Wednesday, March 7, 2007

post script and prelude

my baby is fine! some tinkering with the computer, a loose circuit and some swapped wires all fixed! in fact, they fixed the automatic door locks that I didn't even know I had! lol! they even prettied her up a nice!

12of12 is Monday. with the old blog I knew I had to combine all my pictures into one to post. supposedly here I can post more than one......uh, I just don't know HOW to! lol! guess that gives me 5 days to figure it out?!?! anyway, check it out.....DO IT!!!! the boys really enjoy it (though you can tell they are humoring me too). but blech! another Monday...... that means I need to remember Sunday night.....because Monday mornings are generally and ugly blur for me.

and I think I need a new scanner. J thought it was too soon and started to complain about how quickly the one I had is dying. BUT.....I told him it was rather cheap and I amortized the cost out to less than $10 a month. he asked me if it was worth it.....uh, let's see: I don't have to scan 12x12 layouts twice and then stitch them together. it scans in half the time the previous one took. YES! YES! YES! SOOOO totally worth it! needless to say, it hasn't died completely yet. just a few funky hiccups (like scanning in all blue last night) that go away when you shut it down and restart it. but hey, that sucks up the time I saved by having the larger I am thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Mine does that every once in a while too. ugh.