Wednesday, March 28, 2007

choices had to be made.....

somehow it is always like this. I have known for MONTHS that I am taking a trip tomorrow. I knew when it was, how long it was for, and what I was doing on the trip. yet I am STILL not packed!!

I was going to pack over the weekend. yep, nope, didn't happen!

I was going to pack Monday night. yep, nope, didn't happen!

I was going to pack last night. yep, nope, didn't happen!

now it is the eve of my departure. I work until 5 (except that I am leaving at 4ish to get an eyebrow waxing) and then to the chiropractors and Taco Wednesday with the family. I'll get home at 6 - 6:30.......... 12 hours before my plane departs. 10 hours before I need to leave the house to be on said plane.

so.....choices: I don't really NEED to take my laptop! would be cool to watch movies. but I would need to go buy a second battery. my current one seems to have a life of about 2-3 hours. it would die in Denver.

choices: I don't really NEED a pedicure. notice I said the appointment was just for a waxing. I SOOO need that. but although I would prefer cute pink toenails, that is a valuable piece of time I could be stressing about something else.

choices: I don't really NEED new slippers. just because the old ones are mules and I am going to a place much colder than! I can take extra socks, right?!?!

choices: I don't really NEED more than 4 hours of sleep tonight, right?!?! I can sleep on the plane, right?!?! well, no not really. I don't sleep on planes. tomorrow might be the exception though, because I can't imagine getting to bed earlier than midnight tonight.

hoping you all have a good weekend! I for one am thankful that March is ending. it won't go down in my book as a particularly good month. but Sunday starts a new month full of hope and promise!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

today is a momentous day!!!

R is practicing trombone. and I found myself humming the song along with him. seriously! this is BIG!!! normally I couldn't tell you if he was playing the correct notes or if he was even trying to actually play or just goofing off. today I could tell the song because he was playing the right notes and was on time.

Friday, March 23, 2007

because all my blog readers are smart and funny...

go vote to save Studio 60!!!


call us the 4 dwarfs.....

slowpoke, snarky, sneezy, and grumpy. oh, wait! that last one IS a dwarf and two of those names describe the same member of our family! the only one left out was J...... call him stressed! sheesh! what a horrible day it was yesterday. I mentioned to several people that I just felt grumpy. downright, old fashioned grumpy. atleast I knew it, right?!?! yesterday afternoon with the boys didn't help. (remember those dwarf names?!?!) I can handle sneezy it is just when his alter-ego snarky came out that the youknowwhathittheyouknowwhat. slowpoke was in rare (okay, not rare.......but previously normal and thought we had gotten through kind of behaviour), then got some crummy news in the morning, the day was a head hammerer, dealt with Mr. Petulant in the afternoon, and then headed home to find out that because I didn't fill out paperwork that wasn't sent to me that I was being denied something I didn't want in the first place. follow?!?! yeah, well, honestly it really makes sense to me. but that is for another blog after a couple beers....that I don't drink! lol!! the highlight of the day.....golly, Ugly Betty! for the LOVE of Ugly Betty! I will admit my fav part was the bestexgirlfriendyouneverhad conversation between Amanda and Mark. LOVED IT!!! (with a swish)

anyway, a few have told me they were having *off* days recently. people getting snarky, on each other's nerves, etc. I am hoping it is ending. and ending quickly. and a little consolation knowing I am not alone.....heck, even Mr. Dooce had an off day yesterday. weird, huh?!?!?

so TODAY!! today should be a good day, right?!?! to balance things out, right?!?! a phone call to clear up that paperworkIdon'twant problem. and then bought the fam tickets to see All American Rejects in May. FOURTH ROW.......pretty darn exact center stage!! now I will admit that ifthe powers that be told me I could once get such close tickets and to pick the concert, this wouldn't be near the top of the list. BUT......if the same amount of money gets me these tickets versus 100 rows back, who am I to complain?!?! the boys will love it......especially Mr. Petulant. hey, maybe I should give the fam all these kind of names and call them by that instead of their initials?!?!

hoping for a splendid weekend! busy as always, but I am thinking a good wonderful kind of busy. the kind that returns you to work Monday morning feeling like you actually DID have a weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pimpin' Day 2

thanks Heather!

