Saturday, March 3, 2007


I can't do anything about it, but a friend is 9 time zones away and I am worrying about her. you might know her and if you do then maybe you are worrying too. if not, maybe this will catch you up to speed:

Danish Riots

and, no, it isn't a new kinda donut! from what she said, the center of this *war* is about 1/2 mile from her house. her husband moved their car being worried about it getting set on fire. and now it is 6:30am Sunday in her time zone and she hasn't posted online yet. I don't want to go to bed not knowing. I am already in a weird way this week and this has all just sent me into worry overload!

maybe a little background info. my brother attended Chico when they had the ill fated Pioneer Days and whatever they called it before that. those were the years that Playboy magazine named Chico the top party school. joy of joys! anyway, he was managing an apartment complex where there was a student riot. a photo of someone throwing a sump cooler (that is what they are called, right?) off the roof of his apartments made the front page of newspapers nationwide. this just brings it all back.....especially the sense of helplessness.

so, take a moment and please send some prayers to my friend and to everyone who is innocent but in danger. thanks!

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Cecilie said...

Susan, I am so sorry you were that worried. We really are fine and it seems things are quieting down at least for a while.

Hugs and thank you for caring.