Saturday, March 17, 2007


Happy Saint Patricks Day to you!!!

we were lucky enough (not) to spend a majority of our day in our car! drove the boys to a bowling tournament a couple hours away. both boys had a couple really good games and each had a really crummy game. BUT...they had fun....and got to wear these mighty attractive get ups! plenty o' compliments on their attire! lol!!

afterwards we drove home in time to hit a downtown pub for some dinner. of course I was the only one getting anything close to actual Irish cuisine.....I had my corned beef and cabbage. the problem is that I could have eaten twice as much....I really LOVE that stuff! maybe I will make it for dinner tomorrow night?!?!? had a terrific time at the pub watching all the crazy people around us and the boys collected some green beads.......R even got a green knit cap from a whiskey company! lol!

now I am tired and it is still early. hoping to get a few things done before I hit the hay. funny that just a few hours ago I was thinking how fun it might be to do a pub crawl....and now I just want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep!

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wendy said...

oh how cute are they?! LOVE that picture! Can't wait to see the layout.

YAH, ITA about corned beef. what is it about corned beef that makes you able to eat a ton of it?! :)