so, after posting yesterday about Ali's blog and her 6 Degrees badge, I noticed it popping up other places. you know, like you buy a new car and then see 12 of them on the road the next day?!?!? well, I checked 6 Degrees this morning and Ali is now in the #1 spot! (oh, and confirmed that Kevin Bacon will match up to the top 6 fund raisers...that makes sense, right?!?! 6 is his magic number! lol!) oh, but Ali is only in the lead by 39 donations. wouldn't it be cool if some *scrapbooker* beat out a bunch of celebrities and famous peeps?!?!?

and to add to my Pimp Daddy-ness....... Stacy Julian mentioned last week or the week before about a company that sells these darn cute little lunchbox notes. (look under parenting/kids) I got mine yesterday and just LOVE them! they are about 2" easy to hide in a lunchbox, trombone case, backpack, bowling bag......knowing my boys I could hide them in their pants pocket and they might not find it for days! lol!! anyway, today was NOT a good morning so no hidden notes....but I am excited about the potential for hiding! lol! reminds me of my dad. once in awhile HE would make our lunches. everything would be wrapped in tin foil (I think it was actually still tin in those days) and there would be a multiple choice note asking us to guess what was in our lunch. he always used his Sperry Univac note pads with their dorky little suit guy at the top. LOVED those notes! anyway, I haven't done that too often with the boys. once, last year for Talk Like a Pirate Day I did something similar and they loved it! though honestly I think a few of their classmates were somewhat freaked out and I had a parent a few days later on a field trip comment on it! lol!

I will stop rambling now. I swear I had decaf this morning!!

(((hugs))) to a friend. you know who you are! march has been tough.....really REALLY looking forward to this month ending and a beautiful fresh start in April!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I don't like to pimp on my blog.....

but there are times where I will make an exception! lol! (hey, my blog, my rules!!!)

so....go to Ali's blog. read stuff and then click on the link to donate money to the 6 Degrees fundraiser for autism. I guess the top 5, 10, or something will get matching donations from Kevin Bacon! how freakin' cool is that?!?!?

anyway......autism hits all of us whether directly or indirectly and more attention, resources, and research is needed!

and now back to your regularly scheduled blog..................

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

not necessarily a recipe blog....

but, I have had to ask for this recipe for friends on so many occasions that I figure I should put it here so I can atleast stop having to ask for it.....

background info: a friend of mine is a dj (or was one.....the future is undetermined) and he and his old dj partner somehow found or got this recipe for a salad that was guaranteed to put a woman in labor within 48 hours. I never got to the point of needing to use it, but haven't heard of anyone who has tried it unsuccessfully. so when I hear of someone desiring to go into labor I happily share it. well......after I ask for it again. I did so again today. and will put it here not so much for anyone currently reading my blog.....but just so I can find it again in the future! lol!

romaine lettuce
gorgonzola cheese
chopped walnuts
a balsamic vinegar dressing

mix together and eat!

I have been told the proportioning doesn't matter as long as all ingredients are included. there is some thought that it is the vinegar that does it. I can't tell you as I had a slice of pepperoni pizza and a Dole Fruit & Juice bar the night before R was born! had I known I wasn't going to get to eat for the next 24+ hours I am sure I would have eaten a lot more.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Arlyn made me do it....

okay, so this post is basically to see if I am on her "list." you know, the list you can create somewhere that tells you when people have updated their blogs. I will freely admit that I don't have a list. and it isn't because I don't read other people's blogs.....but because I am not there yet technologically. I am glad that I found the place that I can check to let me know when people reply to MY blog!!

anyway.....I told you all a little about Saturday....Sunday was just as darn busy! a friends' son turned 4 (wow! 4 sheesh!! I remember when I met his mommie on the way to a Sugar Ray concert and we were talking about troubles conceiving. I remember all the conversations about their attempts......and then they stopped talking. I didn't ask. I knew it was 1 of 2 things: either they weren't doing it anymore and were in mourning.....or they were pregnant and holding their breathe. by the fact that we were at a 4 year olds' bday party you can guess which one it was!) we have a really weird relationship with their family (not bad weird, just not friendship based on regular things that they are normally based on)........that I won't get into here. if you know who I am talking about then you know what I mean. if you don't then I am not intentionally leaving you out......just respecting their privacy.

