Wednesday, March 28, 2007

choices had to be made.....

somehow it is always like this. I have known for MONTHS that I am taking a trip tomorrow. I knew when it was, how long it was for, and what I was doing on the trip. yet I am STILL not packed!!

I was going to pack over the weekend. yep, nope, didn't happen!

I was going to pack Monday night. yep, nope, didn't happen!

I was going to pack last night. yep, nope, didn't happen!

now it is the eve of my departure. I work until 5 (except that I am leaving at 4ish to get an eyebrow waxing) and then to the chiropractors and Taco Wednesday with the family. I'll get home at 6 - 6:30.......... 12 hours before my plane departs. 10 hours before I need to leave the house to be on said plane.

so.....choices: I don't really NEED to take my laptop! would be cool to watch movies. but I would need to go buy a second battery. my current one seems to have a life of about 2-3 hours. it would die in Denver.

choices: I don't really NEED a pedicure. notice I said the appointment was just for a waxing. I SOOO need that. but although I would prefer cute pink toenails, that is a valuable piece of time I could be stressing about something else.

choices: I don't really NEED new slippers. just because the old ones are mules and I am going to a place much colder than! I can take extra socks, right?!?!

choices: I don't really NEED more than 4 hours of sleep tonight, right?!?! I can sleep on the plane, right?!?! well, no not really. I don't sleep on planes. tomorrow might be the exception though, because I can't imagine getting to bed earlier than midnight tonight.

hoping you all have a good weekend! I for one am thankful that March is ending. it won't go down in my book as a particularly good month. but Sunday starts a new month full of hope and promise!


Becca L. said...

I say go for the pedicure, come home pack your pictures and match everything else there!

Have fun!

scrapper al said...

Since your toes will be covered in socks, I say go for the original plan and get waxed. Bring some photos and don't worry about anything else. I'm sure someone will have some paper and embellies to share. Besides, I thought you guys were going to spend the entire weekend eating, not scrapping, lol! Safe travels and have fun!

agnes said...

No advice since you're prob already gone, and I'm in the same predicament w/my vacation packing! Have fun, Susan!

Angie said...

Hope you are already there and having fun!