Tuesday, March 6, 2007

who is complaining?!?!?!

today my car started to freak me out. it actually started a couple months ago. one of the fun features it offers is a temperature setting on the odometer. every morning I would check the temperature when I got in the car. in fact, on 12of12 days I would take a picture of the odometer showing my total miles and the temperature. well, it has been on the fritz. nothing important enough to take the car in, right? so I didn't. then one day last night I decided that I think the seat warmer button warms the wrong seat (the defrosted frozen lunch was a hint) and before that my air bag light came on a couple times but went away if I restarted the car again. all in all, things that could be looked at when my baby went in for the next oil change. until last night.....

though technically I believe it was this morning. the car alarm went off. twice. J went down and turned it off and looked around and reset it both times. nothing odd going on around the car or on the street. hhhhmmmm.....

then this morning when I turned on the car my temperature setting was back......except it said it was 15F. wow! good thing I was driving the boys to school, huh?!?!? yeah, freakier than that......as we drove to school it kept dropping degrees. at first I thought it was funny.....then I started to feel a little scared. honestly, I was! what was going to happen when it hit zero?!?! the paranoid mommie came out and I just about pulled over to make the boys walk. they could tell their children that grandma sacrificed herself when her car blew up. yeah, this baby was going to the car hospital and now!!

but first, a stop at Starbucks. hey! I was already rattled and if it didn't start or whatever I was only a couple blocks from the dealership and they could come get her, right?!?! well.....I couldn't get the alarm to set! aaaah! so after getting my liquid comfort, I dropped her off. oddly enough everything I said didn't make the service advisor looks surprised like I thought it might. so then I thought it must be something stupid and simple. BUT...then she said she didn't know how long it would take since she had no clue what it might be. uuuugh! it is almost 2 and I haven't heard anything. I am giving them until 3 before I call.

but I am not complaining......really I am not! and why you might ask?!?!? because of this:

A Complaint Free World

what a concept!! I watched this episode while waiting for the shuttle driver to take me to work. I actually like the idea.....minus the inclusion of sarcasm. how in the world would I live without sarcasm??? no, SERIOUSLY?!?!? and how is sarcasm automatically considered complaining?!?!? I know that it CAN be a sideways complaint...but not ALWAYS. what if I just cut out the ones that are veiled complaints? think I could negotiate for that?? I LOVE sarcasm!! like puns, I believe it takes intelligence and wit.......and who can complain about that?!?!


EBBsMum said...


Hope the "baby" is ok today. Looking for an update on the spooky car.

Anonymous said...

how WOULD you live without sarcasm.........SERIOUSLY! is right!!! :)