back to the was his bday party. well, I guess we don't see them enough other than when we come over to babysit because he got upset the minute I walked in the door. he wouldn't talk to me or make eye contact. and while the later isn't too surprising, he normally atleast acknowledges that I have arrived! lol! it took about 20 minutes of both myself and his parents telling him that they weren't leaving for him to settle down. poor kid! that really wasn't fair of us, was it?!?! the party was a blast and my boys were better dealing with the littlier kids than last year. funny thing that yesterday afternoon I uploaded the pics from his party last year and saw all the same kids a year younger!

amazing how fast that weekend went! oh, and speaking of amazing.....can't BELIEVE what happened on Amazing Race last night! uuuuugh!! don't want the whiney bitchy cousins in first place! no! no! no!!!! and absolutely LOVED my boys chasing after Phil with coal all over them! just HAD to crack up at that! and, honestly, SO happy that Uchenna and Joyce were not over last night. while they are not my team of choice to win, I really like them!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Happy Saint Patricks Day to you!!!

we were lucky enough (not) to spend a majority of our day in our car! drove the boys to a bowling tournament a couple hours away. both boys had a couple really good games and each had a really crummy game. BUT...they had fun....and got to wear these mighty attractive get ups! plenty o' compliments on their attire! lol!!

afterwards we drove home in time to hit a downtown pub for some dinner. of course I was the only one getting anything close to actual Irish cuisine.....I had my corned beef and cabbage. the problem is that I could have eaten twice as much....I really LOVE that stuff! maybe I will make it for dinner tomorrow night?!?!? had a terrific time at the pub watching all the crazy people around us and the boys collected some green beads.......R even got a green knit cap from a whiskey company! lol!

now I am tired and it is still early. hoping to get a few things done before I hit the hay. funny that just a few hours ago I was thinking how fun it might be to do a pub crawl....and now I just want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep!

Friday, March 16, 2007

is blogging about a blog really blogging?

serious question there.....and you will see why.

Dooce is a blog I read just about daily. cool, that woman actually makes money from blogging. I don't expect to quit my day job anytime soon and especially not to make a living from blogging....but she does. kudos to her! anyway, today she posted some of the e-mails she receives on a regular basis. of course she just shares what she wants to share with the internet world: hey, her blog = her choice, right?!?! I am continually AMAZED by how upset people get over her blog, how many people tell her to get a life, and how pathetic their grammer and punctuation are. (says the woman who LOVES to include lots of "......" and only uses capitalized letters to make a point instead of when she SHOULD use them) now.......follow me there anything FORCING these people to read her blog?!?!? (I have the same argument for people who complain about tv shows.......get your butt up and change the channel......or better yet, turn it off and go do something else!!) do they realize that she gets her advertising based on how many people DO read her blog?!?! so if they were to STOP reading her blog then she would get LESS money and be forced (in their words) to "get a real job"?!?!? better yet (actually the best part) is how pathetic and in need of getting a life are they if all they actually have the time and desire to complain to her about her needing to get a life?!?!? (follow that?)

so.......go read her blog today. I have even provided a handy-dandy quick link to it down in that list over there on the left hand side of the page....just scroll down a bit and you will see it along with the other blogs I like to check out. be forewarned that she is definately not high on the PC chart. but just go and make yourself feel better for getting past 6th grade english.......because I think most of these people didn't!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

R becomes a Boy Scout

tonight R moved from a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout. we are really proud of him and the achievements he made as a Cub and hope that he continues to on his path in scouting. as the den leader for these Webelos, J gave a little speech about all the boys and sometimes their parents. he said some really nice things about me and that was really sweet. I know things get crazy and hectic but it is nice to know that he appreciates me.....cuz I really do appreciate him and all that he does! even though his antics embarrass me, I am really proud of how active he has become in scouting. I know it takes a lot of his time but I think it is great for the boys to see him doing it.....and I know that he does like it too! (and I am not just writing this because I think J will come read it.....I have told him all this before....just tonight was a good reminder)

prior to the ceremony, we all ran around crazy trying to get ready: finishing the arrows, finishing the plaques, getting the cake, finishing the shadow box (isn't it nice looking in that picture behind R?!?!), etc, etc. so it is nice to see it over. now we can start thinking about the bowling tournament on Saturday! lol!!

