Friday, March 2, 2007

chicka chicka boom boom....

remember that book? it was after my time as a child, but just in time for R's childhood. I pretty much have it that was hard! lol!! anyway, I am having one of those days.....probably one of those weekends. will everything I want and/or need to do fit into my weekend?!?!?

tomorrow the boys have bowling league. can't do anything about that, right?!? afterwards we need to head by my office and see if I got any *goodie* mail (you know, scrap stuff), lunch, and then I was thinking the Jelly Belly store since it is by where I think we might go for lunch (Chick Fil A). that will take us into mid-afternoon for sure.

Sunday we were hoping to head down to the Crocker Art Museum. see, they are having an Ansel Adams showing right now about a trip he took to Yosemite with some friends. not only would it be great pictures of a beautiful place, but R and I went there with his class 2 years ago, and D and J will be going in a couple months with D's class. and if we are going to go down there, we might as well head over to Fox and Goose for breakfast because you really can't beat that place for a wonderful meal! course, that is usually followed by the need for a serious nap on my part. maybe this post should be titled "if you give a mouse a cookie" instead of "chicka chicka boom boom" lol!!

anyway, on top of all that fun stuff going one, today I received lots of goodies in the mail: ink and paper from Epson, some scrap goodies, and the 200+ pictures I ordered from Snapfish over the weekend. in addition to the loverly scrap goodies I got from Cosmo Cricket and LM earlier this week, I am seriously feeling the need to scrap!! but where to fit it all in?!?!? you notice I haven't even mentioned the need to clean house, grocery shop, cook meals for my family, or sleep!

each night I think I am going to go home and get a little scrapping in before bedtime. well, bedtime has come rather early all week for me and those good intentions are blocked from view by the jumping sheep and drowned out by the zzzzzzzzs! and each day I think that night will be different....but it hasn't so far! well, I did stay up until 9pm last night watching BIG with R. I loved that movie (when it came out 19 years ago! lol!) and R really thought it was funny. although Tom Hanks' character was supposedly 12 to13, I saw a lot of R in Joshua. maybe tonight is the night?!?!?

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