Friday, March 23, 2007

call us the 4 dwarfs.....

slowpoke, snarky, sneezy, and grumpy. oh, wait! that last one IS a dwarf and two of those names describe the same member of our family! the only one left out was J...... call him stressed! sheesh! what a horrible day it was yesterday. I mentioned to several people that I just felt grumpy. downright, old fashioned grumpy. atleast I knew it, right?!?! yesterday afternoon with the boys didn't help. (remember those dwarf names?!?!) I can handle sneezy it is just when his alter-ego snarky came out that the youknowwhathittheyouknowwhat. slowpoke was in rare (okay, not rare.......but previously normal and thought we had gotten through kind of behaviour), then got some crummy news in the morning, the day was a head hammerer, dealt with Mr. Petulant in the afternoon, and then headed home to find out that because I didn't fill out paperwork that wasn't sent to me that I was being denied something I didn't want in the first place. follow?!?! yeah, well, honestly it really makes sense to me. but that is for another blog after a couple beers....that I don't drink! lol!! the highlight of the day.....golly, Ugly Betty! for the LOVE of Ugly Betty! I will admit my fav part was the bestexgirlfriendyouneverhad conversation between Amanda and Mark. LOVED IT!!! (with a swish)

anyway, a few have told me they were having *off* days recently. people getting snarky, on each other's nerves, etc. I am hoping it is ending. and ending quickly. and a little consolation knowing I am not alone.....heck, even Mr. Dooce had an off day yesterday. weird, huh?!?!?

so TODAY!! today should be a good day, right?!?! to balance things out, right?!?! a phone call to clear up that paperworkIdon'twant problem. and then bought the fam tickets to see All American Rejects in May. FOURTH ROW.......pretty darn exact center stage!! now I will admit that ifthe powers that be told me I could once get such close tickets and to pick the concert, this wouldn't be near the top of the list. BUT......if the same amount of money gets me these tickets versus 100 rows back, who am I to complain?!?! the boys will love it......especially Mr. Petulant. hey, maybe I should give the fam all these kind of names and call them by that instead of their initials?!?!

hoping for a splendid weekend! busy as always, but I am thinking a good wonderful kind of busy. the kind that returns you to work Monday morning feeling like you actually DID have a weekend!

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