I had more to talk about but I have forgotten it. the whole time change is really taking me for a ride! but, oh, isn't it nice to have the picture along side the post instead of chopping it up? I think I will do that from now on.....maybe alternate back and forth for some variety! lol!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I guess my picture of the pickle dude was a hit, huh?!?! never have I gotten more posts on my blog in one day than for this month's 12 of 12. course, maybe the fact that you CAN post on my blog now helps, huh?!?!? anyway, I thought it was unbelievably hysterical last night when I passed that same corner and there was NO PICKLE!!!! there was a guy out with the sandwich board, but he wasn't dressed up as a pickle! while I don't think this will count as a miracle towards my own sainthood, it does make one think that someone is listening!!!

speaking of listening........last night I found out about ANOTHER person who is listening in on my blog......MY HUSBAND!!! he had forgotten to start the rice for dinner and since we were both very busy last night we decided to head out for some healthy and nutritious fast food. he slyly commented that maybe I didn't want to go to Jack in the Box since I had just been there for lunch the previous day.......OOOOOOH!!!! (and yes, J, I DO know that you did do that on purpose!!!) seems he was almost even driven to post in defense of himself in regards to my claim that he was procrastinating on the Scout stuff. he SAYS he didn't think he NEEDED the item until this past weekend.....yeah, whatever, honey......whatever you say dear! lol!! needless to say, I am really thankful I haven't talked here about how he claims to hate country music yet sings it loud and proud in the shower, his penchant for smelling his dirty socks, or about his addiction to My Little Pony and how this addiction has had our home in foreclosure several times. why buy it at Kmart 2 for $5 when you can buy it on e-Bay for $35?!?!?

well, atleast now I can leave him notes here, right?!?! like: remember I won't be meeting you at the chiropractor's office or for dinner as I have a hair appointment. D needs to be in bed by 7 so have him start getting ready at 6:30. have R make his lunch tonight since tomorrow is a band day. and the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty. love ya!

Monday, March 12, 2007

12 of 12 - the LUCKY edition! lol!

once again, I have surprisingly remembered to take my pictures!!! if you are clueless as to what I am referring to....please check out CHAD!! also check out some of the others who play along each month.....really kinda fun to read what other people did today!

alrighty, here we go....I wasn't coherent enough to take a picture of the clock this morning when J woke me at 6am (really 5am, huh?!?!?) so my first photo is the obligatory odometer...which happily shows the temperature as well! (it warmed up to the mid-80s today....should have waited to take this shot, huh?!?!?)

forgot to take a picture of the boys so I tracked them down halfway to school. please notice that one boy is wearing a helmet and riding his scooter while the other isn't. guess which one left his at school on Friday and instead of saying anything was RUNNING to keep up?!?!?

got to work late......but the phone system wasn't reset was I actually EARLY!?!?!? lol!! and yes, yes I do have a penguin squeezy stress ball/doll. (thank you still to Sharon!)

my healthy and nutritious breakfast (atleast it was a non-fat mocha)......and hey, isn't that straw GREEN?!?!? did I mention the bonus pic this month has a GREEN theme?!?!?!

at lunch time I cruised over to Target to try and get J something for his iPod. didn't find what I think he thinks he wants.....but does that ever really stop one from spending money (aka GREEN) at Target?!?!? took a picture of the sign because I can't show you what I bought......secret!!!

then hit the drive thru at Jack in the Box. I won't show you or tell you what I had for lunch. just pretend it was healthy and nutritious, okay??? I will promise you that I didn't get one of the Andes Mints milkshakes.....hurry Easter! hurry!!

yeah, well, speaking of GREEN.........I won't have much thanks to the price of gas! can you BELIEVE IT?!?!?!

