Monday, March 12, 2007

right here.....right now....

it is 12of12 day! so far I have taken 4 pictures. not bad but I am going to have to find stuff to take pictures of today....I just know it!!

here is a work funny.......I had an early conference call today. with the time change, I wasn't sure for sure what time it was where the call was set for (in Arizona) so I checked our company home page....uh, yeah, THEY even messed up on the whole time change thing and I called into my call at the wrong time! lol!

this morning I was speeding along getting ready for work. managed to upload all the layouts I did over the weekend to the my LM gallery . zoom! zoom! zoom! I really feel good about the work I did over the weekend (mostly Friday night). nothing that is going to win me any awards, but some serious progress towards getting closer to my acceptable lag range for scrapping.

in other feel good news......David seems to be making some serious progress, both at home and at work. most of you don't know the specific issues (because I am not a whiner, gosh darn it! lol!) but know that we have had some major struggles with him. anyway, last night his bedtime was moved up a half hour......SUCH a big thing!!! he has been doing much better at school too and was awarded Student of the Month for his class for February. course, he has known for a week but didn't bother to TELL us! nothing phases that kid! lol!! anyway, when we went through our Pride training (fostercare / adoption stuffs) they talked about how things would get bad, bad, bad, and then eventually if you held on they would start getting better........I am scared to jinx things, but it seems like we have finally (oh my gosh..........FINALLY) started to make the turn. I am not saying things are perfect....but I am not expecting that............ and I am not saying that I don't expect problems.......but the daily struggles seem to be lightening up a bit.

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Sharon said...

or maybe you are getting used to them ;-)