Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I hope this isn't a sign.....

last night both dh and I were in bed well before 2008 hit the west coast. we were woken near midnight to the sounds of fireworks. REAL fireworks....and I have no clue where they were being launched....but they were and we were awake. when I heard people cheer and pop crackers I kinda mumbled "happy new year honey" and went back to sleep.

2 hours later J is awake and leaving the bedroom. seems he forgot to wrap up the cinnamon rolls and decided he needed to do it.......at 2am.

a couple times one or the other of us was awake and restless and waking the other one. at 6:45 this morning that ended when R's alarm went off.......some Christmas song at full blast! neither J nor I had intentions of getting up at 6:45. atleast we had coffee and fresh homemade straight from heaven (via J's hard work) cinnamon rolls to calm our nerves and keep me from climbing in my car to go wake R up at his friend's house. he had been up until 2:30 welcoming the new year and playing video games.

less than 2 hours later D managed to spill a gallon of milk on the hardwood floor.

two-ish hours later (and about 30 minutes before they were due to arrive) J's co-worker's wife called to say that she was sick (and sounded sick......so if she was faking she is a good faker! lol!) and that they weren't coming over. BUMMER!!! I was totally looking forward to a little shindig. I had bought lots of fun foods but really hadn't done anything more than soak the beans and make some brownies. I figured since they were coming over to watch football I could put things together as the day went on.

sure hope the whole year isn't going to be like this. I am not sure I could handle it.

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Hatter J said...

ughh...sorry about all of that. Look at it this way-maybe the stuff like that is going to happen now so you won't have to deal with it as the year progresses....

...yeah, I know, wishful thinking.