this guy is trying to drum up business for a new deli. I have seen him every day for the past week or so....and every day I think "golly I hope he is still there on the 12th so I can take his picture." too bad he would rather me think "golly I want a sandwich right now" lol!

our city recently lowered the speed limit on several major roads. every day last week I watched some fool get a ticket for zooming along....... I'll agree 40 is darn slow but I wanna keep as much GREEN as I can so I have slowed down!

here is the stack of layouts I have completed recently thanks to a class over at BPS and this weekend's Extreme Crop over at LM. pretty nice stack, huh?!?!?

here is Mr. Dork himself....working on a plaque for R's Arrow of Light. the ceremony is Thursday. nothing like putting things off until the last minute, huh?!?!?

and his lovely wife, Mrs Dork, showing you a nifty little something that the boys found and begged me to buy for a friend. if you know me, you KNOW who that friend is. and either he will be thrilled or he will have already received a dozen packages. either way, the boys LOVE him and wanted to send him something..... but shush! try and keep it a secret, okay?!?!?

and, the BONUS PICTURE!!!! yes, I have become a tad obsessed! I LOVE these mint ones! they are the BESTEST!!! and that whole limited time only thing kinda freaks me out! as if it weren't bad enough that they discontinued the valencia I have to deal with this kind of pressure?!?!?

anyway, hope the pictures were a decent size. this is my first month with the new blog so I am still learning!

right here.....right now....

it is 12of12 day! so far I have taken 4 pictures. not bad but I am going to have to find stuff to take pictures of today....I just know it!!

here is a work funny.......I had an early conference call today. with the time change, I wasn't sure for sure what time it was where the call was set for (in Arizona) so I checked our company home page....uh, yeah, THEY even messed up on the whole time change thing and I called into my call at the wrong time! lol!

this morning I was speeding along getting ready for work. managed to upload all the layouts I did over the weekend to the my LM gallery . zoom! zoom! zoom! I really feel good about the work I did over the weekend (mostly Friday night). nothing that is going to win me any awards, but some serious progress towards getting closer to my acceptable lag range for scrapping.

in other feel good news......David seems to be making some serious progress, both at home and at work. most of you don't know the specific issues (because I am not a whiner, gosh darn it! lol!) but know that we have had some major struggles with him. anyway, last night his bedtime was moved up a half hour......SUCH a big thing!!! he has been doing much better at school too and was awarded Student of the Month for his class for February. course, he has known for a week but didn't bother to TELL us! nothing phases that kid! lol!! anyway, when we went through our Pride training (fostercare / adoption stuffs) they talked about how things would get bad, bad, bad, and then eventually if you held on they would start getting better........I am scared to jinx things, but it seems like we have finally (oh my gosh..........FINALLY) started to make the turn. I am not saying things are perfect....but I am not expecting that............ and I am not saying that I don't expect problems.......but the daily struggles seem to be lightening up a bit.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm here! I'm here!

things have been a tad hectic. Thursday our office had its annual portfolio review. I think we did well. usually everyone runs around insanely the week prior and the actual review is anti-climactic. this year was no exception. and with that I stop talking about work.

last night I had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with my scrapping posse. not that they belong to me but they are my regular scrapping friends. it has been a long time since we got together to scrap and it was so very nice to spend the evening hanging out together. I miss those days! (do you hear that M?????) one of the girls is pregnant and wants to get together and scrap as often as possible before her baby is born. she is worried about falling farther behind. sounds great to me! I tend to get more done when I am out scrapping with them and not at home with the temptations of the computer, tv, family, etc. last night was in no way a normal production night for me, however, as I did 14 pages (7 layouts). notice I didn't say *completed*. none of them have journaling (though a few don't need any) and there are things I am sure I will add to them over the weekend that I didn't have with me last night. but YIKES!! what an accomplishment for me. I am so happy! I scrapped two events that I had a LOT of pictures from and was completely stressing about tackling. If I manage to finish the second event over the weekend, I will be current through mid-September 2005. this is good! this is really good! my goal, scrapwise, is to stay between 12 and 18 months behind. this will get me back within my range.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

quick fyi....

