Thursday, March 1, 2007

today part 2

people deal with things differently. things like death. I spent a majority of the day under a seriously dark cloud. at some point in time I decided that I just couldn't do that and I started doing things. first, I posted a month long challenge at LM:

Stickers & Rub-ons

hopefully this will motivate me to really start scrapping and using those things! I have SOOO many! uuugh!

then I decided to go bowling. well.....we were already going bowling, the boys were. we are trying to get them some practice in during the week and Thursdays tend to be the best days. but instead of reading my book like I normally do, I bowled with them. it was fun. I am a lousy bowler but it was nice to do something WITH the boys. I think they liked it too......especially the part about beating me! lol!

tonight I am going to fight the urge to go to bed early and scrap a little. I have a circle journal that I know what I want to do.....I just need to do it. maybe I will do that?!?! maybe I will use some stickers and rub-ons! lol!!

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