Friday, December 14, 2007

and now back to your regular blogging....

lol!! having 12of12 and the year end recap really saved me from having to......well...... blog! lol!! it is now the 14th of the month and I am posting my 14th blog entry for the month. WOW!!! they say it takes 23 days to form a habit. I wonder if this will become a habit?!?!?

so......last night R and I went to ANOTHER concert!! another local radio station had their Christmas mega concert last night. yes, I did check into tickets when they first announced the concert. how could I not when they had Blue October and Lenny Kravitz?!?!? Lenny is the first artist that R was able to identify. but when I priced out tickets (and that it would be a late, late night on a Thursday) I just couldn't do it. taking 4 peeps to a concert is EXPENSIVE!!!

anyway.....the radio station put tickets on sale for 50% off on Tuesday......and J had a meeting (twice postponed I believe) that he couldn't miss meant that not only would tickets be a lot cheaper but we would only be buying 2 of them. since J wasn't going I couldn't see keeping D up that late. I took R so that R could see Lenny. $52 for 2 people to see Natasha Bedingfield, Matt Kearney, Pat Monahan (Train), Blue October, and Lenny......Lenny Kravitz. I figure it cost us less than $1/song/person...... right?!?!? 5 groups each playing 5 or more songs. yup!!

the concert was at the Memorial Auditorium. if you aren't familiar with Sacto you won't know that this is an amazing old building that is really perfect for a concert! there are really no bad seats in the house!! because we bought our tickets so late, we had to get them at will call. I worried about HUGE lines at will call so we got there early. actually.......we got there right on time! I had worried about downtown parking and the closest garage was 2 blocks away. I didn't want to be walking to a car with a kid in downtown Sacto by myself at 11pm. BUT.........after 6pm you can park at the meters FOR FREE!!! with NO TIME LIMIT!!! so, dude......we parked on the side of the auditorium........40 feet or so from the exit!!! (insert that silly dancing smilie here) after picking up our tickets, R was excited beyond belief to see PF Changs across the street. that boy has a thing for pot stickers! lol!! the biggest decision of the evening for him was when he saw the Mikunis next door...... pot stickers or sushi?!?!?! lol!! we ended up getting pot stickers, calamari and won ton soup. other than R leaving our leftover soup on the kitchen table over night, it was an EXCELLENT meal! unrequested review:
  • Natasha was great! she did accoustic and played the piano. great voice!
  • Matt was great as well. a little funny......before he sang "Breathe In Breathe Out" he said he wanted to write a song that doctors would make-out to. if you are a Greys Anatomy watcher you will think that is funny!!
  • Pat did an AMAZING job! I hold a grudge against the lead singers of groups that go out and do solo projects. I think it is unfair to their bandmates. that being said....he did sing some Train songs. but the BEST was when he played a song of his own.....that I had never heard of before......without a microphone. SERIOUSLY!! he asked everyone to be quiet (you know....all 3,000+ of us) and then sang. it was really the best part of the evening. SOOO cool.....and a testiment to what an amazing place the Memorial is to hear a concert!!
  • Blue October shocked me! I had this mental idea of the lead singer: tall, freakin' HUGE, bald, with lots of tattoes and piercings! lol! well.......he isn't! it was kinda like if a frustrated punk rocker had mated with Brian Setzer! lol!! short, a little chunky......LOTS of dark hair. and from my nosebleed (but excellent view) seating I couldn't see if he had any piercings or ink. other than THAT whole did those guys give it all!! I would love to see an entire concert with them! SUCH energy!! oh.....and R and I totally cracked up at how one guy played so many instruments: electric guitar, electric violin, and keyboards. THEN the dude popped up with a tamborine! lo!!
  • Lenny the time he came on, R was TIRED. we didn't stay for his full show, but what we did see was terrific!! he really rocked the stage. I can't figure out why he alone didn't sell out the show. and I feel that he is one of the artists that decades later we will be glad to be able to say that we saw.....

that being said.....OMG! I am SOOOO tired!!! and I think R is going through a growing spurt (yeah, ANOTHER). he couldn't stay seated last night. we had the same problem at the last concert we went to. his legs get uncomfortable. and I noticed earlier this week that he is eating in funky weird spurts again. I am SOOO glad I didn't buy him oodles of jeans when school started. he finally wore the one pair I did buy him earlier this week......and they are small. they were huge when I bought them!

sorry for the long post! hope it didn't put YOU to sleep!


Hatter J said...

You know, every time that I read one of your concert posts...I hate you a little bit more....but it is the "friendly" kind of hate.

I love Blue October--I get this station called IMF where the actually show music videos 24 hours a day (gasp!!!!) and they show a lot of their videos.

The mailman dropped off a surprise yesterday--thank you!!! I would reciprocate but that would involve planning and work....

Moriah Bettencourt said...

OMG I love Blue October... their song Hate Me, is soooo me!!! I totally feel like that... "hate me today, hate me tomorrow" LOL. Okay, maybe not quite the whole song but I freaking LOVE that song but that one about sinking into the ocean creeps me out. Having known someone who was lost at sea & having my husband out there all the time that song (even though it's a metaphor) hits too close to home!