I'll post a *real* post later.....until then check out the nifty DT stuff in the LM Gallery:

Getting Away From it All

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

post script and prelude

my baby is fine! some tinkering with the computer, a loose circuit and some swapped wires all fixed! in fact, they fixed the automatic door locks that I didn't even know I had! lol! they even prettied her up a nice!

12of12 is Monday. with the old blog I knew I had to combine all my pictures into one to post. supposedly here I can post more than one......uh, I just don't know HOW to! lol! guess that gives me 5 days to figure it out?!?! anyway, check it out.....DO IT!!!! the boys really enjoy it (though you can tell they are humoring me too). but blech! another Monday...... that means I need to remember Sunday night.....because Monday mornings are generally and ugly blur for me.

and I think I need a new scanner. J thought it was too soon and started to complain about how quickly the one I had is dying. BUT.....I told him it was rather cheap and I amortized the cost out to less than $10 a month. he asked me if it was worth it.....uh, let's see: I don't have to scan 12x12 layouts twice and then stitch them together. it scans in half the time the previous one took. YES! YES! YES! SOOOO totally worth it! needless to say, it hasn't died completely yet. just a few funky hiccups (like scanning in all blue last night) that go away when you shut it down and restart it. but hey, that sucks up the time I saved by having the larger I am thinking.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

who is complaining?!?!?!

today my car started to freak me out. it actually started a couple months ago. one of the fun features it offers is a temperature setting on the odometer. every morning I would check the temperature when I got in the car. in fact, on 12of12 days I would take a picture of the odometer showing my total miles and the temperature. well, it has been on the fritz. nothing important enough to take the car in, right? so I didn't. then one day last night I decided that I think the seat warmer button warms the wrong seat (the defrosted frozen lunch was a hint) and before that my air bag light came on a couple times but went away if I restarted the car again. all in all, things that could be looked at when my baby went in for the next oil change. until last night.....

though technically I believe it was this morning. the car alarm went off. twice. J went down and turned it off and looked around and reset it both times. nothing odd going on around the car or on the street. hhhhmmmm.....

then this morning when I turned on the car my temperature setting was back......except it said it was 15F. wow! good thing I was driving the boys to school, huh?!?!? yeah, freakier than we drove to school it kept dropping degrees. at first I thought it was funny.....then I started to feel a little scared. honestly, I was! what was going to happen when it hit zero?!?! the paranoid mommie came out and I just about pulled over to make the boys walk. they could tell their children that grandma sacrificed herself when her car blew up. yeah, this baby was going to the car hospital and now!!

but first, a stop at Starbucks. hey! I was already rattled and if it didn't start or whatever I was only a couple blocks from the dealership and they could come get her, right?!?! well.....I couldn't get the alarm to set! aaaah! so after getting my liquid comfort, I dropped her off. oddly enough everything I said didn't make the service advisor looks surprised like I thought it might. so then I thought it must be something stupid and simple. BUT...then she said she didn't know how long it would take since she had no clue what it might be. uuuugh! it is almost 2 and I haven't heard anything. I am giving them until 3 before I call.

but I am not complaining......really I am not! and why you might ask?!?!? because of this:

A Complaint Free World

what a concept!! I watched this episode while waiting for the shuttle driver to take me to work. I actually like the idea.....minus the inclusion of sarcasm. how in the world would I live without sarcasm??? no, SERIOUSLY?!?!? and how is sarcasm automatically considered complaining?!?!? I know that it CAN be a sideways complaint...but not ALWAYS. what if I just cut out the ones that are veiled complaints? think I could negotiate for that?? I LOVE sarcasm!! like puns, I believe it takes intelligence and wit.......and who can complain about that?!?!

Monday, March 5, 2007

reason #1 I am a dork....

okay, so this probably isn't the FIRST reason I am a dork.....just the first one I am posting about (on this blog.....there are probably other related posts on the previous blog).

