Thursday, March 15, 2007

R becomes a Boy Scout

tonight R moved from a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout. we are really proud of him and the achievements he made as a Cub and hope that he continues to on his path in scouting. as the den leader for these Webelos, J gave a little speech about all the boys and sometimes their parents. he said some really nice things about me and that was really sweet. I know things get crazy and hectic but it is nice to know that he appreciates me.....cuz I really do appreciate him and all that he does! even though his antics embarrass me, I am really proud of how active he has become in scouting. I know it takes a lot of his time but I think it is great for the boys to see him doing it.....and I know that he does like it too! (and I am not just writing this because I think J will come read it.....I have told him all this before....just tonight was a good reminder)

prior to the ceremony, we all ran around crazy trying to get ready: finishing the arrows, finishing the plaques, getting the cake, finishing the shadow box (isn't it nice looking in that picture behind R?!?!), etc, etc. so it is nice to see it over. now we can start thinking about the bowling tournament on Saturday! lol!!

I had more to talk about but I have forgotten it. the whole time change is really taking me for a ride! but, oh, isn't it nice to have the picture along side the post instead of chopping it up? I think I will do that from now on.....maybe alternate back and forth for some variety! lol!

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Sharon said...

Congratulations Ryan!