Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pimpin' Day 2

thanks Heather!

so, after posting yesterday about Ali's blog and her 6 Degrees badge, I noticed it popping up other places. you know, like you buy a new car and then see 12 of them on the road the next day?!?!? well, I checked 6 Degrees this morning and Ali is now in the #1 spot! (oh, and confirmed that Kevin Bacon will match up to the top 6 fund raisers...that makes sense, right?!?! 6 is his magic number! lol!) oh, but Ali is only in the lead by 39 donations. wouldn't it be cool if some *scrapbooker* beat out a bunch of celebrities and famous peeps?!?!?

and to add to my Pimp Daddy-ness....... Stacy Julian mentioned last week or the week before about a company that sells these darn cute little lunchbox notes. (look under parenting/kids) I got mine yesterday and just LOVE them! they are about 2" easy to hide in a lunchbox, trombone case, backpack, bowling bag......knowing my boys I could hide them in their pants pocket and they might not find it for days! lol!! anyway, today was NOT a good morning so no hidden notes....but I am excited about the potential for hiding! lol! reminds me of my dad. once in awhile HE would make our lunches. everything would be wrapped in tin foil (I think it was actually still tin in those days) and there would be a multiple choice note asking us to guess what was in our lunch. he always used his Sperry Univac note pads with their dorky little suit guy at the top. LOVED those notes! anyway, I haven't done that too often with the boys. once, last year for Talk Like a Pirate Day I did something similar and they loved it! though honestly I think a few of their classmates were somewhat freaked out and I had a parent a few days later on a field trip comment on it! lol!

I will stop rambling now. I swear I had decaf this morning!!

(((hugs))) to a friend. you know who you are! march has been tough.....really REALLY looking forward to this month ending and a beautiful fresh start in April!

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scrapper al said...

You're my favorite pimp, lol! Your blog was the first place I saw the Ali/6 degrees link.