I post on ScrapVillage once in awhile. I originally went over there because it was Joanne Wesley's site and I am the ultimate fan! I have been a fan since she was a serious nobody back on 2Peas (the same thing with Cathy Zielske....thankyouverymuch). anyway, so it is a much smaller community and has changed a lot since the beginning. but it is nice to go someplace where I am not on the DT and not in charge of anything and just a regularjoescrapper.

so today I hit 2,499 posts. wow! a lot, huh?!?!? so check out my title:

ScrapVillage profile

so now I don't want to post so I can keep my funky name for awhile longer......which is funny because I only noticed it because I went to change my location to "looking for a new title" because I was bored with what it was.

and THAT is why I am a dork!

the good, the bad, and the Ugly

the best good: you might have seen, C posted to let me know she is okay. still worried about her. still wish everything would calm down.

the good: we were able to keep the house opened up all day yesterday! I know it is horrible for J's allergies....but I just love that feeling of a fresh breeze. it was a little too chilly still, but oh well! lol! J also got the Silhouette software on the laptop and Microsoft Office loaded. now I just need to transfer my 5 ZILLION fonts and find out how to actually physically hook the laptop up to the Silhouette and printer. (yes, I have no clue)

more good: I was able to leave the windows open today. now, before any potential robbers get is only the 2nd story windows and you would need a 2 story ladder to get to them and then the alarm would go off anyway! find another house, buddy!! okay, so we leave 2 of them open and it forms a nice breeze through the rooms. course, I forgot to put Buzz Lightyear in front of our door so it would stay open so I have a 50-50 chance that at some point in time it will slam shut and lock T in the bedroom. poor T!!

even a little more good (and maybe a bit o' bad mixed in): a place called John's Incredible Pizza is opening near us on Weds. it sounds like a real blast! the boys are excited and they don't even know all the fun things it has that CEC doesn't have. supposedly better food so that is a nice thing. buffet which is great if the boys actually stop playing and eat. so, what is the bad part?!?! well, each year the boys' school PTA has a fundraiser at CEC and they get a % of sales. so every year I buy a BUNCH of tokens and a huge ol' gift card to use throughout the next year. there is also a scrapbook store next door to CEC. it was nice to get there on a Sunday morning, let the boys play and then when we left make a quick stop at the lss "just to look." we all liked this arrangement. this will not work as there is no longer a lss near where Johns is opening.....and with that, a lead in to the bad....

the bad: my first scrapbook store closed its doors last week. it was a chain, but a nice chain. a generic, solid, dependable chain that carried basic, good, and reliable stuff. you knew what they would carry and could plan accordingly. it was great when I decided I needed something and couldn't wait for LM to send it! well, about a year ago they merged/were bought/hostile take over/whatever with another company that dealt more with paper products for your own imprinting and stuff. another decent nice store. nothing to write home about. the merger created a horrible garage sale type store. not fully committed to scrapping and not fully committed to paper products. just a smashing of two cultures into a horrible sloppy stew. needless to say, they just had no clue why business went in the toilet and decided to close all their California stores! at first I just figured that it was a bummer I couldn't go browse at lunch time (since it was also 2 blocks from my office). but when I saw the sign down late last week I realized I had just lost my starting point for scrapping. it was a gift certificate that took me into that store and started my "scrapping career"......... so I was kinda feeling a little lost this weekend.

more bad: our next door neighbor's house is already in escrow. they put it on the market on Monday (a week ago....7 short short days) and have a buyer already. R & D are going to lose their closest bestest buddy when they move. and yes, we have made a promise to get them together as much as possible. but in reality, the boys are all so darn busy that it really will be difficult and I wonder how long that commitment will hold up?!?!

the Ugly: I am tired of reruns. we got a new DH last night but it had been so long since the last one that I kinda forgot what was going on. I LIKE having more free time in the evenings but I want my shows back! :::whine whine whine:::

Saturday, March 3, 2007


I can't do anything about it, but a friend is 9 time zones away and I am worrying about her. you might know her and if you do then maybe you are worrying too. if not, maybe this will catch you up to speed:

Danish Riots

and, no, it isn't a new kinda donut! from what she said, the center of this *war* is about 1/2 mile from her house. her husband moved their car being worried about it getting set on fire. and now it is 6:30am Sunday in her time zone and she hasn't posted online yet. I don't want to go to bed not knowing. I am already in a weird way this week and this has all just sent me into worry overload!

maybe a little background info. my brother attended Chico when they had the ill fated Pioneer Days and whatever they called it before that. those were the years that Playboy magazine named Chico the top party school. joy of joys! anyway, he was managing an apartment complex where there was a student riot. a photo of someone throwing a sump cooler (that is what they are called, right?) off the roof of his apartments made the front page of newspapers nationwide. this just brings it all back.....especially the sense of helplessness.

so, take a moment and please send some prayers to my friend and to everyone who is innocent but in danger. thanks!

