned a hot chocolate frother from Williams & Sonoma. having not purchased my gift for J yet.....and his continuing love of hot chocolate......I thought this would be perfect! R and I snuck over to the mall on Sunday morning bright and early and pre-hoarding masses and picked one up.

tonight we tried it out. in our enthusiasm I think we (read: he) over-frothed!! it makes even 1% milk hot choc taste pretty darn good!! I can't wait to have some with the GOOD chocolate!!

so......have a little indulgence yourself. yeah, probably not that you needed any encouragement this time of year, huh!?!??! but do it anyway! better yet.......share your indulgence with someone else. I sure am glad that J did tonight!

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Hatter J said...

That machine sounds absolutely heavenly...and don't worry, I've been doing my fair share of indulging...yikes.