Friday, March 16, 2007

is blogging about a blog really blogging?

serious question there.....and you will see why.

Dooce is a blog I read just about daily. cool, that woman actually makes money from blogging. I don't expect to quit my day job anytime soon and especially not to make a living from blogging....but she does. kudos to her! anyway, today she posted some of the e-mails she receives on a regular basis. of course she just shares what she wants to share with the internet world: hey, her blog = her choice, right?!?! I am continually AMAZED by how upset people get over her blog, how many people tell her to get a life, and how pathetic their grammer and punctuation are. (says the woman who LOVES to include lots of "......" and only uses capitalized letters to make a point instead of when she SHOULD use them) now.......follow me there anything FORCING these people to read her blog?!?!? (I have the same argument for people who complain about tv shows.......get your butt up and change the channel......or better yet, turn it off and go do something else!!) do they realize that she gets her advertising based on how many people DO read her blog?!?! so if they were to STOP reading her blog then she would get LESS money and be forced (in their words) to "get a real job"?!?!? better yet (actually the best part) is how pathetic and in need of getting a life are they if all they actually have the time and desire to complain to her about her needing to get a life?!?!? (follow that?)

so.......go read her blog today. I have even provided a handy-dandy quick link to it down in that list over there on the left hand side of the page....just scroll down a bit and you will see it along with the other blogs I like to check out. be forewarned that she is definately not high on the PC chart. but just go and make yourself feel better for getting past 6th grade english.......because I think most of these people didn't!


Sharon said...

or are you commenting about a comment?

Becca L. said...

I am honestly amazed as well. If they have that much free time, they can come over to my house and clean.

scrapper al said...

Yes, you're blogging and yes, I love Dooce.