Friday, March 2, 2007

chicka chicka boom boom....

remember that book? it was after my time as a child, but just in time for R's childhood. I pretty much have it that was hard! lol!! anyway, I am having one of those days.....probably one of those weekends. will everything I want and/or need to do fit into my weekend?!?!?

tomorrow the boys have bowling league. can't do anything about that, right?!? afterwards we need to head by my office and see if I got any *goodie* mail (you know, scrap stuff), lunch, and then I was thinking the Jelly Belly store since it is by where I think we might go for lunch (Chick Fil A). that will take us into mid-afternoon for sure.

Sunday we were hoping to head down to the Crocker Art Museum. see, they are having an Ansel Adams showing right now about a trip he took to Yosemite with some friends. not only would it be great pictures of a beautiful place, but R and I went there with his class 2 years ago, and D and J will be going in a couple months with D's class. and if we are going to go down there, we might as well head over to Fox and Goose for breakfast because you really can't beat that place for a wonderful meal! course, that is usually followed by the need for a serious nap on my part. maybe this post should be titled "if you give a mouse a cookie" instead of "chicka chicka boom boom" lol!!

anyway, on top of all that fun stuff going one, today I received lots of goodies in the mail: ink and paper from Epson, some scrap goodies, and the 200+ pictures I ordered from Snapfish over the weekend. in addition to the loverly scrap goodies I got from Cosmo Cricket and LM earlier this week, I am seriously feeling the need to scrap!! but where to fit it all in?!?!? you notice I haven't even mentioned the need to clean house, grocery shop, cook meals for my family, or sleep!

each night I think I am going to go home and get a little scrapping in before bedtime. well, bedtime has come rather early all week for me and those good intentions are blocked from view by the jumping sheep and drowned out by the zzzzzzzzs! and each day I think that night will be different....but it hasn't so far! well, I did stay up until 9pm last night watching BIG with R. I loved that movie (when it came out 19 years ago! lol!) and R really thought it was funny. although Tom Hanks' character was supposedly 12 to13, I saw a lot of R in Joshua. maybe tonight is the night?!?!?

Thursday, March 1, 2007

today part 2

people deal with things differently. things like death. I spent a majority of the day under a seriously dark cloud. at some point in time I decided that I just couldn't do that and I started doing things. first, I posted a month long challenge at LM:

Stickers & Rub-ons

hopefully this will motivate me to really start scrapping and using those things! I have SOOO many! uuugh!

then I decided to go bowling. well.....we were already going bowling, the boys were. we are trying to get them some practice in during the week and Thursdays tend to be the best days. but instead of reading my book like I normally do, I bowled with them. it was fun. I am a lousy bowler but it was nice to do something WITH the boys. I think they liked it too......especially the part about beating me! lol!

tonight I am going to fight the urge to go to bed early and scrap a little. I have a circle journal that I know what I want to do.....I just need to do it. maybe I will do that?!?! maybe I will use some stickers and rub-ons! lol!!

endings and beginnings

a new month.....a new blog.

guess I wasn't prepared to really start over somewhere new yet, but it is what it is, right?

to start with today, let's take care of the news.
if you want to read things from the past, please see my old blog here: I had intentions of transferring the posts from there to here, but I don't think so.
also, if you are a praying person, please pray for my friend, Suzy, and her family. after an amazing fight, she is out of pain and at peace. you can learn more about her here:

I felt under the weather yesterday afternoon and this morning. hearing about Suzy didn't make it any better. the world seemed like a better place just because she was here.